Ha...This is one of my Hubby's all time favourite dish..when ever he sees Okra he jst wana pick them to njoy MorKolumbu..He did hid Btech in Chennai n tasted it there in his hostel..he keeps telling me abt I tried to know the recipe from different sources and finally made it for him...and I saw him njoying this dish...Let me share this Recipe with you all..


1.ChannaDal: 2 tbspn


3.Mustard seeds:3/4 tbspn

4.Ginger:1/2 inch

5.Curry leaves:5-6

6.Green Chillies:4 no

7.Okra(Lady Finger)


9.Turmeric:a pinch

10.Curd:2 cups



1.Take a bowl,add channa dal, chopped green chillies,ginger, turmeric, curry leaves, jeera and cumin seeds, salt , turmeric and add 3 to 4 spoons of curd and let the ingridents soak for nearly 1 hr.

2.Cut the okra into 1/2 inch pieces.

3.Put Oil in a pan,when it is hot add okra and cover it with a lid and fry them.

4.After a hour blend the soaked channa dal mixture(which is soaked in curd ) into fine paste. 5.When the okra is fried add the ground paste and cook it till the raw flavor of the mixture is removed completely and off the flame.

6.Beat the remaining curd and add to the cooked okra masala.

7.Serve it with rice.

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