Vankaya Tomato Pulusu

One more recipe for Fall In Love(FIL)-Brinjal event at Sanghi's Food Delights for the month of July.
The special thing abouth this Vankaya Tomato Pulusu is we use the whole brinjal and tomato to make this dish.Adding tamrind juice gives extra flavor.
Purple Brinjals:10 no(small)
Tomato:6 no(Small)
Salt:To taste
Chilli Powder:To taste
Tamrind Juice:1 cup(extracted from half a medium lemon sized tamrind)
Garam Masala:1/2 spn
Turmeric Powder:1/2 spn
Sugar:A Pinch
Cumin Seeds:1 spn
Oil:2-3 spns
Chopped Coriander:2 spns
1.Make a X mark on the brinjals without removing the stalk,do the same with the tomatoes too,for this reason I used small sized tomatoes.
2.Heat oil in pan,when hot add cumin seeds,when they splatter add chopped onions and fry till they turn smooth,now add the slit chillies fry for 2 mins,when done add in the X cut brinjals ,salt and stir well so that all the brinjals are coated with oil.Cover with a lid and pour some water on the lid.This helps the brinjals to cook from top too and makes the dish cooked well and fast.
3.When the brinjals are half cooked add in the X cut small tomatoes ,turmeric powder and then cover with a lid and cook for 15 mins on medium flame,mix in a while.
4.Once the tomatoes become smooth add the tamrind juice and continue to cook on medium flame for another 8-10 mins,now add chilli powder and garam masala to taste,check the seasonings,adjust if necessary.
5.Add a pinch of sugar,chopped corainder,mix well and turn off the flame.
Serve it hot with Plain White Rice and even it tastes good with Chapathi/Pulka.
I learnt this recipe from my Aunt and want to dedicate this to her..She is a good cook and make yummy food even without tasting(checking for the seasonings) them she can perfectly make them.She doesnot eat Non-veg but cooks them in different varities.Love her way of cooking too.

1st Birthday Of My Blog

Kavya's Kitchen Turned 1 on July 16th.I was very happy to see all the effort I made to make this blog a lively place for many of my friends to visit and learn new recipes.In this 1yr I have learnt new recipes from other blogs and made few friends in this blogging world. I couldn't belive that my blog is 1yr old...Thanks to my hubby n friends who helped me to keep this blog active.I was late to post this...better late than never..Isn't it???Recently I joined Cake Decoration Classes At Micheals n I'm enjoing it.I have the class on every thursday for 2 hrs in the morning and I baked a cake for a birthday boy celebrating his 3rd Birthday on friday.I felt very happy to gift him the cake.

Carrot Orange Juice

Cool Juice in Summer is always refreshing....I made this Juice to send to a Online Contest for the month of June at Mrs.Telugu Inti Aadapaduchulu though I didnt win the contest,I enjoyed trying this juice for the 1st time,I have learnt to make many juices from this contest and all of them were presented well.Here is My Recipe.
Carrot:1(peeled n cut)
Orange:1(remove the skin)
Dates:2-3(adjust according to ur taste)
Honey:2 spns
Sugar:1 spn
Milk:1 cup(preferbaly cold milk)
1. Soak the carrot carrot and dates in water for 15-20 mins and then blend into a smooth juice by adding 1/2 cup of milk.
2.Take this carrot juice into a glass and then add another half cup of milk carfully throught the edges of glass and then add 2 spns of Honey on the milk.
3.Now blend orange juice and add it to the glass widh carrot juice.Add it slowly through the edges,and now its ready to serve.Mix well and enjoy the taste of Carrot Orange Juice :)To reduce the calories I Didnt use Sugar to the juice,to make it rich in iron I used dates n Honey which gives more taste to the juice.Carrot and orange made a good combo...
For the special effect I decorated the glass rim with powdered sugar.

Mamidikaya Kobbari Pacchadi

I didn't buy any veggies this week,we mostly had our food out,as I was not feeling well till yesterday but I'm perfectly alright today and planned to cook for lunch,running out of veggies..didn't know what to prepare,then I found few mangoes in my fridge,actually bought them to make pickle and didn't want to use them all so used only half of a mango and made this delicious Pacchadi.I used to have it with all the rice when I was a kid and made it for the first time today.

Raw Mango:1/2(peeled n cut into pieces)
Fresh Grated Coconut:1/2 cup
Green Chillies:5(adjust to ur taste)
Salt:To Taste
Turmeric Powder:A pinch

1.To a blender add all the above ingredients and 2 spoons of water and make it into a smooth paste.
Add more water if needed.
2.Take this to a bowl and add regular tempering of urad dal,cumin seeds, mustard seeds,chenna dal,red chillies,green chillies,hinge,curry leaves fried in oil.
Thats it simple and tasty Mamidikaya Kobbari Pacchadi is ready to serve with hot rice.
My hubby loved the taste too.Hope u'll also like it.

Kobbari Pulusu

Kobbari Pulusu,this is my first post in July..I was busy with long weekend,went to Yosemite National Park,had good time and enjoyed the nature's beauty, and after that we sent our laptop to servicing and I didnt feel like blogging in m hubby's laptop but finally wanted to post this recipe today.
Kobbari Pulusu is my Pedamma's(mom's elder sister) recipe.One of my favourite dish,whenever I go home for holidays she used to make this and send,their home is just 20kms from the place we stay.After marriage I missed her food,called her and asked her for this recipe.This is easy one and tastes delicious with Plain Dal and Hot rice.Here is the recipe...
Fresh Grated Coconut: 1.5 cups
Seaseme Seeds: 1 spn
Uncooked Rice: 1 spn
Salt:To Taste
Green Chillies:5 no
Tamrind Juice:3/4 cup(I used freshly squeezed juice from a small lemon sized Tamrind)
Jaggery:To Taste

For Tempering:
Urad dal:1 spn
Mustard Seeds:1/2 spn
Cumin seeds:1 spn
Green Chillies:3 no(cut)
Red Dry Chillies:2 no(cut)
Curry Leaves:10 no
Onion:1 medium(cut)I used shallots
Hinge:1/2 spn

1.Take a blender,fresh grated coconut,seaseme seeds,green chillies,rice,salt to taste and make it to a smooth paste.Add water to make it into smooth paste.
2.Put a pan on flame,add oil,when hot add cumin seeds and when they splatter add urad dal,mustard seeds and fry till they turn golden brown color,add in the shallots/Onion,red chillies,green chillies,curry leaves,hinge and fry till onions turns transulante.
3.Add the blend smooth coconut and seaseme seeds paste mix well and pour the tamrind jucie,stir well and let it boil on medium flame,add jaggery and stir well and boil it till oil oozes out.
Turn Off the flame and serve it hot with Plain Dal and hot rice.
Make sure that the entire process should be done on medium flames else the coconut paste will easily get burnt.
U can even add minapa vadiyalu(urad dal vadiyalu) to the pulusu jst before 10 mins when you are ready to serve,the crispiness of this vadiyalu gives extra taste to the dish.I bought from India.