Aloo Capsicum Fry

Aloo and capsicum together makes a good combination..had it in gravies several times but this is the 1st time I made fry in this combination.It was a cold day and I felt like having some snacks but its Lunch time and couldnt make snacks for my self that time so to give it a different touch I added some store bought Boondi to the dish and this cripsy Boondi added more taste to the dish
and I enjoyed eating it with hot rice and Mor Kolumbu my Hubby's favourite.
Potato:3 medium(Peeled diced and boiled)
Capsicum:3(cut them into 1" squares)
Tomato:1/2 (chopped)
Cumin Seeds:1 spn
Salt:To taste
Chilli powder:To Taste
Garam Masala:A Pinch
Boondi:1/2 cup(Optional)
Oil:2 spns
1.Put a wok on flame,when hot add cumin seeds and when the splatter add the cut capsicum and mix well so that oil is coated well.Cover it with a lid and cook it for approximately 10-15 mins.Stir in a while.
2.By now the capscium must have turned 70% done and not lost their crunchiness.
3.Now put in the diced and boiled potato,chopped tomato ,add salt,garam masala mix well and cook it covered for another 4-5 mins,remove the lid and now let the aloo n capsicum fry for another 5-8 mins,add the Boondi to it mix well,when done turn off the flame and serve it with hot rice or Chapathi.

Before serving add some more Boondi on top this gives the crunchy effect and tastes different.
Sharing this recipe for AFAM-Bell Pepers event by Priya and Maheswari.


Parita said...

My fav combination..looks tasty and delicious..feel like having some right now.

Nithya said...

Nice dish.. This is my first visit to ur space and its nice to be here. keep it going. :)

Ramya Vijaykumar said...

Wow fry looks yummy, indeed aloo and capsicum are a great combo!! bondi topped fry with rotis will make my tummy happy ;)

Praveen Ratna Deepak said...

Woot! As my sister always cooks for me, I thought I should surprise her. Tried this at home ydy nite and turned pretty well. Thank you very much Kavya :)