Avocado is a fresh fleshy fruit with many nutirent values. I had a very bad experience with Avocado long back in India and I'm with the impression for many years,but later tasting Guacamole in Chipotle my favourite Mexican Grill I started loving and njoying the taste.Now Guacamole is my favourite dipping Sauce.Just gave a try at home today afternoon and served it with Tortilla chips which I bought yesterday from Chipotle.
Ripen Avocado:1 no
Cilantro:2 spns(Finely Chopped)
Onion:1/2 medium(Finely Minced)
Tomato:1 medium(Finely Chopped,just cut the sides of the tomato n dont use the seeds)Lemon:1 no(squeeze the juice from the lemon)
Salt n Pepper:According to taste
Jalapeno:1 no(remove the seeds n finely chop it)
1.Cut the Avocado and remove the seed from it and scoop the fleshy part from the Avocado into a bowl and using a spoon mash it to a smooth paste.
2.Add the other ingridents and mix well such that all the ingridents are mixed properly
3.Serve this fresh n home-made Guacamole with Tortilla Chips.


If u want to store the Guacamole for a day or two put the seed (removed from the Avocado)in the bottom of the bowl and then the Guacamole it stays fresh and the color of the Guacamole will not change.

Stuffed Tomato

Stuffed Tomato,I used to have it in one of my fav dishes Veg Sizzler and this can be served as simple and different breakfast item and can also be served as a side dish.I found this recipe in Youtube and gave a try..It was a success.
Wanted to share my recipe with Sanghi's Kitchen for Fall In Love 'FIL' event


Tomato:5 no (medium)
Onion:1/2 medium(finely chopped)
Cauliflower:1/2 cup(Finely chopped into small pieces)
Potato:1 medium(peeled,boiled n mashed)
Grated Paneer:3 spns
Grated Cheese:3 spn
Green Peas:1/2 cup(bolied)
Salt:Acc to Taste
Green Chillies:Finely Chopped(Acc to taste)
Bread crumbs:5 spns
Basil/Coriander:2 spn(Finely Chopped)
Lemon Juice:1.5 spn
1.Rinse the tomatoes,cut the top and remove the seeds and sprinkle little salt inside the tomatoes and put them aside.

2.Now mix all the other ingridents in a bowl.

3.Stuff the mixture in the tomatoes arrange them in a baking tray and bake them for 25-30 mins at 350F.4.Serve them hot.

You may use different ingridents for stuffing,u may add corn instead of peas,avoid potato n add other veggies of your choice..I made it to my taste.

Spanish Omelete

Spanish Omelete is very much similar to normal omelete which we make.I saw this recipe in some TV program and gave a try.I ralled loved the flavor of butter and potato.This can be served as a breakfast dish.Ingridents are also very simple.Here goes the recipe.
Wanted to share this recipe to Spicy Rasam for Single Serving Recipes Event.

Last week I wanted to make this omelete as a side dish with some dal n rice but he had to go to party with his colluages so I just had this and I had it for lunch so to have a full meal I used the left over mashed potato too along with colorful salad.

Potato:1 big(peeled,chopped into fine pieces)
Egg:2(beat the eggs with little salt n pepper)
Butter:2 spns
Salt:Acc to Taste

Pepper:1/4 spn
Corainder leaves/Parseley:1 spn(Finely Chopped)

1.In a skillet add butter and fry the finely chopped potato,add little salt,fry till the potato turns smooth.
2.Now take a tawa add little butter and now spread the fried potato and then pour the beaten eggs and cover the omelete with a lid so that it even cooks from top.

3.When done add chopped corainder/paraseley and fold the omelete.
Serve it hot with any left over potato.

U can even add chopped onions along with potato.Its optional :)

Aloo Bonda(Using Dosa Batter)

Bonda is generally made using Besan but I tried making it with left-over dosa batter.It turned out simply superbbb..didn't absorb much oil.they look like Poornalu(sweetend channadal dumplings dipped in dosa batter n deep fried) but the stuffing is normal dry aloo masala which we use as a side dish for Poori,dosa and even stuffing for Veggie Puff.
For making Bondas:
Dosa Batter:Make sure that the dosa batter should be a bit thicker than that we use to make dosa.
Aloo masala
Oil:For Deep Frying
For Making Aloo Masala:
Aloo:4(Boiled,peeled n mashed)
Onion:1 small
Tempering:(Jeera,Mustard,ChannaDal,Curry leaves,Hinge)
Salt n Chillipowder:Acc to Taste
Turmeric Powder:1/4 spn
Oil: 2 spn
For Making Aloo Masala:
1.In a pan pour oil and when hot add temperings n fry till they splatter and fry,now add chopped onions,when onion turns transculate add Turmeric powder,Salt,mashed potato and then chilli powder,fry for 2 minutes and turn off the flame.
2.Now the Aloo Masala is ready for using it as stuffing.

