Aloo Capsicum Fry

Aloo and capsicum together makes a good combination..had it in gravies several times but this is the 1st time I made fry in this combination.It was a cold day and I felt like having some snacks but its Lunch time and couldnt make snacks for my self that time so to give it a different touch I added some store bought Boondi to the dish and this cripsy Boondi added more taste to the dish
and I enjoyed eating it with hot rice and Mor Kolumbu my Hubby's favourite.
Potato:3 medium(Peeled diced and boiled)
Capsicum:3(cut them into 1" squares)
Tomato:1/2 (chopped)
Cumin Seeds:1 spn
Salt:To taste
Chilli powder:To Taste
Garam Masala:A Pinch
Boondi:1/2 cup(Optional)
Oil:2 spns
1.Put a wok on flame,when hot add cumin seeds and when the splatter add the cut capsicum and mix well so that oil is coated well.Cover it with a lid and cook it for approximately 10-15 mins.Stir in a while.
2.By now the capscium must have turned 70% done and not lost their crunchiness.
3.Now put in the diced and boiled potato,chopped tomato ,add salt,garam masala mix well and cook it covered for another 4-5 mins,remove the lid and now let the aloo n capsicum fry for another 5-8 mins,add the Boondi to it mix well,when done turn off the flame and serve it with hot rice or Chapathi.

Before serving add some more Boondi on top this gives the crunchy effect and tastes different.
Sharing this recipe for AFAM-Bell Pepers event by Priya and Maheswari.

Ganji Rasam

Dish name sounds different right!!!Even the recipe also different one....As we know Ganji means the liquid which we get when we boil rice and drain the excess water from it...This way of cooking rice is done in past days.When I was kid my mom made this and I wondered to hear the name and later when I grew up I asked my we make it with the real Ganji..then she said NO.I asked her then why is the name Ganji Rasam given to this.She said I dont know the reason why is it called like that and who named it.From then I had a special intrest in this dish.Even the taste of this dish is also unique and smells refreshing with flavor of Garlic.Here goes the recipe...
Grind to Fine Paste:
Grated Coconut:1 cup(I used fresh coconut,fresh coconut gives gud taste)
Seasme Seeds:2 spns
Green Chillies:5-6(adjust acc to ur taste)
Garlic:2 cloves
Raw Rice:1 Fistful
Salt:To taste
For Tempring:
Urad Dal:1 spn
Mustard Seeds:1 spn
Cumin Seeds:1 spn
Curry leaves:6-7
Oil:2 spns
Green Chillies:2 no
Dry red Chillies:3
Drumstick:2 no(trim the edges and cut them to finger size length and boil them in microwave for 4-5 mins)
1.Blend the ingridents mentioned under gring to paste and put aside.
2.Put a pan on flame,add oil,when hot add the cumin seeds and when they splatter add mustard seeds and urad dal fry till they turn golden brown,now add the green chillies,red dry chillies,curry leaves and fry for 2 mins.
3.When done add the ground paste and add 3 cups of water and give it a boil,once it comes to boil add the boiled drumstick pieces,check for the seasonings and adjust if needed,boil it for another 10-15 mins.
4.Turn off the flame and serve it hot with Rice.
I love the refreshing flavor of Garlic in it and cooked Drumstick cooked in coconut paste.Whenever I make this I eat the entire meal with this Rasam.
We can even add few crushed garlic to the tempering.

Jinugula Upma

Jinugulu..its a kind of small red Kidney beans.I dont know the exact name we call them Jinugulu and we get them only during October at that time we need to dry roast these seeds and can store them for an year.We make this Jinugula Upma/Roti for every Diwali as a tradition and serve it with Raitha and Sweet Mango Pickle
Jinugulu:3/4 cup(soaked for 3 hrs and pressure cook them for 3 whistles and put aside)
Roasted Upma Ravva:2 cups
Cumin Seeds:1 spn
Mustard Seeds:3/4 spn
Curry Leaves:6-7
Green Chillies:5-6
Red Chillies:3
Grated Ginger:1.5 spn
Water:4.5 cups(for a cup of roasted upma ravva I used 2.5 cups)
Salt:To taste
Oil:3 spns
1.Take a wok add oil and when hot add the cumin seeds and when they splatter add mustard seeds and fry for a min now add the red chillies,green chillies,curry leaves,grated ginger and fry till the raw flavor of ginger is removed.
2.Now add 5 cups of water,when water comes to a boil add the boiled Jinugulu, salt and cover it with a lid for 4-5 mins.
3.After 5 mins add 2 cups of Roasted upma ravva and check for the seasonings and adjust if needed.Cover it with a lid and cook till ravva becomes smooth n completely cooked.
4.Serve it hot with Onion Raitha and Sweet Mango Pickle.
I brought these from India in my last visit.We can even use these Jinugulu in making another Traditional recipe with Brinjal and potato.Will try to make that dish and post that recipe soon.

