Koftha...They look Yummy n even taste yummy..Isnt it!!!! I love Malai Koftha with Garlic Naan or Butter Naan.. I have tried out this delicous dish at home and served it at home..It came out really very well..I started preparing the dish but later on I was very tensed with few doubts like whether my kofthas will come out soft without breaking or not...I followed few tips and made it...Finally the taste was Wahhh....

For Koftha Balls:


Potato:3 medium(peeled, boiled n mashed)

Grated Paneer:1 cup

Chopped Chillies

Cliantro:2 spns

Cumin pwd:1/2 spn

Coriander Pwd:1/2 spn

Finely chopped Nuts:1 spn(I used almonds and Cashews)

Salt:Acc to taste

All Purpose Flour:2 spns

Bread Crumbs:Optional

Oil(For deep frying kofthas)


1.Mix all the above ingridents with out adding water to the mixture.As excess water may result in breaking of the kofthas

2.Now make the dumplings out of the above mixture into ur desired shapes and put them aside.

3.Put a skillet on flame and add the required amount of oil for deep frying.

4.Roll the dumplings in the all purpose flour and fry them when the oil is ready.

5.Fry them till they come to golden brown and place them on a paper towel to remove the excess oil.

6.Kofthas are ready to put in the gravy before serving.

Ingridents For Gravy:

1.Tomato:2 medium Sized(Finely Chopped)

2.Onion:1 big(Finely Chopped)

3.Cumin Powder:1 spn

4.Coriander Powder:1 spn

5.Red Chilli Powder:Acc to taste

6.Salt:acc to taste

7.Chopped Cliantro:For Garnishing

8.Cashewnuts:10 no(Powdered)

9.Cream:1 cup

10.Turmeric Pwd:A Pinch

11.Oil:2 spn

12.GingerGarlic Paste:1/2 spn


1.Put a pan,add oil, when the oil is heated add Onions and fry till soft.
2.Add tomatoes, ginger garlic paste, turmeric powder and fry till the raw flavor is gone and tomatoes are smooth.

3.Add cumin and coriander powder, chilli powder and salt mix well

4.Remove from flame and let this mixture cool.

5.Blend the above cooked mixture into fine and smooth paste .

6.Now put a pan on flame add little oil and cook the blended onion and tomato paste.

7.Add cream and let it boil.if needed add little water and stir for few minutes.

8.Check the seasonings and adjust according to your taste.

9.Add the cashewnut powder and cook well for 4 to 5 mins

10.When done add chopped cliantro and remove from flame.

11.Add kofthas to this hot gravy just before 3 to 5 mins before you are ready to serve.


1.Adding bread crumbs to kofthas removes the excess moisture which may avoid the kofthas to break during frying.

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