Rave Laddoo For Indian Cooking Challenge

I'm here to post the best tried and tested recipe for the event that is happening at Indian Cooking Challenge by Sivalli of Cooking4allseaons.Here Is The Tested Recipe:
Makes - 10 Laddoos of normal sizeRava / Semolina - 1 cup
Sugar - 1 cup
Ghee - 25 gms
Milk - 25 ml
Cardamom powder - a pinch
Cashew nuts - 10 whole nuts(I used 5 cashews and 5 almonds chopped)
Raisins - 10 nos Grated fresh coconut - 25 gms
1.Heat 2 tsp of ghee in a kadai. Once the ghee is hot enough, simmer the flame and roast cashew nuts and raisins. Once the raisins balloon up, remove. Then roast the grated coconut. Remove once done. Keep all these aside.Add the remaining ghee and roast the Rava till its well roasted and aroma starts coming out.
2.In a bowl, take all the roasted Rava, Nuts, Coconut and add the Cardamom powder. Then add the sugar. Mix well.Then slowly add the warm milk into the bowl. Check if you are able to gather as balls. When you find that milk added is enough to get you laddos, transfer it back to the kadai and cook in sim for 2 mins. Mix well and then cover it and let it rest for 2 mins. Then immediately make balls or laddoos.
I knew that I'm late to post the recipe,but I was not well,got injuried last saturday so couldnt make it in time.I dont want to miss the event so made it jst now and posted it.Laddoo's turned out perfect I already had one while posting the recipe.
Srivalli this idea is really great.Keep going and will try to take part in the events.

Mamidikaya Pappu

Easy dal,everyone know how to make this delicious mango dal.I Love the natural sourness from the mango.Here is the recipe and want to send this recipe to Mango Mela event at Cooking 4 All Seasons.
Toor Dal:3/4 cup(boiled and mashed)
Mango:1 no(peeled n cut into cubes)
For Tempering:
Urad Dal:3/4 spn
Jeera:3/4 spn
Mustard Seeds:1/2 spn
Curry Leaves:8-10
Green Chillies:4(cut length wise)
Red Chillied:3(cut)
Hinge:1/2 spn
Turmeric Powder:A Pinch
Salt:To Taste
Oil:2 spns
1.Boil the cubed mango till mango pieces turn smooth.
2.Put a pan,pour oil,when hot add cumin seeds,mustard seeds and when they splatter add urad dal and fry till they turn golden brown,now add green chillies,red chillies,turmeric powder,hinge and mix well,fry them for a min,add curry leaves and fry for another min.
3.Now add the cooked mango along with the water in which we boiled the mango,this gives the sour taste to the dal.Let the mixture comes to a boil,now add the boiled and mashed toor dal,salt n stir well ,cook it on medium flame for 8-10 mins.
Serve it hot with plain white rice and any Papads or chips.

I'll try to post Mamidi Tenkala Pappu for Mango Mela event after coming from Long weekend vacction.

Tomato Dosa and French Toast

One more post in my breakfast label.Tasty and different Tomato Dosa.Receipe from my mom.
Whenever I make this dosa I always remember the 1st time I made this dosa.Everything was ready..like batter,tawa and even my hubby is ready to taste the dosa.I poured the batter on hot tawa and started spreading it circular direction as we do for normal Masala dosa but I was not able to get the perfect dosa,I called my mom and asked her how to make dosa..She laughed and then told me that it should be done like Ravva Dosa/Wheat Flour Dosa,for which we make a think batter and pour it on tawa by making an outer circle 1st and then fill in the gaps to get a perfect crispy dosa.
Rice:1.5 cups(soaked in water for 6 hrs)
Ripen Tomato:2no(big in size)/3 no( medium)
Salt To Taste
Spring Onion:5 spns(Finely Chopped)
Onion:1(finely chopped)
Corainder:2 spns(chopped)
Cumin Seeds:2 spns
Chilli Powder/Chopped Green Chillies:To Taste
1.Wash the soaked rice in fresh water and put it in a blender,add chopped tomatoes,salt to taste and blend it into a smooth paste and then take it into a bowl.
2.Now add all the remaining Ingridents (except oil and onion) in the smooth blended paste and make it to a thin batter by adding the required amount of water.
3.Put a tawa on flame,add 2 drops of oil and spread it all over the tawa and sprinkle onions and pour the batter to make an outer cricle n then fill in the gaps,now add few drops of oil on the edges of dosa and let the dosa sit on tawa for 2 mins,by now we'll see that the edges will be leaving the tawa,now flip the dosa and let it cook for another 1mins and then flip the dosa and fold the dosa.
4.Serve the dosa hot with thick curds,raitha or any chutney of your choice.
Sending this recipe to Divya's Blog for the event Show Me Your Breakfast.I always love to have a cup of coffee for my bfast even I have anything to eat or not.A cup of hot coffee always makes my day start refreshing day.
In the same post I want to add my another Breakfast entry for the same Show me your Breakfast event by Divya
French Toast:
My Pinni(mom's co-sis) she used to make it and we kids use to grab them and eat them playing all around.Recently I saw this recipe in vahrehvah.com ,as soon as I saw i remembered those childhood days without any delay gave a try so that I can even send it to the event.Came out well.To reduce the calories I didnt add sugar had it with Iron rich Honey.To see the recipe click here.
I'm ver lazy to prepare breakfast...My hubby eats Oat-meal daily in the morning and goes to work,I dont like oatmeal,because of this I neglect having breakfast.I know that it is bad to skip the breakfast.Atleast after seeing many entries from the Show me your Breakfast event I would try them and start having Breakfast without fail.

