Paratha...a very commonly known Indian Bread which can be made in different varities and different stuffings filled in.
Aloo paratha,Paneer paratha and so on goes the list.This is my 1st paratha made for a Event named JFI:Carrot by "THE COOKER" for November.
For The Carrot Stuffing:
Grated Carrot:1.5 cups
Onion:1 medium(finely chopped)
Chopped Mint Leaves:3 spn
Salt:Acc to Taste
Chilli Powder:Acc to Taste
Cumin Powder:1 spn
Corainder Powder:1 spn
Ginger Garlic Paste:1.5 spns
Oil:2-3 spns
For Paratha Dough:
Wheat Flour:2 cups
Salt:Acc to Taste
Milk:1 cup(may vary)
Oil:3 spn
Sooji:1 spn
For Making the Dough:
1.Take wheat flour in a bowl,add half of the oil ,salt,sooji and make a soft dough by adding milk.
2.Knead the dough well and add the remaining oil on top and keep it covered for 30 mins.
For Making Carrot Stuffing:
1.Take a pan,add oil and when hot add the chopped onions and fry till the onions become transculate.When done add the ginger garlic paste and fry till the raw flavor ie removed.
2.Now add the choppes mint leaves,salt,chilli powder, cumin and coriander powder,mix well and
fry for till mint decomes smooth.
3.Add the grated carrot and fry till the raw flavor of the carrot is removed and carrot becomes smooth.
4.Remove from flame when the carrot and mint mixture is cooked well.Let it cool down for easy handling while making parathas.
For stuffing n making Parathas
1.When the mixture is cooled,knead the paratha dough once again and divide it into10 equal parts.
2.Now by using a rolling pin make small disc and put the carrot stuffing and pull in the edges of the disc and make sure that you cover all the sides of the stuffing and be careful that the stuffing will not come out,seal it properly.

3.Repeat this same process with all the 10 equal parts and leave it aside for 5 mins so that the stuffing will dry and will not come out when we make parathas.
4.After 5 mins carefully make them into round pulka shape.

5.Put a tawa on flame and when hot fry the parathas using oil/ghee/butter.
6.Serve them hot with any pickle or thick curds.

Want to share this recipe with Sanghi's Food Delight's fot the event FIL-April-Carrot in her blog.

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