Aratikaya Fry (Plantain Fry)

Here is a simple recipe for Plantain fry..but this is not like dicing the Plantain and frying it,I learnt this in my mom's house in my last India trip.I loved it and found that it is less time consuming than the usual plantain fry.
Here is the Recipe:


Raw Plantain: 2no(peel the skin n cut them into cricles and put them in water so they dont turn black)
Salt: To taste
Chilli Powder:To taste
Oil:For frying


1.Take the plantain into a bowl,make sure that there is no excess water.
2.Sprinkle salt n chilli powder to the plantain and mix well.
3.In a frying pan add 2-3 spn of oil when hot then place the plantain in the pan and cover it with a lid,after 4-5 mins remove the lid and turn them on to the other side and then place the lid again.In another 3-4 mins the Plantain fry is ready.
4.Serve it hot with rice or u can simply have it as a snack with tea/coffee.


Tina said...

Yummy and easy recipe....

Sravanthi said...

Wow!!! such an easy recipe... will definately try :) thx kavya :)

Rama Devi Tata said...

wow kavya shall try this looks very interesting ....:)

Sravanthi said...

Hey kavya, finally bought the aratikaya over the weekend and made the fry last night. It is so simple and easy, I just loved it :). Thanks for the recipe dearie. YOU ROCK!!!