Rajma Pulavo

Rajma Pulavo...its my own invention,made it for our lunch today.Actually I was not feeling well suffering with fever and throat infection and just wanted to make mango pulihora/lemon pulihora for which I cooked the rice by adding little turmeric powder to it.As usual I calle my Mom-In-Law to say Hi and then she aske me what are you preparing for lunch then I told her that I wanted to make Pulihora then she told that dont have pulihora as u r not feeling well and this will over-heat the body and ur throat infection may become worse,in the mean time the rice with turmeric was cooked and I didnt know what to make and I just opened my fridge then I found few Rajma boiled and kept then I thought of making this Rajma Pulavo to which I added
a bunch of fresh Spinach.It turned out awesome.
Rice:1.5 cups(Uncooked)
Rajma:1 cup(Boiled)
Onion:1/2(Chopped lenght wise)
Potato:1 medium(peeled n diced)
Carrot:1(Peeled n boiled)
Spinach:1 bunch(Washed n chopped)
Ginger garlic paste:1 spn
Salt:to taste
Green Chillies:6-7
Pulavo Masala:1.5 spns
Bay Leaves:3
Oil:3 spns
Shajeera:3/4 spn
Turmeric:1/2 spn
1.Wash the rice and add 3 cups of water and mix in the turmeric powder and cook it.
2.Heat oil in a pan,when hot add the shajeera and when they splatter add the bay leaves and chopped onions and fry till they turn transculate,now add in the ginger garlic paste and fry till it leaves the raw flavor,now add the diced potato,carrot,boiled rajma and chopped spinach mix well and now add in the salt,green chillies and cook on medium flame till the spinach,potato n carrot becomes smooth.
3.Now add the pulavo masala,chopped tomato and mix well,fry it for 5-8 mins by now all the
veggies turn smooth and r done,check for the seasonings.Adjust it necessary.
4.It is the time for the cooked rice to be added,add the boiled rice and mix well so that the rice is evenly coated with all the spices and cover it and put the heat on low flame for 5 mins and then turn off the heat.
5.Serve it hot with any Raitha or thick curds.I served it with my Fav boondhi Raitha.
My experiment was a big hit and my hubby asked me to make it again in the coming days.I was happy that he liked it.I too njoyed the taste of Rajma and potato cooked with few spices....
U can use white rice to make this dish for which u can avoid adding turmeric powder to the rice while cooking.

Vankaya Kottimeera Karam

One of the famous recipe with Brinjal/Vankaya.This is a traditional recipe too a simple variation for normal Brinjal fry.
Brinjal:15 no(Medium)(Wash n Cut into cubes)
Oil:3-4 spns
Grind to Paste:
Coriander Leaves:1 bunch
Salt:To taste
Green Chillies:5-6(may vary to ur taste)
1.Grind the Ingridents listed under gring to paste.Make it into a smooth paste,add little water if necessary,put this paste aside.
2.Take a wok add oil and when hot add the diced brinjal,stir well and cover with a lid and cook till the brinjals turn smooth,approximately takes 20-25 mins,mix in between.cook till the brinjals are 90% done.
3.Now add the ground coriander paste,stir well so that all the brinjal pieces are coated with coriander paste.
4.Fry for 10 mins.Stir once in a while,when done switch off the heat and serve it hot with plain white rice.
The fresh aroma of Corainder will be refreshing.I granished the plate with carrot that are cut into flowers.Tired making carrot flowers for the 1st time and turned good.

Sending this recipe to Creative Saga blog for the event SWC-Cooking With Greens.

This dish taste delicious with curd rice too.Try this recipe and share ur views.Thank UAll.

Sending this recipe to FIL-Brinjal event at Sanghi's food delight.

Dedicating to all those who love the fresh smell from Coriander.