Strawberry In Chocolate

Strawberries In Chocolate.One of the famous dessert.
Good Morning Friends...It is just 10am and I sat down with a cup of coffee in a good weather started to blog a recipe...Woke up at 8am and opened my blog then I found a wonderful Strawberry Sorbet at Parita's world and came to know about Strawberry Feast At My Kitchen Treasures and realised that today is the last date to send my entry..so decided to do it first.
Strawberry Picking was really fun...went to the farms 2 weeks back,had gud time,we knew that We need to Pay for what evere you Pick even then we picked nearly 8 lbs of Strawberry..we couldnt resist ourself from picking..the farms are very nice and sweet smell from the strawberry made us to do it...We gave nearly 5 lbs of strawberries to our friends and few left with us.Started searching on net different dishes with strawberries.Found this recipe intresting...Its very simple one to make...and different way to have Strawberries.Here Goes the recipe....
Strawberries:15 no(washed and patted dry)
Chocolate Chips/Big Chocolate Bar: 1 no
White Chocolate Bar:1 no
Dry Coconut Powder/Sprinkles:FOr Decorating
1.Break the chocolate bar into pieces and take them to a bowl.Take a boiling pan and pour water in it and let it boil,nowput this bowl of chocolate pieces in the boiling water and melt the chocolate on boiling vapours from the water.Make sure that the chocolate will not burn.
2.Repeat the same process with milk chocolate and now the chocolate sauce and milk chocolate sauce are ready to use.
3.Now take the Strawberry and dip it in the chocolate sauce and drip out the excess chocolate and place them on the wax paper.Repeat the same with all the strawberries.
4.To decorate the strawberries take a ziplock cover,add in the milk chocolate sauce,make it to a cone shape,trim the sharp point and apply streaks on the chocolate dip strawberries and refrigrate them for 1-2 hours and now they are ready to serve.
U can even dip them in white chocolate sauce and give streaks with chocolate sauce.It is purely on your taste.

I used few sprinkles to decorate the strawberries.Rolled few strawberries in dry coconut powder too.The taste was awesome.Loved having them in different topings.

