Trash To Treasure

Yipppppeee I got 1st prize for my entry in a Orkut community Mrs.Telugu Inti Aadapaduchulu.Every month they have contests in this community.Last month we had a Contest called Chetta tho Chamatkaaram(Trash To Treasure).I made a Storage Shelf with unused DELL Carton and few color papers and then used in our Bathroom.
From many days I was thinking to make this but postpoing with my busy schedule..Once when I save this contest I made it.
I just wanted to share thi happiness with u all as it was an unexpected Prize.
Here is My Entry..
And here is the certificate..Thanks for all those who liked my entry and voted me.
Few More Crafts that I made from Trash.
A small love note...made it from a foam sheet which I got with a Electronic gadget and hanged it to a key hanger where he puts his car keys and used the cut letters on to a board and kept in in our living room.

After marriage this is the first gift I made for my hubby.I didnt have a photo frame at home so made this frame and gifted it to my hubby on our 2nd Month wedding day,wrapped it in a gift paper and kept in our mail box,he was suprised seeing this.And here is a small award for my Loving hubby...I awarded him for being so loving n caring me.

I want to show my love to my hubby in all the ways I can in simple ways.


Ramya Vijaykumar said...

Hey Kavya, thats an amazing work boy trash to treasure that sounds interesting too... Looks like a great community...

KavyaNaimish said...

ya,even the ladies in dat community r very talented..I was shocked cing all the other entries.

HimaBindu said...

Congrats Kavya.......Really Superb work:)