Vada Pav

Vada Pav... is a very popular street food,my hubby is very found of this dish.He used to have this very often and he misses it a lot and keeps on telling me about it.Recently we went to an Indian Restraunt and he saw this Vada Pav in the menu and ordered it but he was disappointed with the tast,so I decided to make this and surprise him.Made it yesterday in the evening and served him after he came from office...he was surprised to see this and I got the expected expression and simle on his face for which I was waiting. Aloo vada called as Batata vada served in between Pav Buns that are spiced up with red chutney,green chutney and sweet chutney.I give the recipe here
For making Aloo Vada:
Aloo:3 no(boiled n mashed)
Onion:1/2(Finely chopped)
Cumin seeds:1 spn
Chilli Powder: To taste
Mustard Seeds n Urad dal(Optional)
Turmeric powder:1/2 spn
Curry leaves:6-7
Green Peas:1/4 cup
Oil:2 spns
For making Batter:
Besan:1 cup
Rice flour:1 spn
Salt to taste
Oil:for deep frying vadas
For making Batata Vada:
1.Take a bowl and add besan,salt,rice clour,chillipowder and a pinch of baking soda add water
and make it into a smooth batter with no lumps and put aside put a pan on flame and add oil when hot add cumin seeds when they splatter add mustard seeds and urad dal,when the turn golden brown add the chopped onions ,fry till transculate and add curry leaves,turmeric powder and now add in the mashed potatoes and green peas,salt and mix well,fry for 3-4 mins and swtich off the flame,let it cool.
3.Heat oil for frying Aloo vada.Mean while take some aloo masala and make them into discs andrepeat it to make as many as u want.
4.Dip these aloo masala discs in the besan batter and put them in hot oil and fry on both sides till
they turn golden brown and place them on a tissue paper so that it absorbs extra oil from Vada.
Fry few green chillies in the same hot oil as they goes gud with the vada.
Green Chutney:
Coriander:3 spns(Chopped)
Mint:2 spns(Chopped)
Salt:To taste
Green Chillies:3 no
Blend all the above ingridents mentioned above to make into a smooth paste,add few drops of
water but dont make it too watery.
Red Chutney:
Dry coconut Powder:1/2 cup
Red chillies/Chilli Powder:To taste
Salt:To taste
Dry roast all the above ingridents,let the mixture cool and blend it to a smooth paste by adding
few drops of water.
Sweet Chutney:
Dates:3 no(soaked in water for 30 mins)
Tamrind jucie:2 spns
Salt:To taste
Jaggery/Sugar:1/2 spn(Optional)
Blend all the above ingridents by adding water,make it to a smooth paste.
Assembling Vada Pav:
1.Take a Pav bun cut it in the middle and make sure that the bread is not seprated,apply green chutney to one side of the pav bun n red chutney to other side of the bun,now put in the made Batata Vada and apply little sweet chutney on top of the vada,add few chopped onions and close the Pav Bun.
2.Adding sweet chutney is optional,add little karam podi if u like.Serve it with fried green chillies.If u have Pav buns ready u can make this Vada Pav for a different taste and it looks like a Burger...Click here to check the Recipe for Pav Buns in my blog.
Sharing this recipe for Sunday Snacks - Chaats/Indian Street Food at All Thingz Yummy by Pallavi.

and sharing few more recipes for the same event like Masala Vada, Sabudana Vada, Tomato Bajji, Gunta Punugulu.

Rajma Masala

Red Kidney Beans are called as Rajma,rich in Proteins.Today I made Rajma Masala after many days.I made it in a very simple way how my mom used to make this to serve with chapathi.Here is the recipe fo Rajma Masala.
Rajma(Red Kidney Beans):1 cup soaked overnight and boiled.
Onion:1 big(Chopped)
Tomato:2 medim(Chopped)
Salt:To Taste
Chilli Powder:2 spns(Adjust acc to ut taste)
Ginger Garlic Paste:1 spn
Garam masala Powder:1/2 spn
Cumin Powder:1/2 spn
Oil:4-5 spn
1.Put a pan on flame,add 3 spns of oil and when hot add the chopped onions and fry till they turn golden brown,now add the ginger garlic paste and fry till the raw flavor is removed,add chopped tomatoes,salt,garam masala,chilli powder,cumin powder and mix well,cook till tomatoes turn smooth,when done turn off the flame and let it cool down.
2.Blend the tomato n onion mixture into a smooth paste and put aside.
3.Now put a pan on flame and add 1 spn of oil and add in the blend onion n tomato paste,add little water and let it cook till for 4-5 mins and now put in the boiled rajma,cook uncovered for 10-15 mins on low flame so that the rajma gets cooked well in the masala paste and gets much flavor.
4.Finally Garnish it with chopped Cilantro.Turn off the heat and serve hot with Chapathi.
Add few drops of lemon juice before you serve the dish..This enhances the taste.