Stuffed Capsicum Salan

Capsium and Aloo together make a good combination.Bought few capsicum of different colors to make a stuffed Capsicum but changed my mind in making the Stuffed Capsicum Salan for Plain Biriyani Rice.Usually I make Salan to go with Dum Biriyani...to enjoy the taste of Aloo n Capsicum I made Plain Biriyani.Here is the recipe.
For Potato Stuffing:
Capsicum:5 no(color can be of ur choice)
Aloo:1 big(peeled,diced,boiled n mashed)
Frozen Peas:1/2 cup
Onion:1 medium(chopped)
Salt:To Tast
Turmeric Powder:1/2 spn
Chilli Powder:To Taste
Garam Masala Powder:1/2 spn
Oil:2 spns
For Salan Gravy:
Ground nuts:1 cup
Seaseme Seeds:3/4 cup
Coriander powder:1 spn
Cumin Powder:1 spn
Tamrind Paste:1/2 spn(dilute it in water)
Beaten Curd:3/4 cup
Salt:To Taste
Chilli Powder:To Taste
Garam Masala:1/2 spn
To Make Potato Stuffing:
1.Heat Oil in a pan,when hot add chopped onions,when they turn transculate add the washed frozen peas and now add the mashed potato and mix well,Add in the dry powders like turmeric powder,garama masala powder,salt n chilli powder according to ur taste.Mix well and fry for 3-4 mins so that the raw flavor vanishes,when done put it aside.
2.Wash the capsicums,pat then dry and now cut the top portion of the capscium and remove the seeds from the capsicum and apply little salt inside the capsicum and then stuff the potato masala into the capsicum ,repeat the same with all the capsicum and put aside.
3.Take a wide pan,pour 5 spns of oil,when hot a add the stuffed capsicum and cover with a lid,cook till the capsicum turns smooth on all sides,keep turing the capscium so that it is cooked evenly all over.
For Making Salan:
4.When the capsicums are cooking,meanwhile let us make the salan,for which U need to roast groundnuts and seaseme seeds,let them cool and now blend this to a smooth paste.
5.Add 2 spns of oil to pan,when hot add onions and fry till golden brown,now add the ground seaseme and groundnut paste,fry for 2 mins.Add in the coriander powder,garam masala powder,cumin powder,salt and chilli powder to taste.Stir well and cook it covered for5 mins.
6.After 5 Mins add the tamrind juice cook for another 5 mins,finally add in the beaten curd,stir well and cook it covered till oil oozes out.
7.Now add the fried Stuffed Capscium and cook on medium flame for another 8-10 mins and now the dish is ready to serve.Finally garnish it with Chopped Coriander.
Serve it hot with any Chapathi/Pulka or Rice.
Made it specially to send it to AFAM-Bell Pepers Event by Priya.

We loved the taste of Stuffed Capsicum Salan...Try this and let me know ur feedback :)

Caramel Custard

June 24th '09 today is my dad's 50th birthday.Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day Dad...Missing my parents today...If we were in India we would have made it a blast and celebrated his milestone the golden Year Birthday...but couldnt make it..
We jst sent him 50 red roses and a small quote...He was very happy,we could see his happiness listening to him.Not only this..today is Lord Jaganatha Swamy's Birthday and is called as Tholi Dasami which means the 1st fevstival for the season of festival(all festivals starts from this day).We have a tradition to make a Sweet and Hot for this day.With all these special occassions
Today I made my favourite dessert Caramel Custard.
Never knew that making Caramel Custard is very simple.When I was in India many times i went to restraunt just to have this Custard.After seeing this recipe at vahrehvah.com I felt oh its very simple...
Thanks to VahChef(Sanjay Thumma) for uploading this recipe and showing us the easy way to cook.Click Here to view the recipe.You can even find the video of making this dish..For Video click here.Try this recipe at Home and njoy it fresh.

Mango Kala Jamoon

Yippppppeeee...One more Hit from my kitchen..Mango Kala Jamoon this is very much same like simple gulab jamoon.
Especially I made this dish to send for Mango Mela at Cooking 4 All Seasons.
For Making Jamoons:
Milk Powder:1 cup
All Purpose Flour:1/4 cup
Mango:1(squeeze the juice 4m this mango and blend to a smooth paste)
Baking Soda:1/4 spn
Milk:Few Drops(only if needed)
Butter: 3spns(should be at room temperature)
Kova/Khoa:2 spns
Chopped Almond:1 spn
Any Food Color:A pinch(I used orange red food color)
For Sugar Syrup:
Sugar:1.25 cups
Water:1 cup
Elachi Powder:A pinch
1.In a pan add the blended mango juice and cook it on low flame till the moisture evoprates and a smooth residue is left,when done put it aside,allow it to cool.
2.Take bowl,add milk powder,all purpose flour,baking soda and butter,mix well so that the butter is completely mixed in milkpowder.
3.Now add the cooked mango pulp mix well and make it into a smooth dough,add few drops of milk to make a dough if the mango pulp is not enough,cover it and rest for 15 mins.
4.Meanwhile make sugar syrup,in a sauce pan add sugar,water and mix well so that sugar melts,let it boil till the syrup becomes sticky,add elachi powder so flavor.
5. In a bowl take kova,chopped almond,1 spn of sugar ,food color and mix it well and divide this koya dough into small rounds and put aside.
6.Now take the jamoon dough and divide into equal parts,take one portion and flaten it on your hand,take a kova ball put it in the middle of jamoon dough and close it all over with no cracksand make smooth Jamoons.
7.Repeat the same process with all the portions and put aside.
8.Heat oil for deep frying,when hot fry the Jamoons on medium flame,fry all over till they turn golden brown,take out from oil and put aside for 5 mins.
9.To make kala jamoon we need to double fry the jamoons to get the exact color for Jamoons.
now put the fried jamoons in oil for another time and fry till they turn to the required color and strain them from oil and place them on paper towel so that excess oil is absorved.
10.When the jamoons come to room temperature add the jammons to warm sugar syrup(make the syrup should me warm not hot) and leave for 25-30 mins.
11.After this take the Jamoon from sugar syrup and now they are ready to serve.
12.Garnish with few chopped Almond.
Add a scoop of Vanilla Ice-cream and enjoy with ur dear ones...See the jamoons they look colorful with koya stuffing and absorbed the sugar syrup and turned Juicy.