For Making Bondas:
1.Make the stuffing into small balls n put aside,Heat the oil for frying.
2.When the oil is hot dip the aloo dumplings in the dosa batter and fry them till they turn into golden brown
3.Serve it hot with Tomato Ketchup or green Chutney.
This dish didnt absorb much oil while frying.
Stuffing in this may vary according to your taste.(Aloo Paneer stuffing,mixed veg stuffing etc)

I served it to my hubby naming it as Deep Fried masala Dosa :P

Hope U liked this recipe..


Dosa a very common breakfast item made in many of the houses.Here i'll show how to make different variations that make the taste unique.

Rice:2 cups
Urad Dal:1 cup
Fenugreek Seeds:1/2 spn
1.Soak all the above Ingridents in water for 5-6 hours.
2.Drain the water after 5-6 hrs and blend into a smooth batter,add salt and put it in a warm place for over night so that the batter ferments and gives a good taste to the dosa.
3.In the morning take the batter and put in fridge..over fermentation causes the batter to spoil.
4.Put a tawa add little oil and now make round dosas and oil on the surface of dosa .
5.When it turns light gloden color turn it to the other side and after a minute turn n then serve.
hot with any chuntey(Coconut Chutney,Tomato Chutney,Coriander chutney etc)
Using the same dosa batter we can make Onion Dosa,Karam dosa,Masala Dosa with normal potato masala,Green Peas Masala Dosa, Panner Butter Masala Dosa..
To Make Onion Dosa:
1.In above step 4 add the chopped onions after making dosa add chopped onions and sprinkle little karampodi all over the dosa.
To Make Karam Dosa:
Karam Dosa(Ulli Karam),I had this is in Vijayawada when I was doing my Intermediate.
I got this recipe from Shruthi...
Channadal:1.5 spns
Onion:1 medium(chopped)
Jeera:1/2 spn
Coconut Powder: 2 spns
Red chillies(Dry Chillies):3-4
Oil: 1.5 spn
1.In a pan add oil and when heated add jeera and when it splatters add channa dal and fry till turns golden brown now add red chillies and cocnut powder fry for a minute and allow this mixture to cool down.
2.Blend the cooled mixture into smooth paste and put aside.
Thank U Shruthi.
Procedure for Karam Dosa:
1.In the procedure of making dosa,after step 4,take half spn of blend vulli karam mixture on the dosa and the add oil and let it cook.
2.Now serve the dosa with the desired chutney.

Oven Baked Aloo Patties

Aloo Patties generally used as a breakfast item.Made this at home as my hubby wanted to eat it as his breakfast,he makes his own style of sandwich,two slices of bread or a Pav bun with little ketchup,lettuce and tomato.Even the recipe is also a small guess made by my hubby seeing the breadcrumbs in the kitchen.
Aloo:4 medium(peeled,boiled n mashed)
Bread crumbs:1 cup
All purpose Flour:5 cups
Salt:Acc to taste
Chilli powder:Acc to Taste
Garam Masala:1/2 spn

1.Pre-heat the oven at 375 C.
2..Take a bowl add the mashed potato,salt and chilli powder and 1 spoon of bread crumbs and make them into small round patties and put aside
3.Mix All purpose flour in water and make it in a thin paste.
4.Now dip the made aloo patties and dip them in the all purpose thin paste,coat the patties with bread crumbs on both sides.
5.In a baking tray, spread the parchment paper and arrange the patties side by side and spray cooking spray on top and put them in the oven and bake them for 15-20 mins.
6.Remove them from oven and turn the patties to the other side and again spray the cooking spray and again put it oven for another 15-20 mins.Now we can the patties turn golden color n crispy.
7.Store them in a air tight container and refrigrate and use them when needed.They stay gud for a week.


Falooda is very popular street food which is served with vanilla ice-cream and rose syrup. Semiya kheer is very common sweet simply made at home,adding few drops of rose syrup and small amount of falooda seeds with a scoop of Vanilla Icecream makes a delicious Dessert.Falooda seeds are also called as Basil seeds.
Semiya:1 cup
Milk:2 cups
Water:1 cup
Falooda Seeds:4 tspn
Sugar:Acc to Taste
Vanilla Ice-cream: 2 medium scoops
Roohafza:4-6 spns(I used rose flavored syrup)
1.Heat a pan,add ghee,roast Semiya when it turn golden brown add 2 cups of milk and 1 cup of
water and cook till smooth,add sugar and stir well.Allow it to cool down and put it in fridge.
2.Soak falooda seeds in water for 1 hr.After an hour we'll find the seeds r swollen.
3.When we want to serve this,add rose syrup to the chilled semiya kheer stir well and add the soaked falooda seeds.
4.Now take a glass,add vanilla ice-cream first and then add the semiya kheer,falooda and rose syrup mixture.
5.Finally the sweet and delicious Falooda is ready to serve.

