Gunta Punugulu

After a long waiting to make this dish I made it today.Happy for this...actually thought of making it in the evening affter my hubby reaches home from office,but couldnt wait till then...wanted to know whether I can do it perfectly or not,so gave a try and came out well.This is my Hubby's fav street food.Recently I saw the pic of this recipe in my friends blog Padma's Kitchen and from then wanted to make this but I dont have the pan,ordered it at Walmart click here to view the product,u can even get it at Target n Biglots too. and got it yesterday..then I saoked UradDal n Rice together and made it....
Sharing this recipe with Pallvi for the event Sunday Snacks - Chaats/Indian Street Food at All Thingz Yummy....
Dosa Batter:2 cups
(For making dosa batter Use 1:2 ratio of Urad dal n Rice sak all night or for 6 hrs and then blend into smooth batter,soak half spoon of fenugreek seed along wid rice n uraddal till gives nice color to dosa.)
Onion:1/2(Finely chopped)
Green Chillies:2(finely chopped)
Chopped Cilantro:3 spns
Salt to taste
1.Mix all the above Ingridents into a bowl and put aside.
2.Put the Pancake Puff pan on flame,grease it with oil and let the pan gets heated,when the pan is hot pour in the batter,cover it on top and let it cook for 4-5 mins . you will see the batter is cooked on top,now carefully turn the pungulu on to the other side and cook for another 4-5 mins.
3.Remove them from pan and serve them hot with any chutney,karam podi and Chutney.
When dosa batter is ready at home it takes minutes to make this tasty dish so I wana share this recipe for 15 mins cooking event at Indian Vegetarian Kitchen
Try this recipe at home and njoy with ur loved ones...

Aloo Peas In Cilantro Gravy

Aloo n peas makes a very good combination.Can be used in making side dish,main course,starters and many more.Today I have made my version of Aloo n Peas in making a tasty yummy curry to go with Chapathi.Yesterday I came to know about the event JFI-Jhiva for Cilantro at Cilantro Blog and made this curry to share for that event.
Here comes the recipe..
Grind To Paste:
Fresh Cilantro:1 bunch(chopped)
Green Chillies:Acc to taste
Salt:To Taste
Grated Ginger:1/2 spn
Tomato:1/2(Finely chopped)
For making curry:
Onion:1/2(Finely Chopped)
Tomato:1 big(Finely chopped)
Peas:1.5cups(Boiled..I soaked the peas overnite n then boiled them)
Potato:1(peeled ,diced n boiled)
Cumin Powder:1 spn
Coriander Powder:1 spn
Garam Masala:1/2 spn(Increase r decrease acc to ur taste)
Curd:4-5 spns(beaten)
Oil:3 spns
1.Blend all the ingridents listed under Grind to paste,make it into a smooth paste and put aside.
2.Now Put a pan on flame and add oil,when hot add the chopped onions and fry for 2 mins now add little salt,this helps the onions to cook faster,fry till they turn golden brown,now add the chopped tomato mix well and cover it with a lid.
3.When the tomatoes turn smooth and mashy add 1/2 cup of water and now put in the masala powder like cumin powder,coriander powder,garam masala mix well and cook the spiced mixtured for 2 mins.
4.At this point add the ground cilantro paste stir well and add the beaten curd mix well and cover it with a lid and cook till oil seprates.
5.When you find the oil oozing out add the boiled aloo n peas mix well and check for the seasonings.And adjust if needed.
6.Cover and cook the curry on medium heat for 10 mins so that the cilantro juice is absorbed by aloo n peas.
7.I finally garnished with grated paneer to give the dish a different taste.Serve it hot with Chapathi.
Aloo palak is a very familiar recipe to many of us..This curry(Aloo n Peas in Cilantro Gravy) tastes very gud,the aromatic smell of Cilantro is refreshing.Hope u all love this different taste.

