Carrot Orange Juice

Cool Juice in Summer is always refreshing....I made this Juice to send to a Online Contest for the month of June at Mrs.Telugu Inti Aadapaduchulu though I didnt win the contest,I enjoyed trying this juice for the 1st time,I have learnt to make many juices from this contest and all of them were presented well.Here is My Recipe.
Carrot:1(peeled n cut)
Orange:1(remove the skin)
Dates:2-3(adjust according to ur taste)
Honey:2 spns
Sugar:1 spn
Milk:1 cup(preferbaly cold milk)
1. Soak the carrot carrot and dates in water for 15-20 mins and then blend into a smooth juice by adding 1/2 cup of milk.
2.Take this carrot juice into a glass and then add another half cup of milk carfully throught the edges of glass and then add 2 spns of Honey on the milk.
3.Now blend orange juice and add it to the glass widh carrot juice.Add it slowly through the edges,and now its ready to serve.Mix well and enjoy the taste of Carrot Orange Juice :)To reduce the calories I Didnt use Sugar to the juice,to make it rich in iron I used dates n Honey which gives more taste to the juice.Carrot and orange made a good combo...
For the special effect I decorated the glass rim with powdered sugar.


Prathibha said...

Thats a nice click....lovely combo of ingredients..

Chitra said...

Love this juice..Looks yumm!First time here..U have a nice blog:)

Parita said...

Nice click, it reminded of the time when my dad used to make me drink carrot and beet juice everyday:)

Pavithra said...

Oh wow i too love this combo.. some time i add papaya to this too..

kanthi said...

nice picture and a very nice drink too,kavya.

Ryan said...