Dal Makhani

Dal Makhani is a very common recipe dat is served in many Buffets here in USA.Its a rich Punjabi dish made with simple ingridents.I love having this dish as it is just like we have some Aloo Chat,but served it with Chapathi n Tandoori Roti.
Black Urad Bal:1 cup
Rajma(Kidney Beans):1/4 cup
Tomato:4 medium(Boiled n Blended into smooth paste)
Jeera:1 spn
Garam Masala:1/2 spn
Ginger Garlic Paste:3/4 spn
Onion:1/2(Finely chopped)
Using Onion is Optional.
Coriander Powder:1 spn
Kasoor Methi Leaves:1/2 spn
Butter:3 spn
Oil:2 spn
Chilli Powder n Salt :Acc to taste
1.Soak urad dal n rajam together for 8 hours or over night.
2.After soaking them boil them till they become smooth and mash them a bit(not too much).This helps the urad dal n rajma to absorb the gravy n they become tasty.Dont drain the excess water,it contains lot of protiens so use it in making the dish.
3.Put a pan on flame,add oil when hot add cumin seeds and fry till they splatter,now add the chopped onions and fry till they become transculate,now add ginger garlic paste and fry till all the raw flavor is removed.
4.When done add the boiled n blended tomato paste and fry for 3-4 mins and now add garam masala powder,coriander powder.salt.chilli powder mix all the spices well add butter, mix and cover with a lid.
5.Cook till oil seprates from mixture,when done then its time to add the boiled n slightly mashed urad dal n rajma.Stir well and cook it for 5-8 mins.
6.Check for the consistency,if the curry is hard add little water and cook well.
7.Finally add kasoor methi leaves,crush the leaves in the palms and add it helps to add more flavor to the dish.
8.Serve it hot with Roti or Chapathi or Plain Rice.

When I made this curry whole house is filled with the yummy smell of butter and kasoor methi.Couldnt wait till time so started having it as it is :)

I wanted to make Jeera rice and njoy the left over Dal Makhani Tomarrow..Menu is Fixed.

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