Sharing this for SWS cooking with greens event by Soumya at Creative Saga


Uppindi is a small variation to the normal upma made with sooji/semiya..U dont even need chopped onions,ginegr etc to make this ,Uppindi is made with RiceFlour.This is a easy recipe made in no time and can be served hot as a snack with hot tea in the evenings.
Rice Flour:2 cups
Water:2.15 cups
Chenna Dal:1 spn
Mustard Seeds:1 spn
Urad dal:1 spn
Cumin Seeds:1 spn
Dry Red Chillies n Fresh Green Chillies:Acc to taste
Salt:To taste
Oil:2 spns
Curry leaves:5-6 leaves
1.Put a heavy bottomed pan on flame,add oil and when hot add the chenna dal,mustard
seeds,cumin seeds,urad dal and fry till they turn golden brown color,now add the dry red chillies n green chillies,curry leaves and mix well.
2.Fry till chillies change the color.Add the water and let the water get a boil and now put in the rice flour and mix well so dat it dont form any lumps.
3.Cover with a lid and let it cook for 4-5 mins turn off the flame and serve hot with thick curds
and pickle.
Tastes YummY...this is what I had last night.Was tired and didnt want to go out for dinner so made this simple recipe in minutes...U know what was my Hubby's reaction...Oh is it fast..wooooowwwwww simple n tasty dish...Gr888888.
Sending this recipe to 15 mins cooking @ Spices

Majjiga Sojji(Roasted Upma Ravva Cooked In Buttermilk)

Cooking is the most boring job for me on Weekends.I feel very lazy to cook when my hubby is at home,I dont like using frozen food like parathas n all at that times I make very simple n fast cooking dishes..Now here is the recipe which come to this catogery...
Majjiga Sojji is a very traditional dish made in minutes when u have unexpected guests at home.

Roasted Upma ravva:1 cups
Buttermilk:2.5 cups
Oil:2 spns
Mustard Seeds:1 spn
ChennaDal:1.5 spns
Cumin Seeds:1 spn
Urad dal:1spn
Chopped Ginger:3/4 spn
CurryLeaves:5-6 leaves
Chillies:Both Red Dry chillies n Fresh Green Chillies(Acc to taste)
Salt:To taste
Hinge:1/4 spn
1.Put a pan on flame on add oil,when hot add chenna dal,mustard seeds,cumin seeds,urad dal and fry till they turn golden brown.
2.When done added hinge,chopped ginger,curryleaves,dry red chillies and green chillies.Mix well
and fry them for 2-3 mins
3.Now add 2.5 cups of buttermilk,salt to taste stir well and pour in the roasted upma ravva and mix well.make sure dat they form no lumps.
4.Cover it with a lid and cook on medium flame till the ravva becomes smooth and all the buttermilk is absorbed by the ravva.
It takes nearly 10-15 minutes to cook this dish thats it.Serve it hot with any pickle or even u can have it as it is.
Sharing this simple recipe for at 15 mins cooking event at Indian Vegetarian Kitchen I made it to a double layered cake and used it for a small occassion at home last day(Sunday) my hubby liked the way I presented it.

Kesari Bath

WISH U ALL A HAPPY AKSHAYA TRITIYA...April 27th is this auscpicious day in the year 2009.Not only this,today is our family goddess KAMESWARI maatha Birthday and I just wanted to prepare a sweet on this festival day.I was thinking what sweet to make suddenly I remembered my Grandmothers recipe of making Kesari Bath.Generally Kesari is made with Sooji but she used to make it with Rice and little food color.She taught me this recipe at my early days of learning cooking from her,this is my Grandpa's favourite dish.I too love this sweet.After many years I had it today again.Here is the recipe. Ingridents:
Rice(Uncooked):1 cup
Sugar:1.75 cups(u can increase or decrase the sugar quantity depending on ur taste)
Water:1 cup
Elachi Powder:1/2 spn
Red Food Color:A Pinch
For Garnishing u can use Fried cashews,Raisins and Almonds.
1.Cook 1 cup of rice by adding 2.25 cups of water,when done put it aside.
2.Now put a sauce pan on flame,add 1.75cups of sugar and dissolve it in 1 cup of water and let it boil on low flame.
3.Stir the sugar syrup in between and let it boil till u get a single strand consistency(when u
touch the syrup between two fingers it should form a single thread between).
4.When the syrup reaches the required consistency add the food color and stir well,now add the cooked rice and mix well.
5.Cover with a lid and cook for 4-5 mins,finally garnish with fried cashews and raisins.
Enjoy it hot..