Koru Maagai Pacchadi

'Koru Maagai Pacchadi' means grated mango pickle another easy mango pickle that can be made and stored for an year.My hubby eats this Maagai Pickle with Oatmeal daily for his breakfast as he cant have oats simply due to the smell and taste of oats,so he made a habit to have it with any pickle or dal but he prefers this Maagai Pickle the most.I got this pickle from India last time we came but it was very little quantity and was over,so I asked my Mom-in-law how to make it and made it and want to Share this recipe with Mango Mela at Cooking 4 All Seasons.
Raw Mangoes:2 no(peeled n grated)
Salt:2 taste
Chilli Powder:To taste
Oil:1 cup
Mustard Powder:5 spns
For Tempring:
Hinge:1 spn
Mustard Seeds:2 spns
Red Chillies:4 no
1.Peel the mangoes and grate the mangoes.Now add salt and leave it for 15 mins,by now the salt will help to bring out the juices from grated mango.
2.Squeeze the grated mango very well so that the juice is completely taken out,collect the squeezed mango into a plate and let it dry under sun for 4-5 hours and leave the mango juice also under sun mix the grated mango in between.
3.After 4-5 hrs take the dried grated mango into a bowl add mustard powder,oil,chilli powder mix well and check the taste for salt,add salt if needed.Mix well and cover it and put aside.
4.Take some in pan,add oil and when hot add mustard seed,when they crackle add hinge and red chillies,fry for a min and remove from flame and let it cool down to room temperature.
5.Once the tempering comes to room temperature add this tempering to the mango pickle,mix well and let it sit down for a day and now the pickle is ready to Serve with rice,idly,dosa.

This pickle goes good with hot white rice and Dal.

Mixed Vegetable Curry

One more simple and tasty recipe that goes good with rice and Roti.One of my fav dish which my mom makes for her everytime I go home from hostel.I made it today for lunch and my hubby liked it.
To Paste:
Grated Coconut:1.5 cups
Tomato:2 medium(chopped)
Salt:To taste
Chilli Powder:To taste wise)
Cumin Powder:3/4 spn
Veggies Needed:
Potato:1(peeled n diced)
Beans:1/2 cup(chopped)
Carrot:1(peeled n diced)
Green Peas:1/4 cup
Tindora:15 no(cut into round circles)
Onion:1(cut length)
Oil:2 spns
Curd:2 spns(finely beaten)
Cumin PowdeR:1/2 spn
Garam Masala:1/4 spn
1.Boil and cook the vegetables by adding little salt to them.I microwaved the veggies for 15 mins.
2.In a blender add the ingridents listed under To Pasteblend them into fine n smooth paste and put it aside.
3.Put a pan,add oil and when the oil is hot add the chopped onion and fry till the onions turn transculate now add in the blend tomato n coconut paste fry for 4-5 mins on medium flame and now add the boiled veggies mix well and add the salt,cumin powder,garam masala powder and mix well.fry for another 8-10 mins,let it cook well on medium heat,we see oil oozes lightly at this time add the beaten curd,mix well and cook it for another 10 mins till the oil oozes out and now the curry is ready.
4.Finally Garnish it with chopped coriander.
Serve it hot with Rice or Chapathi/Pulka.
This curry can be done with only Tindora will small variation in the quantity if the Ingridents used here...We call it Dondakaya Majjia Kura will post that recipe for the next time when I get fresh Tindora again.
Tindora gives different taste to this Mixed Vegetable Curry

