Senaga Karam

Most of the South-Indian breakfast need chutney to go with,but when we are in hurry we cant make chutney at that time if we have some pickles or powders ready we can subsituite with them.Here is a very simple recipe which can be made in minutes and stored and served when ever necessary.My Mother-In-Law told me this simple recipe.She used to make it and send it to us everytime but this time I wanted to make it myself and gave a try.I would like to thank her for passing this recipe to me.
Groundnuts:1 cup
Dhalia(Roasted Channa Dal):1 cup
Cumin Seeds:1.5 spn

Garlic:3 flakes
Red Dry Chillies:Acc to Taste
Salt:Acc to taste
1.Take a wok and put it on flame,when it is warm add the groundnuts and fry till it gives good smell and dry roast them.
2.Now add red dry chillies acc to taste and fry on low flame for 8-10 mins.
3.Turn off the flame and now add dhalia(roasted chenna dal),cumin seeds,salt and mix well.
4.When the mixture turns cool place this mixture in a food processor r blender and grind it to a coarse powder.
5.At this stage add the garlic flakes and give a small blend.Check for the seasonings and when ok shift it to a air tight container and store it.

If u want to serve it with dosa or chutney add water to this powder mix well and serve it...yummmy n simple instant chutney is ready.This can be even had with hot rice n ghee.

The chutney on the left hand side of dosa is the Instant chutney made by adding water to the Senaga karam which I made.

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This recipe is new to me. Sounds yummy!