Pitla(Aloo n Onion Curry For Poori/Chapathi)

Pitla is a common recipe which is served with Poori and Chapathi and even in some restraunts they serve this Pitla with Dosa too.This is a simple recipe and is made with little variations in different places.The recipe which I'm sharing with u all is the way which I adopted from my Grandma and mom.
Onions:2 medium(Chopped length wise)
Aloo:2 medium(Peeled n diced)
Salt:To taste
Green Chillies:4-5
Turmeric powder:3/4 spn
Besan:2 spns
Garam Masala:1/2 spn(optional)
Curry Leaves:7-8
Cumin seeds:1/2 spn
Oil:3 spns
1.Heat a wok on flame add oil,when hot add the cumin seeds and when they splatter add the chopped onions and fry till they turn transculate,now throw in the curry leaves,turmeric powder,green chillies and mix well.
2.Now add diced potatoes and mix well and cover with a lid for 5-8 mins and now add 1.5 cups of water and cook it covered till potato becomes smooth and almost cooked.
3.Take a bowl and add 2 spns of besan and make it to smooth paste by adding little water,make sure that paste is smooth with no lumps.
4.Add this besam paste to the onion mixture which is cooked and put it in medium flame and let
it cook for 5 mins and check for the consistency,if u want add more water.
5.Finally sprinkle garam masala powder,mix well and turn off the flame.
6.Serve it hot with Poori/Chapathi.
I love to serve this with Poori and Upma.It is a superb combination...If u haven't tried this combination before...Try this next time u make Poori.
At this time I remember my Friend Manoj Varma who used to laugh a lot when I used to have a combo of Poori n Upma..He found it strange and used to tease me..But one day I showed him this Favourite combination in a well known restraunt Chutneys at Hyderbad.I remember him everytime I eat this combination....
U can even add peas n tomato to this dish...Its to ur taste.

Peanut Halwa---Reposted

Woooow Peanut Halwa...All those who love Peanuts will love the taste of this Halwa,as it is all made with Peanuts, sugar n milk... It was my Grand ma's recipe who taught me to learn cooking when I was a 10 year Old Gal...She usually prepares this during festival time when all her grandchildren are at home..This was my favourite sweet..As Diwali is Festival of Sweets I tried it for the 1st time on Diwali...It came out good..My Hubby never had it before..he really njoyed the taste...
Here is The Recipe... Ingridents:
1.Peanuts:1.5 cups
2.Sugar:1 cup(varies according to ur taste)
3.Milk:1/2 cup
4.Ghee:3 spn(as I dont like ghee I used little..if u wana add more..u can add)
1.In a pan add little ghee and fry the peanuts in a low flame till the raw flavor goes and you get a nice aroma.
2.Let it cool down and remove the skin.
3.Blend the peanuts into fine paste by adding water to it.
4.Now put the pan and add the remaining ghee,pour the blended peanut paste,sugar and milk,mix and cook it well in low flame.
5.Cook the mixture till it leaves ghee and the mixture is cooked well and turns into smooth dough.
6.Let the peanut mixture cool down..grease a plate with ghee,spread the mixture evenly and cut
into desired shape.
7.You can even have it with out making into shapes or making them into small rounds.
8.Decorated it with small piece of cashew.
As I made it for Diwali and want to make it more colorful I used little food color.Adding food color is Optional..
Try this and let me know how did u like them.This is my Rangoli Entry for a Online Contest In a Community Mrs.Telugu Inti Aadapaduchulu.I got Consolation Prize... Wanted to share this tasty halwa with SriValli for the event of Mithai Mela in her foodie blog Cooking 4 all seasons.Hope u all like this try this n share ur experiences....Waiting to here from u all..