Wheat Flour Dosa

Wheat Flour Dosa,Easy and Instant dosa which looks like Crispy Ravva Dosa(one more Instant Dosa).Once I saw this recipe in some blog and wondered will it taste good!!!4 days back I was talking to my mom and asked me what's for dinner today,I said No Idea ma...have to decide and suddenly I asked her about Wheat flour dosa then I told her the measurements I saw in other blog,then she asked me to add more riceflour to the measurements I told,followed her and tried,they turned out perfect..Here is the recipe.
Wheat Flour:1 cup
Rice Flour:1 cup
Chopped/Crushed Green Chillies:To Taste
Salt:To Taste
Cumin Seeds:3/4 spn
Chopped Coriander Leaves:2 spns
Carrot:1 no(peeled n grated)
Onion:1(finely chopped)
1.Mix all the above ingridents with water into thin buttermilk consistency and leave it aside for 15 mins and now the dosa mix is ready to use.
2.Heat a tawa on flame,add oil,spread the oil all over the tawa ,sprinkle little onion all over and pour the dosa mix,do the same as you do it with Ravva dosa.Pour the dosa on the tawa making an outer circle and now fill in the middle,this gives crispy dosa.I use a glass to pour the dosa mix with which I feel comfortable making these dosa.
3.Add oil on the edges of dosa and few drops all over,let it sit for 2 mins and by now the dosa will be leaving the edges,flip the dosa to other side and cook for another minute,now dosa is ready.
Serve it hot with any chutney or Pickle.
1.Add Grated carrot and Onion to the dosa is optional..I added them to make the dosa to my
2.U can even add few chopped curry leaves,crushed pepper and crushed cashews too.
My hubby looked at the dosa and thought that it was Ravva Dosa he couldnt recoginze untill I told him.

Vankaya Menthi Karam

One more Traditional dish with my favourite veggie....Eggplant(Brinjal,Vankaya)...I made it yesterday for my lunch and turned out perfect.I got this recipe from my mom,she make it at home and its my sister's favourite dish.From yesterday my hubby also joined my sis and became
a great fan of this dish.
Vankaya Menthi karam is a bit similar to Gutthi Vankaya or Brinjal fry but a small variation in cooking the Brinjal and spices added.Here is the recipe
Indian Brinjal:10 no(medium size)(Diced)
Tamrind Juice: Extracted from a small Lemon Size quantity(consistency should be thin)
Oil:3 spns
For Masala:
Chenna Dal: 3 spns
Urad Dal:2 spns
Fenugreek Seeds:1/2 spn
Dry Red Chillies:5-6
Salt:to Taste
1.Boil the diced brinjal in Tamrind juice till brinjal becomes smooth and put aside
2.Now add a spoon of oil to a pan,when hot add chenna dal,urad dal and try till nice aroma comes out and add in the fenugreek seeds,red chillies and fry for another 3-4 mins,when dry turn off
the flame and allow it to cool.
3.When the fried mixture is cool add it to a blender and make it into dry powder and put aside.
4.Now take a pan and add oil,when hot add the diced brinjal pieces that are boiled in tamrind juice and fry them well on all sides when the brinjal pieces are fried,add the ground masala powder and fry for another 10-15 mins on low heat,else the ground masala may burn easily on
high heat.
5.Finally Garnish it with few coriander leaves.
Serve with hot rice,add few drops of ghee to the rice while having this dish.It gives a extra flavor for the dish.

We can even make this kind of fry with Plantin,process of making masala powder is same even with this veggie too...I'll try to make that also in few days and post it in my blog.
Sending this Traditional Brinjal Recipe to Sanghi's Food Delight for Fall In Love(FIL)-Brinjal.

Want to dedicate this dish to my Loving Sis,she loves this dish and she said WOW...Wish I would come there for Lunch...I missed her while having this dish.Waiting to learn more recipes from this event.I Love Brinjal,King Of Veggies(Aha emi ruchi anara mai marachi...)

