Green Peas Masala

I had this Greenpeas Masala Dosa in a hotel when I was in India.I too want to try this at home with dosa rather than chapathi...As we Usually make Aloo Masala for Dosa at home..I was bored with this aloo masala..I loved the taste of this wid Dosa..but my hubby told that this will b very good with Chapathi too...Now its upto you to select a good go with this greenpeas is the recipe..

1.Peas - 3 cups

2.Onion - preferably red one - 3no(medium size)

3.Tomato - 1 large

4.Ginger Garlic Paste - 1 tsp

5.Cashew - 10(full)

6.Poppy Seeds(Ghasa Ghasalu) - 1.5 tsp

7.Cardomom - 2no

8.Cinamon - 1 inch

9.Cloves- 3no

10.Chilly powder - as per taste

11.Salt -Acc to ur taste

12.Sugar-Small Pinch

13.Cilantro-For Garnishin

14.Cumin Seeds-1/2 tbsp


1.Add 2 chopped onions, tomato, broken cashew, cinammon, cloves, cardmon, ginger garlic paste, poppy seeds, chilli powder n salt to a blender add littlewater and make it to a fine paste.

2.Pressure cook the soaked peas for 3-4 whistles.Drain them n put aside.

3.Now pu t a pan on flame n add little oil.Once the oil is heated add cumin seeds n 1 chopped onion.Fry till the onions are soft.

4.Add the ground masala and fry till the raw flavor is gone away.

5.Finally add the boiled peas.

6.Cook till u see the oil oozes out.

7.Add the small pinch of sugar at last and garnish it with chopped Cliantro n onion

8.Serve it Hot with Chapathi or Dosa.

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