Tomato Dal

Tomato dal a simple and common dish made at home but the purpose of me to blog this recipe is for my friends who want to learn cooking and few frens who r staying abroad to do their future studies and away from parents.One of my Btech fren Rajkoti has asked me this recipe and then I got an idea why cant I even blog simple recipes like this which may help atleast few of my frens.
Toor Dal:1 cup Boiled n mashed(Pressure cook the dal for 5-6 whistles and dal will be cooked)
Tomatoes:2 medium(diced/cut length wise)
Garlic:3 cloves(Crushed)
Urad dal:1 spn
Mustard seeds:1 spn
Cumin seeds:1 spn
Hinge:2 pinches
Chilli powder:1 spn
Turmeric powder:1/2 spn
Curry Leaves:6-7 no
Salt:to taste
Dry Red Chillies:3
Green Chillies:3(silt)
Oil:2 spn
1.Pressure cook toor dal(I use 1:2 ratio of water for cooking toor dal),we need to pressure cook the tomato,onion and crushed garlic too in different cooker plate.After 5-6 whistles turn off the flame and for the pressure to come out completely and now drain the excess water from tomato n onion and put aside,in the same way drain the excess water if any from toor dal and the mash the cooked dal and put aside.
2.Heat a pan on flame,add oil and when hot add the cumin seeds and when they splatter add in the urad dal,mustard seeds and fry till golden brown,now add the hinge,curry leaves,dry red chillies,green chillies and fry for 2 mins and when done add in the cooked tomato,onion n garlic to the tempering,add salt,turmeric powder,chilli pwder and give it a good mix and let it for another
3-4 mins.
3.Now add the boiled and mashed toor dal,mix well and check the consistency,if u want it to be thin add the water dat is collected from the drained tomatoes and toor dal.
4.Put the heat on medium on cook for 8-10 mins and finally add little chopped cilantro and turn off the flame.
Serve it hot with Plain rice/chapathi/puri.Add few drops of lime juice to the dal while serving this is an optinal.
My hubby likes to have this tomato dal with any fries like Potato/Plantin.That really gives a good taste.Tpmato dal and Potato Stir fry makes a good combo.

Cliantro n Yogurt Chutney

Easy and tasty chutney which goes good with Idly and Ravva Dosa.Ingridents are also simple and handy.
Ground to Fine Paste:
Chopped Cliantro:Half bunch
Chillies:4-5(adjust acc to ur taste)
Salt:To Taste
For Tempring:
Urad dal:1 spn
Cumin seeds:1/2 spn
Mustard seeds:1/2 spn
Hinge:A pinch
Dry Red Chillies:2
Grated Ginger:1 spn(optional)
Thick Curd:1 cup(beaten)
1.In a blender add salt,chopped cilantro,green chillies and blend it to a smooth paste by adding little water.
2.Now add this smooth paste to thick beaten curd and mix well.
3.Put a pan on flame and add oil when hot add the cumin seeds and when they splatter add the mustard seeds,urad dal and fry till they golden brown,now add the grated ginger hinge and red chillies fry for a minute and then add this tempering to the yogurt and cilantro mixture.
Mix well and serve it with idly or Ravva Dosa.
Sharing this recipe for SWC-Cooking with greens event at Creative Saga by Sowmya.

