Tandoori Roti(Made In Bread Toaster)

Tandoori Roti is a very familiar Bread and popular for the unique taste.I saw this recipe at showmwthecurry.com and tried making this,came out well but didnt get the exact taste of tandoori roti but still its different from the routine Pulka/Chapathi which we make,so wana
share here.
Chapathi dough:Regular wheat flour dough with which we make chapathi
Butter:1 spn
1.Divide the dough into equal parts,take one and roll it with rolling pin,roll them into oval shape and make sure that these rotis have to fit in your bread toaster.Make them a bit thicker than the usual chapathi.Repeat the process and make as many as u want and put aside.
2.Now heat a tawa on flame and when hot place the rolled oval shaped chapathis and fry them on both sides till you see brown spots on them.
3.Switch on ur bread toaster and adjust the heat to 2.5-3 and now put the fried chapathis in both the slots and toast them as u do with bread.
4.When done the pop out and now take them from toaster and apply butter on both sides.You will see the rotis puffed up,after applying butter press them so that the excess air from rotis comes out and become flat and smooth.
5.In the same way do it with all the rotis and serve them hot with any curry of ur choice.
Be careful when u handle them after taking from bread toaster as they will very hot and the hot air from the rotis may burn your hand.
I served it with DalMakhani.


Ammu said...

Kavya thats amazing. Sounds simple & new. Sure to try this weekend.

srikars kitchen said...

wow.. i like tandoori roti with any subzi.. looks great..

Parita said...

tandoori roti in toaster is new to me..looks good..thanks for sharing

Ramya Vijaykumar said...

Tandori roti in a toaster mmm that sounds interesting and looks like the ones made on coal!!!