Tomato Dosa and French Toast

One more post in my breakfast label.Tasty and different Tomato Dosa.Receipe from my mom.
Whenever I make this dosa I always remember the 1st time I made this dosa.Everything was batter,tawa and even my hubby is ready to taste the dosa.I poured the batter on hot tawa and started spreading it circular direction as we do for normal Masala dosa but I was not able to get the perfect dosa,I called my mom and asked her how to make dosa..She laughed and then told me that it should be done like Ravva Dosa/Wheat Flour Dosa,for which we make a think batter and pour it on tawa by making an outer circle 1st and then fill in the gaps to get a perfect crispy dosa.
Rice:1.5 cups(soaked in water for 6 hrs)
Ripen Tomato:2no(big in size)/3 no( medium)
Salt To Taste
Spring Onion:5 spns(Finely Chopped)
Onion:1(finely chopped)
Corainder:2 spns(chopped)
Cumin Seeds:2 spns
Chilli Powder/Chopped Green Chillies:To Taste
1.Wash the soaked rice in fresh water and put it in a blender,add chopped tomatoes,salt to taste and blend it into a smooth paste and then take it into a bowl.
2.Now add all the remaining Ingridents (except oil and onion) in the smooth blended paste and make it to a thin batter by adding the required amount of water.
3.Put a tawa on flame,add 2 drops of oil and spread it all over the tawa and sprinkle onions and pour the batter to make an outer cricle n then fill in the gaps,now add few drops of oil on the edges of dosa and let the dosa sit on tawa for 2 mins,by now we'll see that the edges will be leaving the tawa,now flip the dosa and let it cook for another 1mins and then flip the dosa and fold the dosa.
4.Serve the dosa hot with thick curds,raitha or any chutney of your choice.
Sending this recipe to Divya's Blog for the event Show Me Your Breakfast.I always love to have a cup of coffee for my bfast even I have anything to eat or not.A cup of hot coffee always makes my day start refreshing day.
In the same post I want to add my another Breakfast entry for the same Show me your Breakfast event by Divya
French Toast:
My Pinni(mom's co-sis) she used to make it and we kids use to grab them and eat them playing all around.Recently I saw this recipe in ,as soon as I saw i remembered those childhood days without any delay gave a try so that I can even send it to the event.Came out well.To reduce the calories I didnt add sugar had it with Iron rich Honey.To see the recipe click here.
I'm ver lazy to prepare breakfast...My hubby eats Oat-meal daily in the morning and goes to work,I dont like oatmeal,because of this I neglect having breakfast.I know that it is bad to skip the breakfast.Atleast after seeing many entries from the Show me your Breakfast event I would try them and start having Breakfast without fail.


Parita said...

i loved tomato dosa, looks so crispy! I too sometime skip my breakfast and get a bash from my mom :(

Unknown said...

Thanks for sending your breakfast recipe to "Show Me Your Breakfast Event"!

nammu said...

Thanks for sharing this recipe Kavya I tried it and it came good...It tasted so good...Keep posting more recipes...

Karunya said...

Loved this tomato dosa
I'm going to try it
first time here in ur blog...
Don't we need to ferment this batter? or can we just use it after grinding?

KavyaNaimish said...

U can use the batter directly after need to ferment it...

Karunya said...

Thanks for the reply