I wanted to share this recipe for Mithai Mela event in Cooking 4 all Seasons by Valli .
Congrats Valli for completing 2yrs of ur blogging.I even wanted to share few more recipe for this Mithai Mela.

Even Sharing this for Cooking for Kids:Rice event and Neivedyam.

Kids will be attracted to the color of the dish.


Shorva,a spicy soup/gravy like consistency dish which is served with flavored rice in many of the hotels.When I wanted to make Kuskha my hubby told me about Shorva...I have not heard about this dish before.He told that he used to have it in his home-town,so I started my search in google and then found the recipe from my fellow blogger Usha in her blog and followed her recipe...that turned of very well and that was a good combo with Kuskha and raitha.Click here for the recipe.Shorva was very tasty and remined me of a hotel in our home-town..I never knew that making shorva is very easy and with simple ingridents.I followed the recipe but only variation is I made it a plain Shorva..didnt add eggs/aloo to the dish.
Thank U Usha...

After Trying this recipe from Usha's blog...I got to know about small variation in her recipe and made it today.Both tasted similar but wanted to let u all know about this recipe as few of us dont like adding curd to the dish.


Onion:1/2 finely chopped

Tomato:2 medium(finely chopped)

Corainder Powder:1.5 spns


Cinnamon:1 inch


Gingergarlic paste:1 spn

Grated Coconut:3 spn(Fresh/frozen/dried)

Poppy Seeds:1 spn

Oil:3 spn

Salt n Chilli Powder:To taste


1.Soak poppy seeds in water for 30-40 mins

2.Blend soaked poppy seeds n grated coconut into smooth paste by adding little water to it.

3.Put a sauce pan on flame and add oil,when hot add cloves,cinnamon,elachi and fry for 2 mins,now add the chopped onions and fry till they turn golden brown.

4.When the onions turn brown add the ginger garlic paste mix well and fry till the raw flavor is gone,now add the coriander powder ,stir well and fry for a min.

5.Now add the chopped tomatoes,salt,mix and cover it with a lid ,cook till the tomatoes turn smooth n mashy.

6.When done add the coconut n poppy seeds paste mix well and add chilli powder mix well and add water(adjust according the consistency u want) stir well and cook it till oil seprates.Finally garnish it with chopped coriander.

Serve it hot with Biriyani or any flavored rice.Adding egg/aloo is up to you.

Spicy Shorva is My Hubby's fav dish...


Kuskha a spicy plain biriyani rice...cooked with coconut milk,mint and coriander leaves....I generally nake coconut rice but adding mint n coriander leaves is a different dish..One day I was showing my husband few updates from Ramya's blog seeing Kushka he asked me to make thie dish...he used to have it in Chennai during his collage days..I followed the step to step process as mentioned here but the only difference is I used normal Basmati rice...Please check the recipe here.Thank U Ramya for the yummmy recipe.My hubby enjoyed the taste of Kuskha with Shorva.

Vegetable Korma

Vegetable Korma goes good with Chapathi/naan or even with plain white rice.u can see the recipe n video here at Showmethecurry.comI follwed the recipe exactly and made a tasty Korma.
U can add veggies to ur choice.I dont have beans so i avoided it and added BabyCorns to the dish and finally garnished with Cashew n Raisins.The bite of raisins in the curry is really yummy.Served this curry with chapathi and received compliments from my Hubby saying that "Aha dis is tasting like a restaruant dish".U too try this recipe and receive compliments from ur dear ones :)


