Kofthas can be made with different vegtables but I made this Carrot Koftha for a JFI:Carrot contest conducted by "THE COOKER" in which the main Ingrident should be CARROT "The Bright Orange color root vegtable which has lot of Vitamin A in it."
I was thinking what can be made for the contest,one day I had this Carrot Koftha in a Indian Resturant.The dish was not that tasty so then I made my mind to try this at home to the taste I like.Did it..and finally that was a super hit.
For Kofthas:
Grated Carrot:2 cups
Grated Paneer:1.5 cups
Salt:Acc to Taste
Red Chilli Powder/Chopped Green Chillies:Acc to taste
Dry Fruits:2 spn(I Used Cashew,Almond,Raisins Finely chopped)
Coriander Powder:1 spn
Cumin Powder:1 spn
All Purpose Flour:2 spn
Bread Crumbs:2 spns(Optional)
Oil:For deep frying Kofthas
For Gravy:
Onions:1 medium(Finely Chopped)
Tomato:1 medium(Finely Chopped)
Ginger Garlic Paste:1 spn
Cumin Powder:1 spn
Coriander Powder:1.5 spn
Salt:Acc to Taste
Chilli Powder:Acc to Taste
Milk/Cream:1 cup
Fenugreek Leaves(Dry):1 spn
Crushed Cashewnut Powder:2 spn
Garam Masala:1/4 spn
For Kofthas:
1.Take the grated carrot in to a muslin cloth and squeeze the juice from it and put the carrot juice aside(as excess moisture makes the kofthas break when we fry them in oil).

2.Now take the squeezed carrot and remaining ingridents listed below for making kofthas expect all purpose flour and mix well like a smooth chapathi dough.

3.Make them into desired shapes like rounds,bullet shapes and pu them aside.
4.Pour oil in a skillet for deep frying the kofthas,when the oil is ready for frying the kofthas then roll the kofthas in the all purpose flour and fry them in oil on medium flame till the kofthas turn golden brown color.
5.Now the kofthas are ready.

Fry one koftha and check if they are ok r not,when u see them breaking dont get panic,just roll them in bread crumbs...This helps the bread crumbs to absorb the excess moisture if any.Now we can make good kofthas
For Making Gravy:
1.Put a pan on flame,add oil,when hot,add chopped onions and fry till they become smooth and transculate.Add little salt to onions this helps the onions to cook fast as it releases water.
2.When the onions are done add the ginger garlic paste and fry till the raw flavor is removed.
3.Now add the garam masala powder,cumin powder,coriander powder,chilli powder and mix well.
4.Add the chopped tomaotes,cook till the tomatoes are smooth.When done remove from flame and let this onion and tomato mixture cool down.
5.Blend the above cooked mixture into smooth paste.
6.Put a pan on flame and pour the blended paste to it.Add little milk/cream and carrot juice that is squeezed from grated carrots while making kofthas,let the mixture come to a boil.
7.Now add the crushed cashewnut powder and fenugreek leaves(crush the dried leaves to get more aroma)
8.Adjust the seasonings if necessary.Let the mixture boil and check for the consistency too.
9.The gravy is also ready now.Let the gravy cool for 3-5 mins and then add the fried kofthas.

When we put the kofthas in the hot gravy,the kofthas may break.So wait for 3-5 mins.
Carrot Kofthas are ready to serve with any Indian Bread like Naan,chapathi or even this kofthas goes good with jeera rice.

Carrot koftha is being shared for FIL-April-Carrot event at Sanghi's food Sanghi's food Delight's and want to dedicate this recipe for my MOM who loves Koftha's a lot and she love to enjoy koftha with Butter Naan.


Biriyani...When we hear this word Biriyani..We always recollect the famous Hyderabadi Dum style..Isnt it?Many of us like the taste of Dum rather than the normal style biriyani..The process of making dum is a bit different and time taking process for which we need to cook the veggies n rice seprately..

