My all time favourite dish...Bathura..I dont like it in restaruants..My Mom makes this bathuras very well..ofcourse its not a big deal..but I feel my MOM's bathuras are the best...When ever i go home she makes it for me...Each bathura she makes will definetely puff up..That would add a good look...Isnt it?They were few tips which she follow while making the dough..I too followed the same and was succeded for the first time...I do wana share those tips with u here...


Maida(All Purpose Flour):2 cups

Sooji:1/2 tbspn

Sour Curd:1 cup

Salt:acc to ur taste

Water:Only if needed

Oil:for frying Bathuras


1.Take Maida, sooji, salt in a bowl and mix it well with sour curd.Knead it well n smooth.

2.If u need add little water and make it into a soft dough and cover it wid a lid and set it aside for 15 mins and knead it well.

3.Divide the dough into equal portions and make them into round pooris.

4.Dont make the Bathura very thin,this make make your bathura's turn crisp.

5.Pour oil in a skillet and let it heat(check whether the oil is ready for frying or not)

6.Now fry the bathuras and put them on a paper towel so that it will absorb the excess oil.

7.Serve the Bathuras with channa masala or chole masala.I like it with Channa Masala.

Finally Channa Bathura is my Fav..Miss my mom at this moment...

Cut Onions into thin slices and add lemon juice and sprinkle little salt and pepper on it.Serve it with ur bathuras and Channa Masala...It adds more Taste...


Naimish said...

Hey i Liked this dish very much

Padma said...

Welcome to the blog world Kavya! Nice to see you blogging and specially about food.... Will add to my feed... The template is cool and so is that Bathura!

Waiting for more delicious recipes..