Pizza...Its my Hubby's favourite...We visit Pizza hut or PapaJohns Pizza shop to eat pizza twice a month..One day I tried making Pizza at home and it was big hit,we can adjust the seasonings and topping to our choice.Thick crust r thin crust depending on our mood at that time.
I even tried making a Heart Shape Pizza for my loving hubby,he was shocked sing the heart shaped Pizza also baled perfectly.
For Making Pizza Base
All Purpose Flour:7 cups
Olive Oil: 7 tbs
Sugar: 1 tbspn
Yeast: 1packet(7 gms)
Luke Warm Water:250ml
For Toppings:
1.Depending on your taste topping can be selected.I used lots of sliced onions,slicedtomaotes,
jalapenos,olives,bell pepper,mushrooms
U can even add Pineapple pieces and panner
2.Paramesan Chesse:Varies according to the taste
3.Pizza Sauce:I used a store bought sauce to make my work easy.
5.Olive oil:1/2 spn
For Making Crust:
1.Add sugar to luke warm water and then add yeast
2.Add the sufficent amount of salt to all purpose flour.
3.Add 7 spns of Olive oil(1 spn of oil for 1 cup of flour)
4.Add the yeast n sugar mixture to ur all purpose flour.Mix well add water to maida n make it into a smooth chapathi dough
5.Knead the dough, punch the dough n make it smooth and sprinkle little olive oil on top ,cover it with a moist towel and set it aside in a warm place for an hour.We'll see that the size of the dough is doubled in size.Now punch the dough,knead well so that the aerations are removed.
6.Again rest the dough for another 30 mins in the same warm place.
7.Now take a non-stick pan,dust it with little all-purpose flour and spread the dough all over the pan.Depending on your taste make the thickness of the crust.8.Once u spread the dough pierce it all over using a fork,this will help the aeration to be removed
if any are left.
9.Preheat the oven at 450-475 F.
10.Spread the pizza sauce on the pizza base evenly and add the toppings and finally finish it up with chesse.11.Brush little olive oil on the edges of crust and add little olive oil all over the toppings n cheese.
12.Put this non-stick pan and lit the flame and it be on flame for 2-3 mins so that the bottom of the crust wil be cooked properly.
13.Finally put the hot non-stcik pan in the preheated oven and bake it till the chesse melts and turns golden brown color.
Remove the baked pizza from oven and shift it to a plate and cut it into pieces using a pizza cutter or sharp knife.

Enjoy the Fresh Hot and Juicy Pizza baked at home with chilled Coke.

Sending this post to BBD# 21 event BreadBakingDay #21 - Pizza Party and Giveaways for 2 Years Anniversary!Hope U All Like my Pizza especially the heart shaped Pizza.


Unknown said...

That looks like one from Pizza hut! Perfect. Sabudana vada looks delicious too.

Deepthi said...

nonstick pan oven lo pedthe parledha?? can we use our nilep or watever pan..that we make dosas n chapathis on??

Anonymous said...

naku ade doubt vachindi , nonstick pan oven lo pedithe padu avada???

KavyaNaimish said...

@Deepthi n Smitha:
Nonstick pan will not be spoiled using it for baking...
n not sure abt using nilep pan r etc..we can use baking trays(metal) which may not be only nonstick.

Unknown said...
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KavyaNaimish said...

I followed Vahchef's recipe..there he showed how to make pizza if we dont have a pizza stone...I followed him..
My pan didnt melt n coating is also gud..

Unknown said...

hehhe i never said pan will melt anyways...good for u

Unknown said...

the pizza ooks good..

Anonymous said...

I just couldnt take my eyes off the pizza.Just like the ones from Piiza hut and stuff.Awesome

zorra said...

Of course I like your heart-shaped Pizza, please send a slice or two over. ;-)

Lisa said...

Pizza Hut, eat your heart out! Gorgeous veggie pan looks muth watering!