I would like to send this recipe as my entry for RICE MELA contest Organized by SRIVALLI in her blog COOKING 4 ALL SEASONS.

For Cooking the Biriyani Rice:
Basmati Rice:1.5 cups
Mint Leaves:1/2 bunch(finely chopped)
Cinnamon Stick:1/2 inch
Star Anise:1
Bay Leaf:3
Green Chillies:5(cut lenght wise)
Salt:Acc to taste
Oil:2 spns

Ingridents for Veggie Masala

Veggies of ur choice(carrot, potato, onion, peas, cauliflower cut them into dice size)
Salt:Acc to Taste
Biriyani Masala:2 spns(Powder or Paste)
Chilli Pwd:2 spns
Ginger Garlic Paste:1spn
Red Food Color:2 pinches


1.Put a vessel on flame,add oil,when hot add cumin seeds and when the splatter add the cinnamon stick,elachi,cloves,star anise,bay leaves and fry till u get nice aroma of masala and now add the chopped mint leaves, chillies, cashewnuts and fry till the cashews turn into light gold color.
2.Now add the washed basmati rice and stir well for a minute and add water in 1:2 ratio(1.5 cups of rice needs 3 cups of water).Add salt acc to ur taste(be careful while adding salt as u need to add salt even when u cook the vegetables) and stir.Now place a lid and let the rice boil to 80%.When Done remove from flame and put aside.
3.Now put a pan on flame,add oil and when hot add the chopped onion and when they turn transculate add the ginger garlic paste,fry till the raw flavor is removed.Add the veggies(potato,cauliflower,carrot and peas).Cover it with lid and cook till the veggies become 50%smooth.
5.When the veggies are ready add salt,chilli powder and biriyani masala,stir well,add yogurt mix well.cook till the veggies are 80%done.
6.Take half of the cooked veggies into a bowl ,put aside and add 1 more spoon af yogurt the veggies left in pan and now take half portion of cooked rice and put it as a layer on the veggies.
7.Now add the remaining cooked veggies (which we kept aside) on top of the rice layer and now spread the remaining boiled rice on top of this veggies and finish the layer.Arranging the rice and veggies in layer is the special style of Dum Biriyani.This make the taste Unique.

8.Add little food color to water and pour on top.This gives a good texture of Dum Biriyani.Now cook let the layer of rice and veggies be on low flame for 10 to 15 mins so that the rice absorbs the juices from cooked veggie masala.
9.Serve it hot with salan or any raitha of ur choice Link for salan recipe in my blog (u can find that recipe in CURRIES/GRAVIES label)

When we cook the layers on flame we have to b careful that the veggies dont burn.For this we can place this pan in another vessel with water in which the flame will not be in direct contact with the veggies.

Look at the above pic.I have used a bigger pan and added water and then placed the vessel with biriyani in it.


You might be thinking why did I even blog this basic coconut chutney...?Many begineers are also there who are looking my blog..This is for those basic Learners...One among them is my Hubby...It is he who wanted me to compose this in my blog...Last nite I was suffering with headache and wanted some chtney to go with RawaDosa...

My Hubby asked me to take rest and he would prepare the chutney for me...Instead of making this he was asking me...How many chillies,how much tamrind and all...I told hi that inspite of telling u all this..its better i make it myself...

Then started complaining...Why is this not in ur blog...If u might have blogged it..I would have seen it n done...
Coconut:2 cups
Dhaliya(Roasted Chana dal):3 spns
Tamrind:Small Lemon Size
Green Chillies n Salt(According to Taste)
For Tempering:
Jeera:1 spn
Urad Dal:1spn
Channa Dal:1.5spn
Red Chillies:3 no
Green Chillies:2 no
Hinge:A pinch
Oil:1.5 spns
Curry Leaves:6-7

1.Take a blender..add the grated coconut,chillies,salt,tamrind,dhaliya and blend it to a smooth paste by adding sufficient water and take it to a bowl.
2.Now add oil to a pan and pour oil and hot add the ingridents listed under tempering and fry them till golden brown.
3.Add this tempering to the blended coconut paste.

