Potato Halwa..My Mom told me this recipe when I was looking for different halwa to participate in a Dussera contest in a Communtiy named Mrs South Indies..I tired it,it turned out very well.My hubby liked it very much..Generally he dont like sweets..but he liked it very much...Here is the recipe for Halwa.

1.Ghee:3 spn
2.Potato:3 medium(peeled boiled and mashed)
3.Dry Fruits:Cashew and Badam(15 each)
(u can even add pista as per ur taste)
4.Milk:150 ml
5.Sugar:Acc to ur taste
7.Kova:4 spn
1.Firstly crush the dry fruits or u can even make them into coarse powder in ur blender with out adding water.
2.Put a pan,pour ghee and when it melts add the crushed dry fruits and fry till good flavour comes out.
3.Add the mashed potato and stir well for 2 mins.
4.Now add the sugar according to your taste,When you add sugar the potato mixture becomes loose,stir well.
5.At this time add 3 spns of kova and mix well.
6.Add milk and cook the mixture till the entire mixture is cooked well.Remove the skin of elachi and add the crushed seeds.
7.Keep stirring the mixture so that it does not burn.When the mixture is completely cooked it oozes ghee.Then the mixture is ready.
8.Remove from flame and let the mixture cool down.
9.Now make the mixture into desired shapes.And put few nuts on top and serve it.
10.I made them into the shapes as shown and decorated it with food color and nuts.

Making Kova:
All u need is to keep boiling the whole milk on low flame and keep stirring it in between..Boil it till all the milk is evaporated and you will be left wid a smooth paste.This is your fresh kova.
1.You can have this halwa even when it is hot..For which you have to keep the consistency loose,so that you can eat it.
2.To make Halwa into pieces:When the mixture is cool..Take a plate grease it with little ghee and spread the halwa equally and cut them into squares, diamonds or as you like.
3.Instead of kova..you can even use panner.For this all u have to do is boil the milk till it reduces to half of the amount and now add grated panner and cool well till all the milk is evaporated and smooth paste is left.
I Got 1st Prize for this recipe in a community Mrs South Indies.

Wanted to share this prize winning recipe in Mithai Mela Event at Cooking 4 all seasons blog.


UjjU said...

Hi Kavya,
The Halwa looks yummy. The presentation is too good.

Gayathri Gopinath said...

Hi Kavya...
The Blog is gud and the recipes are yummy....This halwa is different and nice presentation....Gr8 gng gal :)

UjjU said...

Display your prize winning certificate as well. :)