Basmati Rice:2 cups

Biryani masala powder:1 tbsp
Cumin Seeds:1 tsp
Cilantro Leaves :1/2 bunch
Ginger garlic paste:1 tbspn
Green Chillies :4 no
Onions:1 big
Yogurt (curd):5 to 6 spoons
Salt :acc to taste
Chilli Powder:1 tspn
Cumin Powder:1 tspn
whole garam masala(cloves, elachi, cinammon)
Cashew nuts:10 full

1.Wash and soak rice for atleast 30 mins
2.Boil 4 eggs and remove the shell.
3.Slit the eggs without seperating them or use a fork to pierce the boiled eggs and put aside.
4.Put a kadai on flame and heat the oil.

5.When the oil is heated add whole garam masala spices and fry till u get a nice flavour.

6.Add the chopped onions and fry them till they become golden brown now add ginger garlic paste ,cashew,green chillies ,mint(optional) clinatro.

7.Add biryani masala when all the ingridents are cooked, add salt according to ur taste.

8.Now add curd and stir well.
9.Once all the mixture is cooked,add the soaked rice to the mixture and add 3 cups of water(as u have saoked ur rice for 30 mins it absorbs water which is equal to 1 cup of water) and cook the rice.
10.Now we have to fry the eggs.Take a bowl add red chilli powder, salt, cumin powder and besan mix it well with the remaining 1 egg.

11.Now dip the boiled n slitted eggs to the mixture and fry them in a pan with oil till the eggs get golden fried wid omelety texture on top .

12.Remove the eggs and put aside.
13.When the rice is cooked add little saffron color on top and put the fried eggs on top n cover it
with the cooked rice.

14.Serve hot...


Padma said...

Egg Biryani looks awesome Kavya!
I think you have more varieties of Rice on your blog....

praveena said...

kavya ...i tried ur biryani today it came out very yummy.....