Carrot Pickle

Pickle is a good side dish that can be made and stored for weeks and can be served with breakfast,lunch or Dinner.Many like the Pickle and can be made in various varities,these can be made seasonally and stored for 6 months to an year.Mango Pickle(Aavakaaya) is the best example for this kind seasonal pickles.I love aavakaaya and next comes Carrot pickle,Carrots r available all the year.I like the crunchiness of carrot in the Pickle.
Now I remember,when I was a kid I used ask my mom to buy Mixed veg pickle and used to eat all the carrots and leave the rest.Now I learnt making this Pickle from my MOM and want to share here.Its very simple recipe.
Diced Carrot: 3 cups
Mustard Powder(Aava Pindi): 1 cup
Methi Powder:2 spns(Optional)
Chilli Powder:1 cup
Salt:1/2 cup
Crushed Garlic:2 spns
Oil:200 ml
1.Leave the diced carrots for 3-4 hrs so that they become dry and can be stored for more days as the moisture from the Carrots may spoil the Pickle.
2.Take a bowl and add the dried Carrots and mix all the above ingridents and mix well so that all the carrot pieces are covered with spices and shift it to a air tight container and leave it aside for 8 hrs mix in a while and after this you will see that Carrot pieces have soaked well and become soft.
Now the carrot pickle is ready to serve.This remain fresh for 4-5 months.
Can be served with curd rice,Dosa etc...
Want to share this recipe with Sanghi's Food Delights for her FIL-April-Carrot event.

I even want to share the following recipes for the event:

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A easy method of making yummy Carrot Halwa in a rice cooker which was a big hit,many tried this recipe and wrote me back.

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srikars kitchen said...

wow.. looks great & spicy.. nice entry Kavya..

Ramya Vijaykumar said...

Veggie pickle, mmm I am in looks very adorable and tempting!!!

Parita said...

Carrot pickle looks very tasty..i too love the crunchiness of carrot in the pickle :)

Priti said...

That's real nice Kavya...simple and quick

Malar Gandhi said...

I love carrot pickle Kavya...this sure will be a good entry to the event.

I even liked ur brinjal dish below, looks so yummy.

Pooja said...

Looks yummy n spicy. Love the deep red colour of pickle!

Sudeshna said...

This one is lovely. i'll this out at home

swathi said...

Hi kavya , if we dont add lemon juice or tamarind will it be good for 4-5 months?