New Year Wishes and Introducing Adhrith

Happy New Year to All My Friends n Fellow Bloggers.Today is already 6th day of 2012,I know I'm late to post the wishes,most of u might have observed that there are no new recipes updated in my blog for quiet a long time.One n only reason for all this is I was busy managing the pregnancy and finally we are blessed with a baby boy on Nov 30th 2011 and named him 'Adhrith'.Me n My LO had lil rough start but now we are doing well.

 Adhrith completed his 1 month and I made this simple cake for his 1st month birthday.

I need your best wishes and blessings for our Little one.

Vegetable Moussaka

Recently I got a cook book from BORDERS for a good deal ,the store is going put of business and all the books were in deals.I bought this book 'The Best-Ever' VEGETARIAN Cookbook by Linda Fraser.The book demonstrates step by step procedure with pics,this make the job easy to try new recipe without pause.After seeing the book I instantly picked few recipes to try,one among them was Vegetable Moussaka.Me n My Hubby are a big fan of Eggplant,the main ingredient used in this dish is Eggplant.


Aubergines/Italian Eggplant:1 lb(sliced)
Garbanzo Beans:14 oz can
Onion:1 big(sliced)
Garlic:2 cloves(minced)
Hot House Tomato:2 no(sliced)
Mushrooms:8 oz(sliced)
Tomato Puree:6 oz
Parsley:2 spns(finely chopped)
Olive Oil:3 spns
Salt n Pepper:To taste
Dried Herbs:2 spns
Cheddar Cheese:50 gms
Natural Yogurt:300 ml
Eggs:3 no
Bread Crumbs:1 cup(optinal,I used them even the recipe didnt call for it)

1.Pre-heat the oven at 450 F.Sprinkle the eggplant slices with salt and place in a colander.Cover and place a weight on top.Leave aside for 30 mins so that the eggplant slices sweat the bitter juices out.After 30 mins,pat the eggplant slices dry.Place them in a baking sheet lined with foil,spray some oil,sprinkle little salt n pepper and bake them for 25 min.Turn them over through the middle way.When done take them out from oven n set aside.

2.Heat oil in a pan,when hot add the sliced onions,minced garlic,sprinkle little salt and fry till they turn translucent.When done add in the sliced mushrooms and fry till they become tender,now add in the garbanzo beans,mix well and fry for 2-3 min.At this time add the tomato puree,pepper,dried herbs mix and check for the seasonings.Adjust any seasoning if necessary.

3.In a bowl,break open the eggs,beat them and add yogurt and beat again salt n pepper to taste.

4.In a shallow ovenproof dish,spray little oil and spread a thin layer of bread crumbs and now place the roasted eggplant slices and now the tomato slices,tp them up with onion and garbanzo mixture,repeat the layer till you are done with the eggplant slices.Finally finish the layer with onion mixture and pour the curd and egg mixture over,sprinkle cheese and few bread crumbs.

5.Bake this dish in a pre-heated oven at 350 F for 45 minutes until the topping is golden brown and bubbling.Serve it immediately and garnish with parsley.

I used Red Chilli Powder instead of Pepper,as my hubby don't like the strong flavor of pepper.To make it to my taste I used garam masala powder instead of dried herbs.
The recipe calls for tomato chunks and to add them in the onion mixture along with the tomato puree.But I sliced the tomatoes and used them a layer too.Its all up to u.This wont make much difference to the dish I guess.

Blue Layered Cake

Last week we planned for a meet with group of friends through Orkut community.One among them was pregnant so I wanted to buy a cake and arrange a small surprise for her,discussed about it with the rest of the group and a friend suggested me to bake the cake.I was like ok let me try,shez expecting a baby boy so I've choose to make a blue layer cake.

Due to time constraints I couldn't make it from scratch so I bought a white cake mix,blue food color,cream cheese frosting and made it,else I thought of making a blue velvet cake.I baked the cake as per instructions on the cake box,layered them,and decorated with sweetened coconut flakes and some blue candies and blue decorating sugar.
Cake tasted gud and everybody liked the color of the cake and the simple deco as well.

Wishing the couple Gud Luck and Safe pregnancy ahead...