15 mins cooking event by Mahima

Aloo Bhindi

Aloo and Bhindi are favourite veggies for most of us and when they r cooked together the make a good combination.I had this recipe in a marriage party when I was in India and was too young to know how it is cooked and recently I found it at SailusKitchen and wanted to make it and finally made it on Friday.When ever I feel lazy to cook I love trying new recipes which gives me intrest in cooking n learning a new dish every time then I opend my bookmarked recipes and tried this.Ingridents:
Bhindi:20 no(Trimed on both the edges)
Aloo:2 medium(Peeled n diced)
Tomato:1 big
Onion:1/2(Finely chopped length wise)
Cumin seeds:1 spn
Cumin powder:1 spn
Coriander powder:1 spn
Amuchur powder:Pinch
Turmeric Powder:1/4 spn
Hinge:1/4 spn
Salt:Acc to taste
Red Chilli Powder:Acc to taste
Chopped Cilantro:2 spns
1.Put a pan on flame,add oil and when hot add the cumin seeds and when they splatters add the chopped onions and fry till they turn transculate now add the chopped ginger,hinge,cumin powder,coriander powder,turmeric powder,chilli powder,amchur powder and mix well.Add 2-3 spns of water and fry so that the dry powders will not burn while frying.Fry till oil sperates.
2.Now add the diced potato and stir well so that the aloo is completely covered with spices,add salt and cover with with a lid and cook till potato to 90%.Stir in between.
3.When the potatoes are done add the trimed Bhindi and stir well and cook it for 22-25 mins with out covering with a lid.Toss in a while,by then we can see that Bhindi are 60% done,now add the chopped tomato and cover it with a lid and cook it on medium for 8-9 mins and mix in a while but be carful when u do it,as bhindi may get seprated when we mix hard.
4.Finally add the chopped cilantro and switch off the flame and serve hot with chapathi/Paratha.
I didnt find time making chapathis so I served it with Jeera Rice.But this also tasted gud.We enjoyed each bite of potato and Bhindi.
Thanks Sailu for this wonderful recipe.
Sharing this recipe with Divya for the Bookmarked Recipe event in her blog Dil se.
Thanks Divya atleast in this way I can try few reicpes which I wanted to try from many days and keep on postponing them.

Tandoori Roti(Made In Bread Toaster)

Tandoori Roti is a very familiar Bread and popular for the unique taste.I saw this recipe at and tried making this,came out well but didnt get the exact taste of tandoori roti but still its different from the routine Pulka/Chapathi which we make,so wana
share here.
Chapathi dough:Regular wheat flour dough with which we make chapathi
Butter:1 spn
1.Divide the dough into equal parts,take one and roll it with rolling pin,roll them into oval shape and make sure that these rotis have to fit in your bread toaster.Make them a bit thicker than the usual chapathi.Repeat the process and make as many as u want and put aside.
2.Now heat a tawa on flame and when hot place the rolled oval shaped chapathis and fry them on both sides till you see brown spots on them.
3.Switch on ur bread toaster and adjust the heat to 2.5-3 and now put the fried chapathis in both the slots and toast them as u do with bread.
4.When done the pop out and now take them from toaster and apply butter on both sides.You will see the rotis puffed up,after applying butter press them so that the excess air from rotis comes out and become flat and smooth.
5.In the same way do it with all the rotis and serve them hot with any curry of ur choice.
Be careful when u handle them after taking from bread toaster as they will very hot and the hot air from the rotis may burn your hand.
I served it with DalMakhani.

100th post....Allam Pulusu...My Mom's Favourite Dish

Yipppeeee.....This is my 100th post in my blog...Very Happy to make it and even more happy as I'm posting my mom's fav dish..I want to dedicate this post to my mom and share this recipe for Mom's most favourite recipe event by Shama in her blog EASY2COOK RECIPES. My mom is my 1st best friend..I love to be with her and love calling her with her name Sobha Rani in my own style...
Allam Pulusu is a healthy dish in my view..when I was a kid I never used to eat garlic or ginger if I see them in the dish but this pulusu is my favourite too as I love minapa vadiyalu in this dish and cannot resist myself in having them.Ginger cannot be seen in the dish as they r chopped finely so Kids who dont like ginger can also have this dish.
Tamrind Juice:Extracted 4m a lemon size of tamrind ball
Minapa Vadiyaalu:Fistful(Shallow fry in oil and put aside)
Jaggery/Sugar:1/4 spn(Optional)
Chopped Ginger:2 spns
Crushed Garlic Pods:3
Green Chillies:4-5
Cumin seeds:1 spn
Mustard Seeds:3/4 spn
Urad dal:1 spn
Curry leaves:8-10
Turmeric powder:1/2 spn
Tamrind Juice:Extracted 4m a lemon size of tamrind ball
Hinge:A pinch
Oil:3 spns
Rice Flour:1 spn(Mix it in 2-3 spns of water to make a smooth paste with no lumps)
Chopped Cilantro:2 spns
1.Heat a pan on flame and add oil when hot add cumin seeds and when the splatter add urad dal,mustard seed and fry till they pop,now add hinge and fry for a minute,now add the crushed garlic and chopped ginger fry till the raw flavor is removed,now add the green chillies,curry leaves and diced onions,fry till the onions become transculate.
2.When the onions turn smooth n transculate add tamrind juice,salt.turmeric powder and stir well and give it a boil,now add sugar/jaggery just to avoid the sour taste of tamrind,boil it till the raw flavor of tamrind juice is removed.It takes nearly 8-10 mins for this to boil completely.
3.Now add the rice flour paste,check for the seasonings and stir well and let it boil for another 5 mins and finally add few cilantro.
4.When u are about to serve add the shallow fried minapa vadiyalu and wait for 10 mins so that the vadiyalu absorbs the juice and become smooth.
Serve it with hot rice.
1.U can even use tamrind paste to make this allam pulusu but fresh Tamrind juice makes the dish more tastier.
2.Avoid adding minapa vadiyalu when u have lot of time to serve as they get mashed up if the stay in pulusu for long time.