Omelette recipe on the blog..What so special in it..Is dis what many of you may be thinking.Am I correct.I just wanted to share this recipe wid few tips to make a fluffy omelette.I made it in IHOP omelette style.Sauted few veggies in butter an served along with the Omelette.Ingridents:
Eggs:2(Beaten well)
Salt n Pepper :To taste
Bell Pepper:1(diced)
Tomato:1(Diced,remove the seeds n the dice the tomato)
Butter:1/4 stick
Milk/Water:1 spn
1.Put a wok on flame,add half of the butter and when it melts add the diced capsicum,tomato,onion n mushrooms saute the for 4-5 mins till the veggies become tender not completely smooth.Add salt n pepper to taste.Mix well and remove from flame and put aside.
2.To the beaten eggs add a spoon of water/milk and then beat well.This makes the omelette to be fluffy.
3.Put a tawa on flame and apply the remaining butter and pour the beaten eggs on it leave it undisturbed till it cooks well.When done put the fried veggies on the omelette on fold it.Take it carefully n serve it hot.
U can even add chesse,spinach to ur omelette.
My Hubby wrapped this omlette in chapthi n had it as Egg Roll...

This was also yummy...


This is my second award for the blog.Sanghi from Sanghi's food delight has passed me this award.

Thank U Sanghi for passing this award.

I want to pass this award to Gayathri -->MY ADIGEMANE

Shubha-->ChutkiBhar Pyar

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Usha-->My Spicy Kitchen

Tomato Curd Rice

Curd Rice/Dhadojanam is one of the popular offerings to god in many festivals,this dish is very similar to our curd rice but we add little tadka to give an extra flavor to the simple curd rice.Many like me n my hubby dont like to have curd rice/dhadojanam unless served with a curry which makes to change the color n taste of the plain curd rice.For people like us I wana share this recipe...
My hubby experimented this recipe many times and used have it atleast twice a week when he was a bachelor and later he told me this recipe and from then I too liked this different taste of tomato curd rice.Text Color
Rice:1cup(Boil it in 2.5 cups of water)
Tomato:2 big(finely chopped)
Onion:1/2(Thinly sliced)
Green Chillies-5-6
Cumin :1.5 spn
Mustard:1 spn
Chenna Dal:1.5 spn
Urad Dal:1 spn
Ginger:1 spn(Grated)
Curry Leaves:10 leaves
Hinge:1/2 spn
Salt:To Taste
Oil:3-4 spns
Beaten Curd:1.5 cups
Milk:1/2 cup
Chopped Coriander:2 spns
1.Put a pan on flame and add oil when hot add the cumin seeds n when they splatter add chenna dal,urad dal,mustard seeds ,hinge and fry till they turn golden brown color.
2.Now add curry leaves,chopped onion,slit green chillies and fry till onions becomes transculate.
3.When onions become transculate add the chopped tomatoes mix well and cover with a lid and cook till tomatoes become smooth n mashy.
4.Now add the cooked rice and mix well.Turn off the flame and now add the half cup of milk mix well and now add the beaten curd mix well and add the chopped coriander.
5.Serve it with as it is or serve it chilled.
Dont need any pickle to go with it.

1.Use Milk instead of water this helps the dish to be fresh and tasty upto a day.When we use water to mix curd rice the dish may turn sour after few hours.
2.Dont mix milk and curd when the rice is hot this may spoil da dish as the milk may curdle.So make sure to add the milk when the rice is cool.
Sharing this reciepe with Tomato on Foodista

Pappu Mirapakaya Bajji(Lentil Stuffed Peppers)

