Rice..many of u dont like having rice daily with dal n curries..I'm one among them,so i prefer having and cooking rice in different tastes.Here is the recipe for coconut rice,this can b made in many ways,this is way which we like.
1.Grated Coconut
2.Green Chillies: 5 no
3.Cloves: 6
5.Cinamon:1/2 inch
6.Star Anise:1
7.GingerGarlic Paste:1 tbsp
8.Rice:2 cups
9.Onion:1 medium Sized
10.Salt:acc to taste 11.Oil:2 tbspn
12.Chilli Powder:1tbsp
13.Cashews: 10 no

1.Blend the grated coconut by adding water to it and extract the milk from it.(for 1 cup of rice we need 2 cups of this coconut milk)
2.Put a pan and add oil to it when the oil is heated add chopped onion.
3.When th onions turn soft add ginger garlic paste, chillies n garam masala(cinamon, cardmon, cloves, star anise).fry them well.
4.Now add rice n fry for 2 mins, add salt n chilli powder n finally add coconut milk n cook it well. 5.Serve it with onion raitha or brinjal masala. Nimmakaya Charu is the best Combination for this Coconut Rice.I have posted it in Rasam Catogery..Check it out there..


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Kavya, Recipe title is missing... :o

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Hi kavya garu ,,,My name is Aruna.... me blog lo varieties chustutene urgentga tenalane unde..... chala bagunde..... nenu present egg biryani try chestunna....

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