This is a very basic chutney which goes good with all tiffins like Idly,Dosa,Pesarattu,Vada and many snack items too..

Many like adding groundnuts instead of dhaliya.
Preparation Of Coconut Chutney varies from region to region.

Gutthi Vankaya

Aha emi ruchi..anara maimarachi...
roju thinna mari..moje teranidi...
taaja kuralalo raaja evarante...vere cheppala vankayenandi...(Song from a Telugu Movie "Yegire pavurama")

Isn't it True??Brinjal is king of veggies...Here comes another spicy and traditional recipe from my blog..Gutthi Vankaya...This is made in different ways and using different Ingridents...This is how I did this dish according to my taste...

I want to send this recipe as my entry for the contest conducted by TOUNGE TICKLERS for the nov month FIC - Purple & Black - Color Event

And Sending this to FIL- Brinjal at Sanghi's Food Delights
Brinjal:15(small and round)
Oil:For Deep Frying the Brinjals

Ingridents For Masala (For Stuffing)
Groundnuts:1 cup
Seaseme Seeds:1/2cup
Coriander Seeds:2spn
Cumin Seeds:1sp
Garam Masala:1/2 spn
Red Chillies:6
Fenugreek Seeds:4-5
Tamrind:medium Lemon Size
Salt:Acc to taste
1.Wash the brinjals and dry them using a paper towel and cut(upto 3/4 of the brinjal) them inti X mark with out detaching the stalk..
2.Pour Oil for deep frying the brinjal..When the oil is ready fry the brinjal for 1 min remove them from oil and put them aside.

3.Now in another pan pour little oil..when hot fry all the ingridents listed under ingridents for stuffing,add salt acc to ur taste and let the mixture cool..Make it into a coarse powder with out adding water.

4.Stuff this coarse powder into the deep fried Brinjals.
5.In a pan add 2 spns of oil and now add the stuffed brinjals and remaining ground masala to the pan and cover it with a lid and cook the brinjals on all the sides.

6.Garnish it wid little Cliantro.
7.Serve it hot with plain rice.

This is a dry version of gutthi vankaya..If u want it in a gravy type..All the steps r same but in step 5 when the brinjals r cooked on all sides add tamrind juice(squezeed from small sized tamrind).And let the tamrind juice come to boil along with the brinjals.


Brinjal,EggPlant..what might be the name...This is our Favourite vegetable..Can be cooked in lot many ways..Made into Snacks,Main Entries,Dippings....Here is A Traditional Rice Item with EggPlant called VANGI BATH.Ingridents are also very simple n handy one's.Try this and let me know how it turned out.

Brinjal/Medium Sized American EggPlant:400gms(Diced)
Rice:1.5 cups
Green Chillies:4 no(Cut Length wise)
Curry Leaves:6 to 7(chopped)
Onion:1 medium(chopped)
Frozen Peas:1/2 cup(Optional)
Ginger Garlic Paste:1spn
Cashews:8-10 no.(Fry them and use them to garnish)
Cliantro:2 spns(chopped)
For Masala Powder:
Groundnuts:1 cup
Seaseme Seeds:3spn
Coconut(Dried r Fresh):3 spn
Channa Dal:3 spn
Coariander Seeds:3spn
Red Chillies:5 no
Garam Masala:3/4 spn
Curry Leaves:5-6
Salt:Acc to Taste

(Making Masala Powder:)
1.Put a pan,add oil and wen heated one by one add all the ingridents listed under Masala Powder and fry till the raw flavor is removed and let it cool.When done grind the fried ingridents into coarse powder.
2.Wash the rice and cook it and Spread it one plate and let it cool down.
3.Put another Pan on flame.Pour oil and when heat..add jeera,when it crackles add the slit chillies,onions and ginger garlic paste.When the onions becomes transculate add curry leaves and diced EggPlant pieces..Mix well and cover it with a lid..cook till the eggplant becomes smooth.
4.When the eggplants r smooth add the ground coarse powder and mix well and fry it for 3 to 4 mins
5.Now its time for us to add the boiled n cooled rice.Mix it properly and evenly.
6.Cover it with a lid and keep it on low flame for 3 to 5 mins so that the rice gets the flavor of the spices.
7.Garnish with chopped cliantro and cashews
8.Serve it Hot with raitha.Even u can have it directly just with thick curds.

