Chocolate Banana Milkshake

One more simple Milkshake which I hubby told me.I have few bananas left after Ugadi Puja n got bored having them so wanted to make it in this way to meet our taste.Ingridents:
Banana:1 no(cut into small discs)
Chocolate Ice-cream: 1 scoop
Chocolate Syrup:2 spn
Sugar:2 spn
Milk:3/4 cup
Ice Cubes:4-5 no
1.Take a blender/juicer and add all the above mentioned ingridents and belnd it into a smooth paste,add more milk if you find the milkshake is too thick.
2.While serving add little chocolate syrup to glass and pour the banana milkshake and finally add little chocolate ice-cream or whipped cream.

Hope u Liked this recipe.

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Unknown said...

Am craving chocolate now!!