Paala Poli/Paala Puri

Paala Poli(Thin Maida Chapathi Soaked in Milk) is my grandma's recipe.I really love the taste.Dont know what brings the unique taste to the dish.I even had it when I went to India in Jan.She made it for me again.I gave a try and that came out well.It is very simple recipe made with simple ingridents that are ready available at home and u dont need much time to make them.
All Purpose Flour:1 cup
Sooji:1 spoon
Salt:A Pinch
Ghee:3-4 spns
Milk:1 cup
Sugar:According to ur taste
Almonds:2(finely chopped)
1.Take a bowl and mix all purpose flour,pinch of salt,sooji and add water and make it into a smooth dough.Cover it and keep it aside for 30-40 mins
2.Knead the dough well and divide them into small portions,using a rolling pin make them into thin chapathi.
3.Heat a tawa on flame and fry the chapathi by applying ghee on both sides.Make sure that both the sides turn golden color.Arrange them in a plate and put aside.
4.Boil milk and add sugar according to ur taste.Let the milk cool down and when the milk comes to luke warm pour this milk on the fried maida chapathies.Let them soak in milk for 40-50mins.
5.Finally garnish it with chopped Almonds and serve chilled.

U can even deep fry the puris and follow the same procedure but I love having it in this way.

Sending this lovely recipe for Mithai Mela event at Cooking 4 all seasons blog.


Unknown said...

wow.. my fav dish.. looks tempting & delicious.. nice click Kavya..

Ramya said...

I oo love this Kavya, I make them as puris as u said in the last sentence. Your version is healthy than mine.