Pappu Mirapayaka Bajji a very traditional dish,My Hubby's grandma used to make this but she used to make it with urad dal batter with which we make Vada.He used to tell me about this but I never understood how dat would taste as I never had or seen it before,but 1 day I saw it in a TV show but thie recipe is with different stuffing.It tasted yummy..I really njoyed the taste of
the deep fried stuffed mirchi with another tangy dish Semiya Pulihora.Here goes the recipe...
Big Mirchi:9 no
Chenna Dal:2 spns
Moong Dal:2 spns
Onion:1/2(finely chopped)
Chopped Cliantro:3 spns
Salt:To Taste
Cumin Seed:1 spn
Lemon Juice:2 spn(Else u can use 1/2 spn of Amchur Powder)
Garam Masala Powder:1/4 spn
Oil:For Deep frying
1.Soak the chenna dal n Moong dal for 2 hours and then blend it to a coarse paste.
2.Mix all the above ingridents (expect Oil for deep frying) in Chenna Dal n Moong Dal mixture.
3.Now slit the mirchi and remove the seeds from the mirchi. 4.Stuff the dal mixture in the mirchi and put aside.
5.Heat oil for deep frying and when hot fry the lentil stuffed mirchi till they turn to golden brown color.When done put them on a paper towel to absorb the excess oil.
6.Serve it hot with onion n lemon.
U can have it directly as a snack or can be served as a side dish.
I served this as a side dish with Semiya Pulihora this is an idea from one of my good friend Mrs.ArchanaRaja.
She serves Pulihora with Mirchi bajji so I too tried this n loved the taste.Thank U Archana :)
I wanted to share this recipe for a event in Simple Indian Food-An Easy cooking blog.

Hope u all like this traditional n easy recipe..

AlooGobi Korma

After trying many recipes for number of times I finally got the taste I was looking for..I wanted to have a traditional Korma curry which is served in weddings n parties in Andhra.I really enjoyed the taste and every bite of Aloo in the curry.And using the same ingridents but in a different style I also made Tindora Korma which I used to have in our B.Tech Hostel.
I wanted to share this recipe with u all,try this recipe and let me know how u liked the curry.
Aloo:2 medium(Peeled ,diced n bolied)
Gobi(Cauliflower):2 cups(Cut into flowerlets n boiled)
Peas:1/2 cup(Boiled)
Onion:1 big(Finely Chopped)
Tomato:2 medium(Finely chopped)
Whole CashewNuts:13-15 no
Grated Coconut:1/2 cup(Fresh/Frozen)
Cinnamon:1 inch piece
Ginger-Garlic Paste:1.5spn
Chillies:5-6(May Vary Acc to taste)
Salt:Acc to taste
Oil:4 spns
1.Soak the cashews for 30 mins in water and after 30 mins drain the water,add the grated coconut and blend it to a smooth paste and put aside.
2..Put a wok on flame and add oil,when hot put the cloves n cinnamon stick fry till u smell a nice aroma,now add the chopped onion n chillies fry till the onion becomes smooth n transulate.
3.At this time add the chopped tomato and cover it with a lid and cook till tomatoes turn smooth and oil gets seprated.
4.When u see the oil oozing out add the blended cashew n coconut paste,mix well and add 1/2 cup of water and cover it with a lid and cook till the oil seprates.
5.Now add the boiled aloo,gobi,peas and stir well.Check for the seasonings and cook on low for 15-20 mins so that the veggies absorbs the sauces and turn tastier.
Serve it hot with any falvored rice or Chapathi/Bread.
U can add veggies accoring to ur taste.U may even add Paneer,Mushrooms,eggs etc.
Using the same recipe for gravy I made Tindora Korma and served with Methi Paratha.

Jeera Rice

One more easy n tasty flavored rice which can be made in minutes and can be served/substitute with normal rice.Jeera rice,basmati rice cooked with cumin seeds and fresh mint.Here goes the recipe.
Rice:2 cups
Mint:1/2 bunch(finely chopped)
Corainder Leaves:1/2 bunch
Green Chillies:5 r more Acc to ur Taste(Slit the chillies)
Onions(Optional):Finely Chopped(Length wise)
Oil:3 spns
Salt:Acc to taste
1.Put a pan on flame add oil,when hot add the chopped onions and fry till they turn brown, now
add the slit chillies and cashewnuts fry for a minute.
2.Now add the chopped mint n coriander leaves fry for 4-5 mins.
3.When the mint n coriander turns smooth add the rice and fry for 2 mins.
4.Now transfer this rice n jeera mixture to a rice cooker and pour water in 1:2 ratio and put in cook mode.
5.When done(comes down to warm mode) serve hot with any curry,dal,curd or raitha.
Simple n easy made jeera rice is ready.Adding onion n giner garlic paste is optional.U can customize the dish to ur taste.
Jeera rice can also be made by simply frying the tadka and adding the boiled rice but this would not be tasteier than rice cooked along with the spices.

