Sweet Mango Pickle

Summer is the season for Pickles mainly with Mango..I remember my Grandma busy in making these pickles and storing them for a year.I used to hang around to see how they make and take precautions to store it.To make few pickles we need to cut the mangoes and leave them in sun for 2-3 days in sun as extra moisture will spoil the pickles.Me n my cousins use to pick few pieces while playing when they are left to dry in sun.All that was good fun.Here is a simple recipe of making Sweet Mango Pickle which can be made and stored for only 2-3 months.I got this recipe from my mom and made it for the 1st time and was happy that it turned out well and I too can make Pickles..Ingridents:
Raw Mango:1 (Should be hard)
Mustard Powder:3 spns
Salt:1 spn(adjust if needed)
Red Chilli Powder:2 Spns
Oil:1 cup
Powdered Jaggery:3/4 cup
1.Peel the skin of mango and cut into small pieces or dice them.Adjust the size to ur taste.I diced them to feel the crunch.
2.Leave the cut mangoes under sun for 2-3 hrs and now add the mustard powder,salt,chilli powder and powdered jaggery and mix well.
3.Once all the ingridents are mixed well,add the oil mix well and keep it covered for a day so that powdered jaggery will melt and mangoes absorb the juices and becomes tasty and after a day the Pickle is ready to use.
I love having this sweet mango pickle with Dal and Curd Rice.
Sharing this recipe for Mango Mela event at Cooking 4 All seasons by Valli.

I will try to make few more dishes with mango for this season.


Divya Vikram said...

Mouthwatering n delicious! Beautiful dolls!

Parita said...

i love sweet mango pickle, we use grated mangoes for this..yummy

Ammu said...

My mom special dish. I never tried this. Will try soon. Thanks for sharing.