Omelette recipe on the blog..What so special in it..Is dis what many of you may be thinking.Am I correct.I just wanted to share this recipe wid few tips to make a fluffy omelette.I made it in IHOP omelette style.Sauted few veggies in butter an served along with the Omelette.Ingridents:
Eggs:2(Beaten well)
Salt n Pepper :To taste
Bell Pepper:1(diced)
Tomato:1(Diced,remove the seeds n the dice the tomato)
Butter:1/4 stick
Milk/Water:1 spn
1.Put a wok on flame,add half of the butter and when it melts add the diced capsicum,tomato,onion n mushrooms saute the for 4-5 mins till the veggies become tender not completely smooth.Add salt n pepper to taste.Mix well and remove from flame and put aside.
2.To the beaten eggs add a spoon of water/milk and then beat well.This makes the omelette to be fluffy.
3.Put a tawa on flame and apply the remaining butter and pour the beaten eggs on it leave it undisturbed till it cooks well.When done put the fried veggies on the omelette on fold it.Take it carefully n serve it hot.
U can even add chesse,spinach to ur omelette.
My Hubby wrapped this omlette in chapthi n had it as Egg Roll...

This was also yummy...


Ramya Vijaykumar said...

Wow, my fav.. I once had something like this at ihop and after that I used to make this... Nice post...

Unknown said...

Mouth Watering!!!

KavyaNaimish said...

I also had it at IHOP n tried at home..
Thank U Ramya n Shilpa :)

Anonymous said...

Kavya, mouth watering!!!!!

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