Fried Ice-Cream

Fried Ice-Cream a tasty Chinese Dessert,this is even served as Dessert in other cuisines too.I tasted this ice-cream in my home town Srikakulam.Seeing the name I found it intresting and wana taste it,so is the taste too.I was very excited to know how can the icecream be deep fried in hot oil?Then I googled and found many recipes,but I choosed a easy way of making this at home.
Any Choice Of Ice-Cream: 1 big scoop(I choosed Vanilla Ice-Cream)
Bread Slices:5 no(remove the edges)
Tempura Batter Mix: 1 cup
Water: 3/4 cup
Oil: For Deep Frying
Chocolate Syrup,Whipped Cream,Cherries n etc for Toppings

1.Take the big scoop of ice-cream and cover it with bread slices,make sure that all the ice-cream is completely covered with bread.
2.Put this ice-cream which is covered with bread into a cover and press it tight so that the bread is completely stuck to the ice-cream and make it to a round shape.
3.Refrigerate the ice-cream ball along with the wrapped cover for 1 hour.
4.Mix 1 cup of tempura batter mix with 3/4 cup of water,mix throughly with no lumps.
5.Heat the oil,make sure that the oil is very very hot.
6.Take the ice-cream ball and dip it in the batter mix,and fry it in the hot oil till it turn into golden brown color.
7.Add little chocolate syrup or strawberry syrup on top and njoy the taste.Hot n smooth cover over cool n soft ice-cream.
Its a wonderful experience of making this Fried Ice-cream at home.I was so scared to start making the recipe but when done I felt very happy.Frying a Icecream is really a gud xperience.
-->If u dont cover the icecream properly with bread slices there may be chances of splashing of hot oil when we deep fry it.
-->Make sure that the oil is very very hot else it takes lots of time to turn into golden brown color which may cause the ice-cream ball to open in oil and may cause oil splashing.


Ramya said...

Looks great Kavya will sure gv a try

Indian Khana said...

Once I saw fried ice cream in Mirch masala show...yours is easy one....looks gr8...