Nimmakaya dis not sounding different...This is my GrandMother's recipe..She used to call it Nimmakaya Charu...When I was a Kid i never found the difference in Charu or rasam or Sambar...The same is with this...Dish is named as Charu but it does not taste or look like our ordinary one..This is a very good combination with Coconut Rice which I posted in Rice Varities.


Toordal: 1 cup

Turmeric: a pinch

Salt:acc to ur Taste

Ghee:1 spn

Jeera:1 spn

Mustard Seeds:1spn

Urad Dal:1 spn

CurryLeaves:6 to 7

Green Chillies:3

Red Chillies:2

Chopped Cilantro:2 spn



1.Wash and pressure cook the toordal for 4 whistles.Remove it from flame and mash the dal with little turmeric and salt in it.

2.Now make tadka for Dal.Put ghee in a skillet and when heated add jeera, mustard and urad dal and fry well.

3.Add splitted Green chillies ,Red chillies and curry leaves and fry well.

4.When the tadka is ready put this in the mashed dal and boil the dal for 5 mins by adding little water to the dish..Check for the consistency.

5.Turn off the flame and let it cool for 5 mins now squzee half of the lemon in the boiled dal,finally garnish it with cliantro.


Dont add lemon when ur dish is too hot..This may spoil ur dish

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Rajani Choudhary said...

My MIL makes this and I just love it. Made this a couple of days back and it was yummy...the only change I made was to use yellow moong dal instead of toor dal.