Sooji Halwa is made as prasadam(offering) for many festival...It is a very common and a very easy recipe which can be made in no time..This sooji halwa can be used as stuffing to make the one more Popular sweet Prasadam Obbatlu and Prasadam Burelu.
Sooji: 1 cup
Sugar: 1 cup
Elachi Powder: a pinch
Water:2.5 cups
Cashew:10 no
Raisins:10 no
Ghee:1 tspn
Red food Color: A pinch
1.Put a pan on flame, add 1 tspn of ghee and let it melt and fry the cashewnuts n raisins.Keep them aside.
2.Add sooji to the remaining ghee and fry till the sooji turns to golden color and nice aroma comes from it.
3.When it is done add sugar and mix it well.(adding sugar to sooji at this stages makes less chance of forming lumps)
4.Now add the water to sooji and sugar mixture n stir continoulsy which will avoid forming of lumps.
5.Sprinkle elachi powder and cover the sooji mixture with a lid and let it boli for 3 to 5 mins. 6.Add red food color to cooked sooji.adding food color is optional.
7.When the sooji is cooked add the fried cashew n raisins.
8.Serve it hot as it is or make them into small balls.
Depending on the sweetness u want u can add more sugar.For 1 dup u can add upto 1.5 cups of sugar.
I used it as a cake made into Heart Shape for our 175 days celebrations after marriage..
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