Lasagna is my hubby's fav Italian Dish.He had it once at some restaruant and loved the taste a lot.But now a days he can find only chesse lasanga but not his fav eggplant lasgana.Finally i learnt how to make this tasty dish at home.It came out really very good.He liked it very much and started saying Waaahhhhh!!I want to share this simple n tasty recipe.
1.American Eggplant:1 medium sized(Peeled n chopped)
2.Lasanga Pasta Sheets:depends on the way u want ur lasagna to be
3.Tomato Puree:canned r fresh(boiled n blended)
4.Onion:1 medium(finely chopped)
5.Garlic:2 cloves(finely chopped)
7.Salt:acc to taste
8.Pepper:1/2 tbsp
9.Chopped Cliantro:2 spoons
10.Mozerella chesse:acc to ur taste
1.Put some oil in a pan.When the oil is heated add chopped onions n garlic..
2.Fry them till the onions r smooth and cooked.
3.Add the peeled n chopped eggplant.
4.Cook them till theeggplant is 80%cooked.
5.Boil the lasanga pasta sheets with some salt to it
6.When Boiled,drain them n allow them to dry for few mins.
7.Add tomato puree,salt, pepper n clinatro to the cooked Eggplant n onion mixture.Let it boil with the tomato puree for 5 mins.
8.Now take a baking pan n add the spread the eggplant mixture as 1 place the pasta sheets over this mixture as layer add mozerella cheese as layer 3..put the chesse according to ur taste...but more chesse acc taste to ur repeate the procedure of placing the layers...finish it up with chesse as the last layer.
9.Pre heat the oven for 20 min at 350 degrees n put this baking pan in the oven n bake it for 30 to 40 mins...
10.Serve it hot..

Wanted to share this recipe for FIL-Brinjal Event at Sanghi's Food Delight for Month of July

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deepika appalla said...

Hello Kavya!!
I really like your blog.I have learnt a lot of cooking and I usually follow all your recipes.Keep up the good work and thanks a lot!!