The flavor of chopped ginger and crushed garlic is always refreshing..Isnt it..When I make this I eat all the rice only with this pulusu. :P
I Thank my hubby Naimish who have encouraged me in creating a blog of my own and helped in selecting the templates,encouraging me in trying new dishes and tasting them and in many ways in his busy schedule.Love him for his Patience.
I even Thank my fellow bloggers Gayathri and Padma Reddy and many more who helped me in knowing more about blogging n events,and frens who visit my blog,try my recipes and writing back their experiences.I'm enjoying blogging my recipes.Will try to come up with different recipes.

Carrot Pickle

Pickle is a good side dish that can be made and stored for weeks and can be served with breakfast,lunch or Dinner.Many like the Pickle and can be made in various varities,these can be made seasonally and stored for 6 months to an year.Mango Pickle(Aavakaaya) is the best example for this kind seasonal pickles.I love aavakaaya and next comes Carrot pickle,Carrots r available all the year.I like the crunchiness of carrot in the Pickle.
Now I remember,when I was a kid I used ask my mom to buy Mixed veg pickle and used to eat all the carrots and leave the rest.Now I learnt making this Pickle from my MOM and want to share here.Its very simple recipe.
Diced Carrot: 3 cups
Mustard Powder(Aava Pindi): 1 cup
Methi Powder:2 spns(Optional)
Chilli Powder:1 cup
Salt:1/2 cup
Crushed Garlic:2 spns
Oil:200 ml
1.Leave the diced carrots for 3-4 hrs so that they become dry and can be stored for more days as the moisture from the Carrots may spoil the Pickle.
2.Take a bowl and add the dried Carrots and mix all the above ingridents and mix well so that all the carrot pieces are covered with spices and shift it to a air tight container and leave it aside for 8 hrs mix in a while and after this you will see that Carrot pieces have soaked well and become soft.
Now the carrot pickle is ready to serve.This remain fresh for 4-5 months.
Can be served with curd rice,Dosa etc...
Want to share this recipe with Sanghi's Food Delights for her FIL-April-Carrot event.

I even want to share the following recipes for the event:

Carrot Rice the very Dish I made for my hubby in the early months of our marriage.

A easy method of making yummy Carrot Halwa in a rice cooker which was a big hit,many tried this recipe and wrote me back.

My own idea of making Carrot Koftha and Stuffed Carrot Paratha.

Brinjal Masala

Will post the Recipe soon.....Brinjal is my fav to have it in stuffed kind... Served it with Coconut Rice and Nimmakai charu for todays Lunch....


Small Round Brinjals:6 no

Onion:1 no(Finely chopped)

Ginger Garlic Paste:2 spns

Chopped Coriander:1/2 bunch

Cumin Powder:1.5 spn

Coriander Powder:1.5 spns

Garam Masala:1/2 spn

Salt n Chilli powder:To taste

Oil:5-6 spns


1.Wash and pat dry the brinjals and trim the stem and make a X mark on the brinjals and put them in water with some salt in that water.

2.Take a bowl and mix all the above ingridents,but only 1 spn of oil and now stuff this mixture in the cut brinjals and put aside.

3.Now heat a skillet on flame and add the remaining oil and let it heat and now put in the stuffed brinjals and add the remaining onion masala,Sprinkle little water on top of the brinjals and cover it with a lid.

4.Turn the brinjals in between and cook it smooth on all sides and by now the onions will be fried too.

Finally garnish it with fresh cliantro and serve it hot with plain rice or flavored rice.I love having it with plain Biriyani Rice or Coconut Rice.

This recipe is being shared with Sanghi's FIL-Brinjal event for the month of july at Sanghi's Food Delights