Gutthi Vankaya

Aha emi ruchi..anara maimarachi...
roju thinna mari..moje teranidi...
taaja kuralalo raaja evarante...vere cheppala vankayenandi...(Song from a Telugu Movie "Yegire pavurama")

Isn't it True??Brinjal is king of veggies...Here comes another spicy and traditional recipe from my blog..Gutthi Vankaya...This is made in different ways and using different Ingridents...This is how I did this dish according to my taste...

I want to send this recipe as my entry for the contest conducted by TOUNGE TICKLERS for the nov month FIC - Purple & Black - Color Event

And Sending this to FIL- Brinjal at Sanghi's Food Delights
Brinjal:15(small and round)
Oil:For Deep Frying the Brinjals

Ingridents For Masala (For Stuffing)
Groundnuts:1 cup
Seaseme Seeds:1/2cup
Coriander Seeds:2spn
Cumin Seeds:1sp
Garam Masala:1/2 spn
Red Chillies:6
Fenugreek Seeds:4-5
Tamrind:medium Lemon Size
Salt:Acc to taste
1.Wash the brinjals and dry them using a paper towel and cut(upto 3/4 of the brinjal) them inti X mark with out detaching the stalk..
2.Pour Oil for deep frying the brinjal..When the oil is ready fry the brinjal for 1 min remove them from oil and put them aside.

3.Now in another pan pour little oil..when hot fry all the ingridents listed under ingridents for stuffing,add salt acc to ur taste and let the mixture cool..Make it into a coarse powder with out adding water.

4.Stuff this coarse powder into the deep fried Brinjals.
5.In a pan add 2 spns of oil and now add the stuffed brinjals and remaining ground masala to the pan and cover it with a lid and cook the brinjals on all the sides.

6.Garnish it wid little Cliantro.
7.Serve it hot with plain rice.

This is a dry version of gutthi vankaya..If u want it in a gravy type..All the steps r same but in step 5 when the brinjals r cooked on all sides add tamrind juice(squezeed from small sized tamrind).And let the tamrind juice come to boil along with the brinjals.


Unknown said...

Sounds tangy and delicious.

Anonymous said...

kavya, if you are interested, you can send it to "Food In Color" (FIC) event. This months color is purple and/or black. I too wanted to send gutti vankaya, but didn't get a chance to ro to the indian store and pick up vankayalu. Check out the details for the event here.

Sunshinemom said...

Thank you Kavya, for the gutthi vankaya and for introducing me to yet another taste, and another kitchen:) I hate vankaya, but I love the stuffing! When my MIL makes this, she usually sends one brinjal and lots of gravy!