Pulihora Pindi/Ravva Pulihora

Pulihora,traditional offering during many pujas n festivals which can be done with different ingridents as main base like it can be done with Rice,Semiya n Ravva also but the remaining procedure is very much similar.Now I want to share the recipe making Ravva Pulihora.
Roasted Upma Ravva: 2 cups
Water:4.5 cups(I used 1:2.25 cups but this may vary depending on the ravva u use)
Turmeric:3/4 spn
Chenna Dal: 2 spn
Toor Dal: 1.5 spn
Jeera:1.5 spn
Mustard Seeds:1.5spn
Grated Ginger:1/2 spn
Curry Leaves:10-15 no
Red Dry Chillies:5(Count may vary acc to ur taste)
Hinge:1/4 spn
Tamrind:Big Lemon Size(Soak in water and take the juice 4m it)
Salt:Acc to Taste
1.Put a vessel on flame and boil 4.5 cups of water add a spoon of oil,turmeric powder and salt stir well and now add the ravva,Make sure that the ravva should not form lumps.Stir throughly and cover it with a lid and cook smooth.When done put it aside and let it cool down.
2.Now put a pan on flame add oil when hot put jeera,when it splatters add chenna dal,toor dal,mustard seeds and fry well,when it turns smooth add hinge,turmeric powder,grated ginger,curry leaves,ground nuts mix well and let them fry till ground nuts turns golden color.
3.Add chillies both green n red fry them and now add the extracted tamrind juice( u may use tamrind paste also) stir well and cook till the tamrind paste leaves oil.
4.Now the mixture is ready to mix with the cooked ravva.
5.In a vessel open the cooked ravva in the way that the grains are seprated and now add the cooked tamrind paste and mix uniformly.
6.Ravva Pulihora is Ready to serve with thick curd and Pickle.

Palak Soya Fry

Leafy veggies are very healthy..All of us know this fact,even then few like me avoid having them due to many reasons like not liking the taste n so on...This recipe is for those who dont like having routine leafy dal,chutney or fry.Cooking to reach our taste is important than avoiding them.This is how I made Spinach fry which goes gud with normal white rice or chapathi. Ingridents:
Spinach:1 bunch(Chopped n Washed)
Onion:1 medium(Finely chopped)
Tomato:1/2(Finely chopped)
Soya Chunks:1 cup(Soak for 30 mins in water and then cut them into small pieces)
Ginger Garlic Paste:1 spn
Cumin Seeds:1 spn
Chenna Dal:1 spn
Turmeric Powder:A Pinch
Coriander Powder:1.5 spn(may vary acc to ur taste)
Garam masala Powder:1/4 spn
Salt n Chilli Powder:Acc To Taste
Oil:3 spn
1.Heat a pan on flame,add oil and when hot add the cumin seeds when the splatter add chenna dal and fry till they turn smooth.
2.Now add the chopped onions and fry till they turn transculate add ginger garlic paste and fry
till the raw smell is lost.
3.Add chopped tomato,turmeric powder,coriander and garam masala powder.Mix well so that all
the onions are completely covered with spices
4.At this time add the cut soya chunks mix well and fry for 4-5 mins
5.Now add the chopped spinach,mix well and fry for 10-15 mins.Mix in between so that it doesnt stick to the bottom.
6.When done remove from flame and before serving add few drops of lime juice.
Serve hot with chapathi or white rice.Enjoy the different taste of Spincah and soya chunks.
try this recipe and let me know ur experience.
Dont cover while cooking the spinach this may decolor the spinach curry.

Sending it to Creative saga for SWC-Cooking with Greens event.