U can even add peas(soaked and boiled or even frozen peas too) to this..I used Peas to add different taste to the dis...Using Peas is completely optional. :)


Green Leafy Vegetables are very good for our eyes...But I hate eating and cooking them with routine dal.Palak is my hubby's fav leafy veggie..He wants to me too cook atleast twice a week...Recently I was watching few recipe videos and came across this Palak Egg Fry..and I found it intresting and tried to know the taste of the dish...I adjusted the Ingridents according to my taste.Here is the recipe...Simple,Tasty and different..
This recipe goes to Creative Saga blog for SWS-Cooking with greens Event
Spinach:1 bunch(washed n chopped)
Onion:1 medium(Chopped)
Tomato:1 medium(chopped)
Green Chillies:4(cut length wise)
Oil:3 spn
Ginger Garlic Paste:1spn
Salt:Acc to Taste
Turmeric Pwd:A Pinch
Egg Curry Masala:1.5spn(optional)
Garlic:4 flakes(crushed)
Curry Leaves:6 to 7(chopped)
1.Put a pan..pour oil..when hot add cumin seeds and when they splutter add onions, crushed garlic fry till the raw flavor is removed and onions turn transculate.
2.Add GingerGarlic paste,chillies,salt, turmeric powder ,egg curry masala and mix well so dat all the spices are mixed well.
3.Now add the chopped spinach leaves.Mix well and let it cook till the spinach is cooked smooth
now add chopped tomato and cook till tomato are smooth.
4.Check the seasonings and if needed add little red chilli powder.
5.When the spinach is cooked...break open the eggs in this spinach mixture and then cover it wid
a lid...dont mix the egg..leave it like that..
6.After 5 mins turn the eggs to the other side and fry the egg.
7.Serve it hot with rice or chapathi...I prefer to serve egg fry with Masala Rice
Instead of Egg Curry Masala we can even add normal garam masala powder or Whole garam Masala..
You can even skip Step 6..But make sure that the egg is cooked properly..To check this pierce the fork and check if the egg is cooked or not.


Vegetable Biriyani...This is My Hubby's recipe...Being a Bachelor he used to cook this almost twice a week and many of his frens are big fans for his Biriyani...He cooks it very well and perfectly.
The First day when I came to USA after marriage he cooked and served me this Biriyani around 2am early hours..I was shocked tasting this Biriyani and felt that I'm very lucky to get him as my better half...

1.Rice:1.5 cups
2.Biriyani Masala:2 spn
3.Veggies:Carrot, Potato, Capsicum, Onion,Peas, Tomato(Diced)
4.Green Chillies:5(cut length wise)
5.Salt:Acc to Taste
8.Ginger Garlic Paste:1 spn

1.Put a pan on flame add little oil,when hot add onions, ginger garlic paste, chillies and fry till the raw flavor is removed.
2.When onions turn transculante add the remaining veggies expect tomato.Add salt and stir well
and cover it with a lid and let the veggies are 50% done.
3.Add biriyani masala powder, yougurt , tomato and mix well.Cook till the veggies are 75% done.
4.Wash the rice and now add it to the veggie and yogurt mixture.
5.Add 3 cups of water(1:2 Ratio) and transfer it to a electrical rice cooker.When done serve it hot with thick curds or Raitha.

We generally use Parampara Chicken Biriyani Masala for this even though its a Vegetable Biriyani...U can choose biryani masala of your own choice.
Dont cut ur veggies too small...Dice the veggies this makes the biriyani look good and even tastes good..


