Many of us dont like to have carrot..but this is one of the veggie which has more vitamins n helps to improve our eye-sight..Eating Raw Carrot is also a good exercise for our here is the recipce u can try having carrot in this form too...This is a spicy rice item which takes less time to prepare.

1.Carrots: 3 no

2.Onions : 4 medium size

3.Green Chillies : 4 no

4.Cloves : 8

5.Elachi : 2

6.Dalchini : Small piece


8.Cashews : 10 to 15(acc to ur Taste)


10.Rice: 2 cups

11.Ginger Garlic Paste : 1 tbsp


1.Peel the carrots n grate the carrot.

2.Chop the onions n chillies.

3.Take a pan.Pour some oil fry the onions(use nearly three n half onions). Just Saute them.

4.Cool and then Blend the onions.

5.Take a pan..add little oil and add the remaining onions, chillies, cloves, cinammon, dalchini.Fry till u get the nice flavor of the masala's.

6.Now add ginger garlic paste and fry till the raw flavor goes. Add cashews to the mixture.

7.Add the grated carrot and fry till the raw flavor of the carrot is completely removed.

8.If u like add green peas at this stage n Now add the blended onion paste.

9.Add salt according to ur taste.

10.Stir the mixture well n check for the seasonings..if not add little red chilli powder.

11.Once the mixture is cooked well add rice n stir well for 2 to 3 mins.

12.Now pour water(1:2 ratio) n cook the rice.

13.When rice is done serve it hot wid onion raitha.

Alternative Procedure:

If u want u can add boiled rice instead n mix properly..See that rice is mixed well n uniformly. Rest of the procedure is same.

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