Koru Maagai Pacchadi

'Koru Maagai Pacchadi' means grated mango pickle another easy mango pickle that can be made and stored for an year.My hubby eats this Maagai Pickle with Oatmeal daily for his breakfast as he cant have oats simply due to the smell and taste of oats,so he made a habit to have it with any pickle or dal but he prefers this Maagai Pickle the most.I got this pickle from India last time we came but it was very little quantity and was over,so I asked my Mom-in-law how to make it and made it and want to Share this recipe with Mango Mela at Cooking 4 All Seasons.
Raw Mangoes:2 no(peeled n grated)
Salt:2 taste
Chilli Powder:To taste
Oil:1 cup
Mustard Powder:5 spns
For Tempring:
Hinge:1 spn
Mustard Seeds:2 spns
Red Chillies:4 no
1.Peel the mangoes and grate the mangoes.Now add salt and leave it for 15 mins,by now the salt will help to bring out the juices from grated mango.
2.Squeeze the grated mango very well so that the juice is completely taken out,collect the squeezed mango into a plate and let it dry under sun for 4-5 hours and leave the mango juice also under sun mix the grated mango in between.
3.After 4-5 hrs take the dried grated mango into a bowl add mustard powder,oil,chilli powder mix well and check the taste for salt,add salt if needed.Mix well and cover it and put aside.
4.Take some in pan,add oil and when hot add mustard seed,when they crackle add hinge and red chillies,fry for a min and remove from flame and let it cool down to room temperature.
5.Once the tempering comes to room temperature add this tempering to the mango pickle,mix well and let it sit down for a day and now the pickle is ready to Serve with rice,idly,dosa.

This pickle goes good with hot white rice and Dal.


Pavithra Elangovan said...

Looking yumm and mouthwatering

Unknown said...

Great that made pickles at home.

Saraswathy Balakrishnan said...

Kavya the maagai pacchadi was great..I had with curd rice and still have some in my fridge for next time. Thanks for sharing the recipe with us..it was very easy to prepare too..keep the gd work friend

Srivalli said...

Thanks for the entry!

Sunshinemom said...

I make this too but call it thokku. We love it and yours looks fab.