Steamed food is a healthy option,Here is a very common recipe for Idly a South-Indian Breakfast item.This is a healthy food for Kids as this is can be digested easily.The propotion of using Urad-dal and Idly ravva varies depending on the type of Idly Ravva we use.If we want to make this Idlies tomarrow we need to make the batter today and ferment it for 6 hrs to get the good taste.
These small idlies when served with ghee on top,karam podi and chutney are called as Chitti Idly which is a very famois street food in my Inlaws place.Ingridents:
Urad dal:1 cup
Idly Rava:2 cups
Salt to taste
1.Wash urad dal under cold running water and soak the urad dal and idly rava seprately for 5-6
2.Now drain the water from urad dal and blend it into a smooth paste,add little water to make it into smooth paste and then take it into a vessel.
3.Squeeze the water from soaked idly rava and add this rava to blended urad dal batter,mix well so that urad dal batter and rava is completely mixed and set ti aside for 6 hours to ferment this idly batter.Keep it in a warm place which helps in fermentation(I put this batter for 6 hrs in Oven and switch on the lite to create a warm place).
4.After 6 hrs the batter will be ready to make Idly.
5.To make Idly u need idly plates and a vessele to put these idly plates in and cook them on steam.
6.Add salt to taste in the batter and mix well,grease the idly plates with little oil/ghee/non-stick spray and mean while put a vessel with water on flame and wait till the steam comes out,now pour the idly batter in the greased idly plates and put these plates in the vessel in which the steam is coming out and cover it with a tight lid and cook it on medium flame for 7-9 mins.
7.After 7-9 mins remove from flame and then wait for 5-10 mins as lot of steam will be in the vessel and may burn ur hands.
8.Now you can take the idlies from idly plates and serve them hot with any chutney,Sambar and karam podi.
U can get the Idly plates in many kinds n sizes.Basically I dont like to eat Idly so my mom use tried to make them in different shapes n sizes but I'm not found of eating Idly but after marriage I used to have it once in a while as my hubby loves to eat Idly.
Last time when I went to India I bought these Idly plates in which we can make small idlies and 5 idlies on a single plate,so that I can even make Ghee Idly and single bite Idlies.

Small idlies with sambar an little ghee on top makes Ghee Idly...This is how Ghee Idly is served in most the Restaurants.


Ramya Vijaykumar said...

Bit sized idlis are the best... no one can deny having it... perfect, they are looking cute with those toppings...

Sanghi said...

Mmm yummy idlis.. am drooling over them kavya..!