Cutlet Chat

Chat,one of the famous Street Food and all time favourite snack for many.I'm also a big fan of Aloo Tikki Chat,I even love to stand and eat near Chat stall and observe the way he makes it.I made this at home yesterday.I made chat for the 1st time,I just made it using few ingridentsHere is the Recipe.


Boiled Green Peas: 1.5 cups

Onion:1 medium(finley chopped)

Tomato:1 big(finely chopped)

Cumin Pwd:1 spn

Coriander Pwd:1 spn

Chat Masala:1/2 spn

Salt:To taste

Chilli Pwd:To taste

Oil:2 spns


1.Add oil to a pan and when hot add finely chopped onions,fry till onion becomes transulate.At this time add finely chopped tomato,mix well,cover it and cook till tomato becomes smooth.

2.Now add salt,chilli pwd,cumin pwd,corainder pwdchat masala mix well and fry well,add water if necessary else the dry spices will get burnt.Let the mixture boil till all the spices are cooked.

3.Mash the boiled green peas,add the mashed peas to the boiling onion n tomato mixture,stir well and cook for another 6-8 mins on medium flame.When done finally garnish it with chopped coriander.Now the chat is ready to serve with Cutlet.

4.Put the cutlets in a plate and on top of them add the Chat,according to ur taste add Green Chutney,Sweet Chutney,beaten curd,onion,tomato,coriander leaves,Sev(I didnt have sev at home sterday so I used Boondi Instead) and finally squeeze few lemon drops on top and serve hot.

Sweet Chutney n Green Chutney recipes are here in my Vada Pav Post.


Bhagi said...

Looks yummy Kavya.....

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Saritha said...

yum yum !
tip: green peas can be replaced with white batana (raw) that we get it in indian stores for authentic taste !