Vegetable Biriyani...This is My Hubby's recipe...Being a Bachelor he used to cook this almost twice a week and many of his frens are big fans for his Biriyani...He cooks it very well and perfectly.
The First day when I came to USA after marriage he cooked and served me this Biriyani around 2am early hours..I was shocked tasting this Biriyani and felt that I'm very lucky to get him as my better half...

1.Rice:1.5 cups
2.Biriyani Masala:2 spn
3.Veggies:Carrot, Potato, Capsicum, Onion,Peas, Tomato(Diced)
4.Green Chillies:5(cut length wise)
5.Salt:Acc to Taste
8.Ginger Garlic Paste:1 spn

1.Put a pan on flame add little oil,when hot add onions, ginger garlic paste, chillies and fry till the raw flavor is removed.
2.When onions turn transculante add the remaining veggies expect tomato.Add salt and stir well
and cover it with a lid and let the veggies are 50% done.
3.Add biriyani masala powder, yougurt , tomato and mix well.Cook till the veggies are 75% done.
4.Wash the rice and now add it to the veggie and yogurt mixture.
5.Add 3 cups of water(1:2 Ratio) and transfer it to a electrical rice cooker.When done serve it hot with thick curds or Raitha.

We generally use Parampara Chicken Biriyani Masala for this even though its a Vegetable Biriyani...U can choose biryani masala of your own choice.
Dont cut ur veggies too small...Dice the veggies this makes the biriyani look good and even tastes good..


Divya Vikram said...

So sweet of your hubby making it for you.

Sagari said...

very yummy recipe kavya

DK said...

Now thats extremely sweet of your partner to do that at 2am! Way to go :)

chamarti bhargavi said...

Can we use parampara vegetable biriyani masala