Dondakaya Jeelakarra Karam

Tindora called as Dondakaya is a favourite veggie for few and many dont like to eat Tindora,and there is a saying that when we eat tindora it decreases our memory so many kids hesistate to eat Tindora,but I dont know how far is it correct but I love Tindora.I usually make tindora fry along with some onions to it,sometimes I make traditional dondakaya pacchadi.I got this recipe from my mom.Dondakaya Jeelakarra Karam its very similar to normal tindora fry but the only variation is we add few roasted cumin seeds powder,it gives a different taste.Here goes the recipe.
Tindora:400 gms(washed and cut into desired shapes,I cut them into lengthwise and cut them in middle,pressure cook for 3 whistles)
Oil:3 spns
Ground to Powder:
Cumin Seeds:2 spns
Red Dry Chillies:4-5(adjust to ur taste)
Salt:To taste
1.Put a pan on flame,add a spn of oil and when hot add cumin seeds and when thet splatter add dry red chillies and fry till done,switch off the flame and let this mixture cool,once it is cooled add salt to taste and make it to a coarse powder.
2.Put a pan on flame add 2 spns of oil,when hot put in the cooked(I pressure cooked them u can even cook them in microwave or on stove top) tindora and fry them for 8-10 mins,mix in a while.
3.When the tindora turns golden brown then add the coarse dround cumin powder,stir well and fry for another 4-5 mins.Check for the seasonings,adjust if necessary.
4.Serve it hot with plain white rice taste simply superb....

I rearly get fresh Tindora in our place,but whenever I see them I pick them when I dont have them I use Frozen but fresh veggies always taste good then the frozen food.

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Balakrishna Saraswathy said...

My daughter's favorite veg these days and a frequent dish at home..I just love the color of the dish..mouthwatering Kavya..a very good post