Avocado is a fresh fleshy fruit with many nutirent values. I had a very bad experience with Avocado long back in India and I'm with the impression for many years,but later tasting Guacamole in Chipotle my favourite Mexican Grill I started loving and njoying the taste.Now Guacamole is my favourite dipping Sauce.Just gave a try at home today afternoon and served it with Tortilla chips which I bought yesterday from Chipotle.
Ripen Avocado:1 no
Cilantro:2 spns(Finely Chopped)
Onion:1/2 medium(Finely Minced)
Tomato:1 medium(Finely Chopped,just cut the sides of the tomato n dont use the seeds)Lemon:1 no(squeeze the juice from the lemon)
Salt n Pepper:According to taste
Jalapeno:1 no(remove the seeds n finely chop it)
1.Cut the Avocado and remove the seed from it and scoop the fleshy part from the Avocado into a bowl and using a spoon mash it to a smooth paste.
2.Add the other ingridents and mix well such that all the ingridents are mixed properly
3.Serve this fresh n home-made Guacamole with Tortilla Chips.


If u want to store the Guacamole for a day or two put the seed (removed from the Avocado)in the bottom of the bowl and then the Guacamole it stays fresh and the color of the Guacamole will not change.


Indian Khana said...

Looks lovley and fresh...nice platter

Pooja said...

First time have a nice space...

Malar Gandhi said...

Love the shape, he he...guacamole is a healthy dip. pictures are great!:)

Unknown said...

Hey good one and looks yummy kavya..I actually mix those onion and tomato inside the dip itself...

KavyaNaimish said...

Thank U

I too mixed onions tomato in the dip n decorated with the left over :)