Senaga Karam

Most of the South-Indian breakfast need chutney to go with,but when we are in hurry we cant make chutney at that time if we have some pickles or powders ready we can subsituite with them.Here is a very simple recipe which can be made in minutes and stored and served when ever necessary.My Mother-In-Law told me this simple recipe.She used to make it and send it to us everytime but this time I wanted to make it myself and gave a try.I would like to thank her for passing this recipe to me.
Groundnuts:1 cup
Dhalia(Roasted Channa Dal):1 cup
Cumin Seeds:1.5 spn

Garlic:3 flakes
Red Dry Chillies:Acc to Taste
Salt:Acc to taste
1.Take a wok and put it on flame,when it is warm add the groundnuts and fry till it gives good smell and dry roast them.
2.Now add red dry chillies acc to taste and fry on low flame for 8-10 mins.
3.Turn off the flame and now add dhalia(roasted chenna dal),cumin seeds,salt and mix well.
4.When the mixture turns cool place this mixture in a food processor r blender and grind it to a coarse powder.
5.At this stage add the garlic flakes and give a small blend.Check for the seasonings and when ok shift it to a air tight container and store it.

If u want to serve it with dosa or chutney add water to this powder mix well and serve it...yummmy n simple instant chutney is ready.This can be even had with hot rice n ghee.

The chutney on the left hand side of dosa is the Instant chutney made by adding water to the Senaga karam which I made.

Chocolate Banana Milkshake

One more simple Milkshake which I hubby told me.I have few bananas left after Ugadi Puja n got bored having them so wanted to make it in this way to meet our taste.Ingridents:
Banana:1 no(cut into small discs)
Chocolate Ice-cream: 1 scoop
Chocolate Syrup:2 spn
Sugar:2 spn
Milk:3/4 cup
Ice Cubes:4-5 no
1.Take a blender/juicer and add all the above mentioned ingridents and belnd it into a smooth paste,add more milk if you find the milkshake is too thick.
2.While serving add little chocolate syrup to glass and pour the banana milkshake and finally add little chocolate ice-cream or whipped cream.

Hope u Liked this recipe.

Dal Makhani

Dal Makhani is a very common recipe dat is served in many Buffets here in USA.Its a rich Punjabi dish made with simple ingridents.I love having this dish as it is just like we have some Aloo Chat,but served it with Chapathi n Tandoori Roti.
Black Urad Bal:1 cup
Rajma(Kidney Beans):1/4 cup
Tomato:4 medium(Boiled n Blended into smooth paste)
Jeera:1 spn
Garam Masala:1/2 spn
Ginger Garlic Paste:3/4 spn
Onion:1/2(Finely chopped)
Using Onion is Optional.
Coriander Powder:1 spn
Kasoor Methi Leaves:1/2 spn
Butter:3 spn
Oil:2 spn
Chilli Powder n Salt :Acc to taste
1.Soak urad dal n rajam together for 8 hours or over night.
2.After soaking them boil them till they become smooth and mash them a bit(not too much).This helps the urad dal n rajma to absorb the gravy n they become tasty.Dont drain the excess water,it contains lot of protiens so use it in making the dish.
3.Put a pan on flame,add oil when hot add cumin seeds and fry till they splatter,now add the chopped onions and fry till they become transculate,now add ginger garlic paste and fry till all the raw flavor is removed.
4.When done add the boiled n blended tomato paste and fry for 3-4 mins and now add garam masala powder,coriander powder.salt.chilli powder mix all the spices well add butter, mix and cover with a lid.
5.Cook till oil seprates from mixture,when done then its time to add the boiled n slightly mashed urad dal n rajma.Stir well and cook it for 5-8 mins.
6.Check for the consistency,if the curry is hard add little water and cook well.
7.Finally add kasoor methi leaves,crush the leaves in the palms and add it helps to add more flavor to the dish.
8.Serve it hot with Roti or Chapathi or Plain Rice.

When I made this curry whole house is filled with the yummy smell of butter and kasoor methi.Couldnt wait till time so started having it as it is :)

I wanted to make Jeera rice and njoy the left over Dal Makhani Tomarrow..Menu is Fixed.