Jilludukayalu---Ganesh Chathurthi Special Sweet

Ganesh Chathurthi is one of my favourite festivals,do u know why???I love the tratidional food we make to offer as Prasadam to Lord Ganesh.Usually we make lots of dishes with Rice Flour and Roasted Upma Ravva,ofcourse they are different dishes which we make in different regions.We make Jilludukayalu,Kudumulu,Undrallu,Dhanam Pettelu(Cash Box) as Prasadam.I was in USA for last year Ganesh Puja and this year also,I tried making Jilludukayalu but they didnt turn out perfect...its just like something better than nothing.
Today I ate these Jilludukayalu..Learnt how to make them perfect.I wanted to share that recipe here.
For Dough:
Rice:1 cup(Raw Rice)
Salt:A Pinch
Water:2 cups
Oil:2 spns
For Stuffing:
Grated Coconut: 1 cup(Preferably Fresh Coconut)
Sugar:1.5 cups
Elachi Powder:A Pinch
For Making the Stuffing:
1.In a Pan place the grated fresh coconut and add in the sugar,mix well.After 3-4 mins the sugar will start melting,now cook the coconut in this sugar syrup on low flame.
2.Sprinkle elachi powder,mix well and cook till the coconut and sugar mixture becomes dry.
3.Swtich off the flame and now the stuffing for making Jilludukayalu is ready.
For Making Dough:
1.Soak the rice for 4-5 hours,after that drain the water and make it to a smooth paste.Add water if needed.Use water from the measure of 2 cups mentioned earlier.
2.In a heavy bottomed pan add the remaining water and bring it to boil and now add 2 spns of oil,pinch of salt and stir well.When the water comes to full boil then kindly pour the rice flour paste into this boiling water,make sure that you stir it continously so that no lumps are in the dough.
3.Cook the dough on low flame,keep stiring it continously for 5 mins.By now a smooth dough of rice flour is formed.Let it cool down.Put this dough in a napkin/towel which is wet so that the dough will not become hard.
4.When the dough is cooled and easy to handle,apply little oil to the hand and knead the dough well to make a smooth dough.
5.Now the dough is ready to make Jilludukayalu.
Assembling n Cooking:
1.Knead the rice flour dough very well and take a small portion of it and make a disc out of it.
2.Now take a spoon full of Coconut stuffing on one half of the disc,now fold the other half and seal the edges.
3.You can make a small design while sealing the edges else you can find a mould in Bed Bath Beyond or Walmart u can use these mould to make the Jilludukayalu.
4.In a pan pour water and bring it to a boil so that these jilludukayalu can be cooked on steam.
5..Now Take a plate/idly stand apply little oil to the plates and carefully place these Jilludukayalu,place them in the pan with boiling water and cook them on steam for 5-10(or till steam comes out).
6.When Done switch off the flame and careully remove them from plate and serve them.
These Jilludukayalu is one of the favourite prasadam which we offer to Lord Ganesh.
I made Lord Ganesh with Wheat Flour to do this year Ganesh Puja.Here is the pic of My Cute Ganesha.

Ganesh Puja Decoration 2009 .This is my second handmade Ganesh Idol For Puja.This year I tried making Palavalli for which we can hang fruits.U can see that in the above pic.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Kavya.. lovely Ganpathi and Palavalli..have never seen anyone do that in the US. How did you do that? We did that in my parents home in India

Jennifer said...

Mr. Ganesh is as cute as can be!! Do you have a larger size Image, I'd like to see your detail work!