1.Small Brinjals:8 no

2.Onion:1 big size

3.Jeera:1/2 tspn

4.Garam Masala Powder:1/2 Tbspn

5.Salt:Acc to ur taste

6.Chilli Powder:1tbspn

7.Giner Garlic Paste:1 spoon



1.Blend the following ingridents onions, garam masala, ginger garlic paste, salt, chilli powder, jeera into a coarse paste.

2.Wash the brinjals n slit the brinjals wid out detaching the stalk.

3.Stuff the blended onion masala into this brinjals.

4.Pour some oil in a pan and wen it is hot put these stuffed brinjals in the pan and the remaining onion masala paste and cover it with a lid for around 15 mins.If needed jst sprinkle little water.Check them in between.

5.When the brinjals r cooked..remove the lid n let them fry till the raw flavor of onions are lost

6.Once they r done,Serve them hot with Rice and Dal...U'll really njoy the taste.

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