Mamidi Tenkala Majjiga Pulusu

Mango is a seasonal fruit..and a favourite fruit to many..Use in making different varities right from starters to Sweets.Raw mango is mostly used in making pickle that can be stored for the whole year and not only in the form of pickle,mango can also be stored in form of Tenkalu..I'll be posting the pic in this post. Mamidi Tenkalu this is know by very few of us..I knew about it from my mom's Mom...They live in Orissa and we find them there...Every summer my grandma send us this Mamidi Tenkalu which we store for a year and make Majjiga pulusu and Tenkala pappu which tastes yummy and we feel as it we r having mango dal...to be frank I love Tenkala pappu rather than normal Mango Dal.
Mangoes are dried under sun for few days..they add little salt to the mangoes before drying
them in sun.Now here is the recipe for Mamidi Tenkala Majjiga Pulusu.
Above is the pic of Mamidi Tenkalu
Thick Curd:2 cups
Mamidi Tenkalu:5 no
Besan:2 spns
Salt:to taste
Green Chillies:4-5(Slit)
Dry Red Chillies:3(cut)
Curry Leaves:10
Hinge:1/2 spn
Urad dal:1 spn
Mustard Seeds:3/4 spn
Cumin Seeds:1 spn
Grated Ginger:1.5 spns
Turmeric Powder:1/2 spn
Oil:3 spns
Onion(Optional):1/2(cut length wise)
1.Take a microsafe bowl add water and put in the mamidi tenkalu and cook for 8 mins by now the Mamidi tenkalu will boil and become smooth,now put them aside.
2.Take curd and beat it well,add water and make it into thick buttermilk,now add the besan and mix well so that no lumps r left,add salt to taste and put it on flame.Make sure you cook the entire dish on low flame(else the curd will curdle)
3.Now take a pan add oil when hot add cumin seeds,when the splatter add urad dal,mustard seeds and fry till they turn golden color.Now add hinge,green chillies,red chillies,curry leaves,grated ginger and mix well.Fry for 2 mins and add in the turmeric powder,mix well and add the onion,fry till onion turn transculate,turn off the flame and let it cool.
4.Once the buttermilk comes to boil add in the cooked Mamidi tenkalu(add them along with thewater in which u boiled them,as this gives extra flavor to the dish) and the tempering as well.
5.Stir well and now boil the entire dish for another 10 mins on low flame and turn off when done.
Finally add few coriander leaves and serve it with rice.
Sending this entry to Mango Mela Event at Cooking 4 All Seasons.

I love the event with Mangoes...n eagerly waiting to learn different recipes from the event.

Besan Chutney

Besan Chutney,goes good with dosa and idly.We generally make coconut chutney,peanut chutney,tomato chutney etc,but this besan chutney is different.I knew this chutney only after marriage,my Mom-In-Law makes this chutney for Plain dosa and this is my Hubby's favourite,so called my mom-in-law and asked her how to make this,tried and turned of well.
Besan:1 cup
Tamrind:Medium lemon Size
Water:2 cups
Salt:To taste
Turmeric Powder:1/2 spn
For Tempring:
Urad dal:1 spn
Cumin Seeds:1 spn
Mustard seeds:1/2 spn
Hinge:A Pinch
Curry Leaves:7-8 leaves
Green Chillies:4-5(slit length wise)
Red Chillies:3
Oil:2 spns
Grated coconut:3 spns(Fresh r dry)
1.Soak the tamrind in 2 cups of water for 10 mins and squeeze the tamrind pulp and take the juice,drain away the waste and put aside.
2.Now add salt,turmeric powder and a cup of besan to tamrind juice and mix well so that you dont have any lumps of besan,now put this besan mixture on flame ans boil it on medium flame and mix in between.
3.Meanwhile put a pan on flame,add oil,when hot add the cumin seeds,when splatter add,mustard seeds,urad dal,and fry till they turn golden color,now add in the Hinge, red chillies, green chillies, curry leaves and fry them for a min,now add the grated coconut and fry for 2 mins.now the tempering is ready.Turn off the flame and put aside.
4.Once the besan mixture is boiled and cooked add the tempring,mix well and check for the seasonings,adjust if needed.
5.Check for the consistency and turn off the heat when done.Garnish it with Coriander leaves(Optional).Be cautious while making this chutney as it may stick to the pan and burn in the bottom if not stir properly and cooked on medium flame.
Serve it with Plain Dosa,Idly,Poori.

