Cutlets...aaahhh...when we talk about them we mostly think of Aloo Cutlets r vegetable cutlets. But I didn't use potato in this dish to make it healthier. I'm using Poha.
Poha, is known as "beaten rice," (atukulu).Poha can be used to make different dishes for different meals. Now here is the snack item.

1.Poha (attukulu): 1 cup
2.Onions: 2 no's (small)
3.Carrot: 1 no
4.Besan: 2 tbsps
5.Rice Flour: 1 tbsp
6.Curd: 3tbsp
7.Ginger Garlic Paste: 1 tbsp
8.Garam Masala: ?1/2tbsp
9.Cilantro: 1/2bunch
10.Curry Leaves: 4 or 5 no's
11.Chilly Powder

1.Soak poha in water for 4-5 mins, drain and squeeze the excess water .Mash the poha n keep aside.
2.Chop onions and finely, peel and grate carrot.
3.Chop the cilantro and curry leaves.
4.Now add curd, ginger garlic paste, Garam masala powder, onions, carrot, chilly powder, salt, besan, rice flour, cliantro, curry leaves, to the squeezed and mashed poha and mix well. If needed add some water. Be careful while adding water. Because excess water may spoil the dish.
5.Salt and Garam Masala can be added according to your taste.
6.Put a pan and pour the sufficient oil for deep fry.
7.When the oil is ready then make the Poha dough into the desired shape and fry it in the oil. Fry on the both sides till golden brown.
8.Garnish the cutlets with carrot and onions.
9.Serve it hot with Tomato Ketchup.
If the Water is excess n the batter becomes loose then the cutlets will break when u put them in oil .At that Time add little besan and mix well.


Sravanthi said...

hey kavya... i tried this poha cutlet... its so yummy, DH loved it a lot and i enjoyed it too... so easy to make and tasty too... thx for the recipe dearie!

chilliiiiiiii chelliiiiiiii said...

Hey sis I really loved the Unique Divine tASTE of the dish...My love nd Myself really njoyed it alot..thank u for posting such a lovely dish