Aloo Bonda(Using Dosa Batter)

Bonda is generally made using Besan but I tried making it with left-over dosa batter.It turned out simply superbbb..didn't absorb much oil.they look like Poornalu(sweetend channadal dumplings dipped in dosa batter n deep fried) but the stuffing is normal dry aloo masala which we use as a side dish for Poori,dosa and even stuffing for Veggie Puff.
For making Bondas:
Dosa Batter:Make sure that the dosa batter should be a bit thicker than that we use to make dosa.
Aloo masala
Oil:For Deep Frying
For Making Aloo Masala:
Aloo:4(Boiled,peeled n mashed)
Onion:1 small
Tempering:(Jeera,Mustard,ChannaDal,Curry leaves,Hinge)
Salt n Chillipowder:Acc to Taste
Turmeric Powder:1/4 spn
Oil: 2 spn
For Making Aloo Masala:
1.In a pan pour oil and when hot add temperings n fry till they splatter and fry,now add chopped onions,when onion turns transculate add Turmeric powder,Salt,mashed potato and then chilli powder,fry for 2 minutes and turn off the flame.
2.Now the Aloo Masala is ready for using it as stuffing.

For Making Bondas:
1.Make the stuffing into small balls n put aside,Heat the oil for frying.
2.When the oil is hot dip the aloo dumplings in the dosa batter and fry them till they turn into golden brown
3.Serve it hot with Tomato Ketchup or green Chutney.
This dish didnt absorb much oil while frying.
Stuffing in this may vary according to your taste.(Aloo Paneer stuffing,mixed veg stuffing etc)

I served it to my hubby naming it as Deep Fried masala Dosa :P

Hope U liked this recipe..


Priti said...

Yummy...can't remember how long I had this ;)

SriLekha said...

wow it looks simple and good too!

srikars kitchen said...

looks tempting & delicious Kavya.. nice entry..

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Divya Vikram said...

Kavya that is a unique recipe.perfect with tea.