Hope this would be a cooool ntry in dis summer for Mithai Mela Event at Cooking 4 all sesaons

U can even add falooda noodles to this recipe..but I didnt find much change in the taste even avoiding that.


Thanks Gayathri for forwarding me this Award...
"These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement (? big word, lol). Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award."

Stuffed Brinjal

Brinjal is a favourite veggie for many people..I'm one among them..I love to taste brinjal in different types.There are different variations that can be used in making the stuffing,here is the recipe how my MotherInLaw cooks stuffed Brinjal.Learnt from her in my last trip to India.
Brinjal:10 no
Onion:1 medium
Grated Coconut:1.5 cup
Green Chillies:Acc to taste
Salt:Acc to taste
Oil:5 spn
Coriander:For Garnishing
1.Wash and cut the brinjals in X mark with detaching the stem.
2.Blend the above ingridents into coarse paste and stuff into the cut brinjals.
3.Put a heavy bottemed skillet and pour oil,when hot drop the stuffed brinjal,add the remaing coarse mixture if left any,cover it with lid and cook on all sides and let it fry well.
4.When done garnish it with chopped coriander leaves and serve it hot with white rice and dal or Masala Rice or Coconut Rice.
When u cover the skillet with a plate then pour water on the plate,this helps the brinjals to be cooked from the top too and this makes the brinjals to be cooked soon.
Sharing this mouthwatering recipe with Sanghi's Food Delights for the event FIL-Brinjal

Fried Ice-Cream

Fried Ice-Cream a tasty Chinese Dessert,this is even served as Dessert in other cuisines too.I tasted this ice-cream in my home town Srikakulam.Seeing the name I found it intresting and wana taste it,so is the taste too.I was very excited to know how can the icecream be deep fried in hot oil?Then I googled and found many recipes,but I choosed a easy way of making this at home.
Any Choice Of Ice-Cream: 1 big scoop(I choosed Vanilla Ice-Cream)
Bread Slices:5 no(remove the edges)
Tempura Batter Mix: 1 cup
Water: 3/4 cup
Oil: For Deep Frying
Chocolate Syrup,Whipped Cream,Cherries n etc for Toppings

1.Take the big scoop of ice-cream and cover it with bread slices,make sure that all the ice-cream is completely covered with bread.
2.Put this ice-cream which is covered with bread into a cover and press it tight so that the bread is completely stuck to the ice-cream and make it to a round shape.
3.Refrigerate the ice-cream ball along with the wrapped cover for 1 hour.
4.Mix 1 cup of tempura batter mix with 3/4 cup of water,mix throughly with no lumps.
5.Heat the oil,make sure that the oil is very very hot.
6.Take the ice-cream ball and dip it in the batter mix,and fry it in the hot oil till it turn into golden brown color.
7.Add little chocolate syrup or strawberry syrup on top and njoy the taste.Hot n smooth cover over cool n soft ice-cream.
Its a wonderful experience of making this Fried Ice-cream at home.I was so scared to start making the recipe but when done I felt very happy.Frying a Icecream is really a gud xperience.
-->If u dont cover the icecream properly with bread slices there may be chances of splashing of hot oil when we deep fry it.
-->Make sure that the oil is very very hot else it takes lots of time to turn into golden brown color which may cause the ice-cream ball to open in oil and may cause oil splashing.

Pennezita Pasta

Italian Pasta,I tried making it at home for the 1st time.We being vegeterians have very less choice for food when we go out.Among them pasta is what we can find easily,but never njoyed the taste so I thought of making it at home to my taste of adding the veggies n all.I generally make this at weekends if I feel lazy to cook or bored with routine food.
Pennezita Pasta :2 cups(Boiled in water n drained,add salt while boiling pasta)
Chopped Veggies:Include all veggies of ur choice(Capsicum,Onion,Broccoli,Tomato,Mushroom,Olives etc etc)
Minced garlic:1.5 spn
Olive Oil:2 spn
Salt n Pepper:Acc to taste

1.Take a broad pan,add olive oil,when heated add minced garlic n fry till raw flavor is removed.
2.Add chopped veggies except Tomato,add salt and toss the veggies and cover them with a lid,cook them till they are 60% done.
3.At this stage add tomato and boiled pasta and again toss them.
4.Now add pepper according to ur taste,toss well and heat it for 4-5 mins.
5.Serve hot....

Spicy Spring Onion Fry

Spring Onions,a very common ingrident that is used in many of the chinesse dishes.We in India used it to make curries,pulusu and also mix it in rice flour and make a snack which tastes gud when served hot with ghee..I'll try to post that recipe soon.Now I want to share a very simple recipe which can be made in minutes when u have all the ingridents ready.
Normally I make this Spring onions fry simply adding onion to it,but I tastes this recipe at my friend's place Last year in Vegas.They are the 1st Indian family whom I met in US after marriage.Thanks to Kalpana garu for this recipe.

