Pennezita Pasta

Italian Pasta,I tried making it at home for the 1st time.We being vegeterians have very less choice for food when we go out.Among them pasta is what we can find easily,but never njoyed the taste so I thought of making it at home to my taste of adding the veggies n all.I generally make this at weekends if I feel lazy to cook or bored with routine food.
Pennezita Pasta :2 cups(Boiled in water n drained,add salt while boiling pasta)
Chopped Veggies:Include all veggies of ur choice(Capsicum,Onion,Broccoli,Tomato,Mushroom,Olives etc etc)
Minced garlic:1.5 spn
Olive Oil:2 spn
Salt n Pepper:Acc to taste

1.Take a broad pan,add olive oil,when heated add minced garlic n fry till raw flavor is removed.
2.Add chopped veggies except Tomato,add salt and toss the veggies and cover them with a lid,cook them till they are 60% done.
3.At this stage add tomato and boiled pasta and again toss them.
4.Now add pepper according to ur taste,toss well and heat it for 4-5 mins.
5.Serve hot....

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Gayathri said...

Pasta looks yum and nice click dear...A surprise in waiting for u in my blog .........Collect it :)