All Purpose Flour:7 cups
Butter: 7 tbs
Sugar: 1 tbspn
Yeast: 1packet(7 gms)

1.Add yeast to luke warm water(80 degrees) to yeast n add sugar to this yeast mixture.if the water is too hot the yeast will die n ur bread will not b b careful while adding water to yeast.leave it for 5 mins.
2.Add the sufficent amount of salt to all purpose flour.

3.Melt 7tbspoons of butter n put aside.

4.Add the yeast n sugar mixture to ur all purpose flour.Mix wellad water to maida n amke it into a smooth chapathi dough.

5.Knead the dough, punch the dough n make it smooth

6.Add the melted butter to the dough n knead well.

7.Cover the dough n let it rest for a the size of ur dough increses..

8.Knead the dough well n make them into round balls

9.Take a baking tray n dust it wid lilttle all purpose flour n remove the excess flour

10.Place the balls in the tray, cover he tray n keep it aside for 30 mins

11.The balls size will increase.Now grease these balls on top with milk(else u can use egg white)
12.Now bake them in oven for 20 to 25 mins at 375 to 400 degrees

13.After that remove them from oven n apply little butter on top of the buns to keep them moist..

14.Seprate the buns.

15Cut the buns in middle n Toast a bit wid butter n serve it hot wid Bhaji, onions n lemon..

Hmmmm Njoy the taste...I'm sure u'll really like it..

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Anonymous said...

Pav looks delicious and perfectly baked, drooling....