HOT Soup..a good appetizer,which is served in different styles..Here is a very simple and easy recipe for Tomato Soup.This Soup can be made in many ways but here is my version of making this soup...

1.Tomatos:4 medium(boiled n blended)
2.Onion:1 medium(finely chopped)
3.Cinnamon:1 inch
5.Cloves:5 to 6
6.Bay Leaf:2
7.Corn Flour:2 spn
8.Oil:2 spn
9.Ginger Garlic Paste:1/2 spn
10.AjinaMotto(Tasting Salt):A pinch
11.Chilli Powder:Acc to Taste
12.Salt:Acc to Taste
13.Tomato Ketchup:1 spn
14.Pepper Powder
15.Bread:Cut them into cubes and fry them in oil and put them aside
16.Cream:1 spn
17.Chopped Cliantro/Mint:2 spn

1.Put a pan on flame and when heated add crushed cloves, elachi,cinnamon stick, bay leaves fry for few minutes then add onions till they turn smooth,add ginger garlic paste fry till the raw flavor is removed.
2.Add the blended tomato juice,salt,chilli powder, tasting salt , pepper powder and tomato ketchup, chopped cliantro stir well and let it boil.
3.Now add cornflour to water and make into smooth paste and add it to tomato mixture and boil till all the broth is disappeared.
4.When the mixture is boiled completely drain the mixture.
5.Serve it hot and garnish with cream and fried bread.

As I didnt have Bread at home so I spiked adding it...But adding Fried Bread adds good taste to the soup..


Most of like to have road side food like chat, pakodi, pav bhaji, muri mixture, masala vada etc etc..list goes on like this..I go very crazy to have this kind of food..Recently I tried to make masala vada for the first time on Diwali...Here is the recipe
Channa Dal:1.5 cups(wash n saok it for 5 hrs)
Besan:2 spn
Ginger Garlic Paste:1 spn
Garam Masala Powder:1 spn
Curry Leaves(chopped):5 to 6
Onion:1 medium(chopped finely)
Jeera:1/2 spn
Salt:Acc to Taste
Chilli Powder/Chopped Green Chillies:Acc to Taste
Clinatro(optional):2 spn
Oil:For Deep Fry
1.Drain the water and blend the channa dal into a coarse paste.
2.Add all the ingridents expect the oil and make it into a chapathi like dough.
3.Take the mixture and make it into disc shapes and put aside.
4.Heat the oil in a skillet for deep frying the discs of mixture.
5.When is hot,fry the discs till they turn golden brown.
6.Serve it hot with Tomato ketchup.
If u like take 2 spns of channadal,keep them aside and bend the remaining channa dal.
Add this 2 spn of soaked channadal to the mixture along with othet ingridents and follow the same process as told above..
Crispness of the channadal adds taste Masala Vada.
Sharing this recipe for the event Sunday Snacks - Chaats/Indian Street Food.

This is one of my favourite street food.


Coconut Pakoda...Yummmy..It would be very nice to have some deep fried snacks like this when it is raining..Isn't it..?Sitting at home..enjoying each bite of pakoda and a cup of coffee or Tea with definitely make that evening cooooool...It is very easy to prepare and is much similar to our normal pakoda but with a different taste of coconut...

Besan:1 cup
Rice Flour:1 spn
Coconut Powder:1/4 cup
Jeera:1 spn
Ginger Garlic Paste:1 spn
Garam Masala:1/4 spn
Salt:Acc to Taste
Chilli Powder/Chopped Green Chillies:Acc to Taste
Curry Leaves(Finely Chopped):5 to 6
Onion:1 medium(finely chopped)
Oil:For Deep Fry


1.Mix all the above ingridents (expect oil)with water and make it into smooth dough so that you can make small discs or shapes with the mixture.
2.Pour oil in a skillet and when heated fry the discs till they turn golden brown.
3.Serve it Hot with tomato sauce or chilli sauce.

You can even make the mixture like a normal consistency of regular pakoda.

I made them into heart shapes and put them into a kabab stick jst for a change..