Carrot Halwa is very tasty and easy recipe.I got this recipe from my Sister-In-Law,tasted this
when I went to India.I used to do this on stove top but she told me the easy way of making it in electric rice cooker which made my work easy and the final dish was very YummmmmY.I want to share thi easy making recipe with you all.
Grated Carrot: 2cups
Sugar:1.5 cups(I used 3/4 cup of sugar for 1 cup of carrot,add according to ur taste)
Kova:3 spns(Optional)
I used half piece of Kalakand sweet which I bought it from our Indian Store
Ghee:3 spns
1.Swtich on the electric rice cooker and add 3 spoons of ghee to it and let it melt and get heated,add cashewnuts and fry them when they are done take them out and put aside.
2.In the remaining ghee add the grated carrot and let it fry for 3-5 mins.Add 3 spns of milk and cover it with the lid and put the rice cooker in cooking mode and wait till it is done(switches from cooking to keep warm mode).If u see that the carrot is not smooth and cooked then put the rice cooker again in the cooking made and wait till it somes down to warm mode.
3.Once the carrot is cooked add the sugar stir well, now we see that the sugar n carrot mixture becomes juicy and liquidy,now again cover it with lid and set it to cooking mode.
4.Wait till the switch comes down to warm mode.
5.Finally add fried cashews and kova and cover it with lid.The warmth of the carrot mixture will help the kova to be smooth n cooked.
6.Serve it hot or chilled according to ur taste.
I enjoy having Carrot Halwa hot yet times I even like to add a scoop of Vanilla to it..Woww..
Enjoy this Heavenly Taste :)
Thanks to my SisterInLaw for her easy recipe and wanted to share this easy made carrot halwa with SriValli in her Cooking 4 all seasons blog for Mithai Mela event.

This easy recipe also goes to Sanghi's food delights for FIL-April-Carrot event. I want to decidate this recipe to my hubby as I tried this for the 1st time on his birthday and it is because of him I learnt of making this easy Carrot Halwa.


Visa said...

Nee recipe chaala different and interesting ga vundhi...Will definitely try it one of these thursdays...kova lekhapothey parledha?

natasha said...

kavya where can we find kova in usa

KavyaNaimish said...

@Natasha n Visa:
I used 1/2 piece of kalakand sweet which I got 4m India store..Adding kova is optional..its jst for xtra flavor

Madhavi said...

Hi Frist time here and very nice recipe collection, keep it up!!!

halwa looks yummmmmmm!!!!

Priti said...

Looks so gud...looks so yummy...

neeraja said...

hi kavya

this recipe looks super quick.....can u tell me how long did it take for u do? i am seeing many of ur recipes and it looks simple and delicious..


KavyaNaimish said...

Thank U Neeraja...This could be done in 30 mins...