Mamidikaya Sojji Pulihora

Pulihora,called as lemon rice or Tamrind rice,a traditional dish prepared mostly as Prasadam(offring to God).Mamidikaya Sojji Pulihora is also a traditional Pulihora made with Roasted
Upma Ravva instead of Rice.
Roasted Upma Ravva:1.5 cups
Water:4 cups
Raw Mango:1 no(peeled n grated)
For Tempring:
Urad Dal:1 spn
Mustard Seeds:3/4 spn
Cumin Seeds:1 spn
Chenna Dal:1 spn
Hinge:1/2 spn
Curry Leaves:8-10 leaves
Broken Cashew Nuts:3 spns
Green Chillies:4-5
Red Chillies:3
Salt :To taste
Oil:4 spns
1.Boil 4 cups of water in a vessel,when water comes to boil add a spoon of oil,3/4 spn of turmeric powder and 1.5 cups of Roasted Upma Ravva and mix well so that no lumps are formed,add salt to taste,stir well and cover with a lid and cook till the Upma ravva is completely cooked,when done take this ravva into a plate and let it cool.
2.Put a pan on flame,add oil when hot add cumin seeds and they splatter add in the urad dal,mustard seeds,chenna dal and fry till they turn golden color,now add the hinge,broken cashews,green chillies,red chillies,curry leaves and fry till the raw flavor is removed.
3.Now add the grated mango and fry for 3-5 mins,mix well and let this mixture cool down and then add this mixture to cooked ravva and mix evenly.
Serve it with thick curds.
Sending this recipe for Mango Mela event at Cooking 4 All Seasons

Is the shape of mango seen properly in my Dish???

Kobbari Billalu

Easy snack made easily with Rice flour and grated cooconut.My use to make them in the evening and serve us hot by the time we come from school...didnt have them for few years...made it last week and my hubby liked it.Every thursday we offer Coconut to Lord Sai Baba..like this I had around 3 coconuts left at home and was bored of making regular Coconut chutney and coconut rice so I asked and she told me this recipe.I was scared that this dish may absorb lot of oil but it didnt happen so we enjoyed this snack with a cup of coffee on a clod evening.
Rice Flour:2 cups
Moong Dal:5 spns(soaked for 1 hr)
Grated Coconut:1 cup
Green Chilli Paste:2 spns(adjust acc to ur taste)
Salt:To taste
Seaseme Seeds:2 spns
Oil:For Deep Frying
Water:Preferably hot water
1.Take all the above ingridents except oil into a bowl,make it into a smooth dough by sprinkling water .(dough should be like a chapathi dough).Cover it and put it aside for 15-20 mins.
2.Put oil for deep frying on flame.Mean while divide the dough into a small portion and make into a ball and press it flat and put it in the hot oil and fry it till it turns golden brown on both sides,remove from oil and pu them on a paper towel.
3.Serve it hot with any spicy pickle.
When making billalu dont make them too thin.Make them into 1/2 inch width.
To mix all the ingridents to make the dough use hot water instead of water at room temperature.

Sabudana Vada

Sabudana Vada,I already have sabudana vada recipe in my blog..Click here to view other version of Sabudana vada.This recipe is simple than the previous recipe.This is a famous street food.
Here is the recipe.
Sabudana:1 cup
Thick Curd:3/4 cup
Green Chilli Paste:4-5(increase r decrease according to ur taste)
Salt:To Taste
Onion:1 medium(Finely Chopped)
Cumin Seeds:1 spn
Ginger Garlic Paste: 1spn
Chopped Coriander Leaves:3 spns
Oil:For deep frying vadas
Rice flour: 3 spns
1.Soak 1 cup of Sabudana in 3/4 cup of beaten curd and soak it for 2-3 hrs.After 2-3 hrs sabudana will be soaked well and becomes soft.
2.To this soaked sabudana add green chilli paste,ginger garlic paste,salt,cumin seeds,onion,Chopped coriander leaves,3 spns of rice flour and mix well and take small portion of this mixture and make them into discs and put aside.
3.Heat oil for deep frying Sabudana Vadas,when the oil is hot drop in the discs and fry them on
both sides till the discs turn golden color.Place them on paper towel,excess oil will be pilled.
4.Serve them hot with Tomato Ketchup or Mint Chutney.
Enjoy the crispy Sabudana Vada with a cup of Tea/Coffee in the evenings.