Spring Onions:3 bunches(Chopped Finely)
Onion:1 medium(Chopped Finely)
Cumin Seeds:1/2 tspn
Salt:Acc to Taste
Chilli Powder:Acc to Taste
Milk:1/4 cup
1.Heat a skillet,add oil,when heated add cumin seeds and fry till splatters.
2.Add crushed garlic and fry till raw flavor is removed,now add chopped onions and fry till they turn golden brown,
3.Now add chopped spring onions,add the seasonings(Salt n Chilli powder) acc to taste.
4.Fry till spring onions becomes smooth.Finally add 1/4 cup of milk and cook till the milk is evaporated.
5.Serve it hot with plain white rice...U'll njoy the taste of Spring onions and garlic.

Isn't it a simple dish..u can make it when you have sudden guests visiting u.Definitely they will like it.


Pizza...Its my Hubby's favourite...We visit Pizza hut or PapaJohns Pizza shop to eat pizza twice a month..One day I tried making Pizza at home and it was big hit,we can adjust the seasonings and topping to our choice.Thick crust r thin crust depending on our mood at that time.
I even tried making a Heart Shape Pizza for my loving hubby,he was shocked sing the heart shaped Pizza also baled perfectly.
For Making Pizza Base
All Purpose Flour:7 cups
Olive Oil: 7 tbs
Sugar: 1 tbspn
Yeast: 1packet(7 gms)
Luke Warm Water:250ml
For Toppings:
1.Depending on your taste topping can be selected.I used lots of sliced onions,slicedtomaotes,
jalapenos,olives,bell pepper,mushrooms
U can even add Pineapple pieces and panner
2.Paramesan Chesse:Varies according to the taste
3.Pizza Sauce:I used a store bought sauce to make my work easy.
5.Olive oil:1/2 spn
For Making Crust:
1.Add sugar to luke warm water and then add yeast
2.Add the sufficent amount of salt to all purpose flour.
3.Add 7 spns of Olive oil(1 spn of oil for 1 cup of flour)
4.Add the yeast n sugar mixture to ur all purpose flour.Mix well add water to maida n make it into a smooth chapathi dough
5.Knead the dough, punch the dough n make it smooth and sprinkle little olive oil on top ,cover it with a moist towel and set it aside in a warm place for an hour.We'll see that the size of the dough is doubled in size.Now punch the dough,knead well so that the aerations are removed.
6.Again rest the dough for another 30 mins in the same warm place.
7.Now take a non-stick pan,dust it with little all-purpose flour and spread the dough all over the pan.Depending on your taste make the thickness of the crust.8.Once u spread the dough pierce it all over using a fork,this will help the aeration to be removed
if any are left.
9.Preheat the oven at 450-475 F.
10.Spread the pizza sauce on the pizza base evenly and add the toppings and finally finish it up with chesse.11.Brush little olive oil on the edges of crust and add little olive oil all over the toppings n cheese.
12.Put this non-stick pan and lit the flame and it be on flame for 2-3 mins so that the bottom of the crust wil be cooked properly.
13.Finally put the hot non-stcik pan in the preheated oven and bake it till the chesse melts and turns golden brown color.
Remove the baked pizza from oven and shift it to a plate and cut it into pieces using a pizza cutter or sharp knife.

Enjoy the Fresh Hot and Juicy Pizza baked at home with chilled Coke.

Sending this post to BBD# 21 event BreadBakingDay #21 - Pizza Party and Giveaways for 2 Years Anniversary!Hope U All Like my Pizza especially the heart shaped Pizza.


Sabudana:1 cup(soak in water for 2 hrs,drain the water and squeeze excess water)
Potato:2 medium(boiled,peeled n mashed)
Green Chilles:Acc to taste(finely chopped/paste)
Chopped Coriander leaves:3 spns
Ginger Garlic paste:1 spn
Salt:Acc to Taste
Garam Masala Pwd:1/4 spn
Chilli Pwd:1/2 spn
Onion:1 medium Optional(Finely Chopped)
Oil:For Deep Frying
1.Mix all the above ingridents except oil into chapathi like consistency dough.
2.Pour oil into a pan for deep frying.
3.Make small balls from the mixed dough and press it into small flat rounds and fry them in the
oil till they turn into golden brown color.
4.Place them over tissue paper this helps to remove the excess oil if any.
5.Serve them hot with tomato ketchup.

This dish can be served with hot white rice too jst as we serve papads in the meals.This would be a good side dish.
Thanks to Vasavi(My Hubby's Cousin sis) for sharing your recipe with me.