Cake Decoration

I already told in my previous posts that I have joined Wilton Cake Decoration Classes at Michales.I really enjoyed baking,icing and decorating the cakes.I took Course 1,last week I completed my Course 1 made a cake and decorated it.I realley loved the cake that I did for my last class.I got a certificate on completetion of my Course 1 and I have enrolled for course 2 in August and I'm eagerly waiting to learn more techeniques in cake decoration.
This is the cake I made in Class 3 in which I learnt making drop flowers using 2D tip.Practiced drop lovers on Parchment papers and later used them on cake.The last step in course 1,making roses with butter cream icing.We need to make the roses on a flower nail and them place them on the cake. They teach us to make rose in 3 different steps.As a 1st step we'll learn to make the base for the rose in class 2,n then in class 3 e'll be taught to make a petal on a base which is important and this gives the elagent look to the rose.Finally in class 4 they tell us how to make petals for the rose.I made 7 petal rose.Using self color on the cake made the cake to look like a simple and rich Wedding cake.Isn't it looking good????

I was very happy to see my cakes and was a bit surprised to believe that I can also make lovely cakes.Will come back with different cakes in my course 2 classes in August.


Subhie Arun said...

wow..nice deco yar..grt work..keep rocking

Dhanya Ganesh said...

Thank you so much for stopping by. Luved the Course 1 cake. You r very talented dear. Did you take all the classes?Course1,2,3 and Fond gumpaste?