Chole Vada/Chole Tikki

Similar to Masala Vada we can make Chole Vada also.The only difference is using Chole(Garbenzo Beans).Tastes good and goes in the Snack menu.Actually I saw this in a TV show and came to know that it is one of the popular Prasad which is offered to Goddess Lakshmi durin Varalakshmi Vratam and made them last Friday and offered it to her.Wana Share this recipe with u all here.
Garbenzo beans: 1 cup(soaked over night)
Salt:To taste
Green Chillies: 4- 5 Cut
Curry Leaves:10-15 no
Mint:1/2 bunch(chopped)
Cumin Seeds:1 spn
Ginger:1/2 inch
Onion:1/2 finely chopped(Optional I didnt use Onion as I'm making it as Prasdam)
Turmeric powder:Pinch
Besan:2 spns
Coriander Leaves:2 spn(finely chopped)
Oil:For Deep Frying
1.In a blender add the washed n soaked Chole,salt,ginger,chillies,Cumin Seeds and make it into a coarse paste.Add little water if necessary.Make sure that the paste should be course else it will be difficult to make vada.
2.Take the blend coarse paste into a bowl and add chopped mint,cliantro,curry leaves,turmeric powder and 2 spoons of Besan and mix well and check for the seasonings.Add onions in this step if u want to add them.
3.Heat oil in kadai for deep frying the vada,when the oil is hot take small portion of the above mixture and make them into small tikki shape.Apply little oil or water to your palms so that they will not stick to the hands,now fry these tikki in hot oil till they turn crisp and golden brown color.
4.When done take them on to a paper towel so that the excess oil is removed and then serve them wid any chutney of your taste.
I usually like to have them with Tomato Ketchup..
Above pics is my Varalakshmi Vratam Pic Of 2009.Wish that Goddess Lakshmi bless each one of us with good health and wealth.


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Looks nice and very new to me..Healthy!!

Divya Vikram said...

These look very similar to falafel. I make it almost in a similar way!

Vrinda said...

My first visit here,Chole vada looks crispy and yum

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Crispy and delicious!

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